Full House Reboot: Worth the Netflix Subscription Fees?


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Written by George Hancock Jr. | Last Updated October 27th, 2019
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We all remember the classic TV show.  It was the family show of the late 80s and early 90s, like The Wonder Years and Boy Meets World were the family staples of their generations. As a kid born in the middle of the 1980s, I understand the importance of Full House. It was a big deal. Kind of like Game of Thrones is to Americans in their 30s today. That's the way I remember it. But even knowing that, the wave of 90s reboots coming to streaming TV looks like something completely out of left field. Fuller House (the Full House spinoff), an X-Files show, a show inspired by Rush Hour, even a Muppets show are in the works. How many of us actually want reboots?

Well, Fuller House is receiving a lot of attention, according to Google Trends. It doesn't compare to Star Wars, the latest record breaker, but it has definitely been searched more consistently than other upcoming movies and shows. That's assuming nobody knows the name of the new show and instead searches for "Full House." I assume that's what's happening.  Is Netflix simply taking advantage of that nostalgia by hosting Fuller House? Vulture.com says "yes."  Nostalgia is easy to promote. It's safer to reboot, these days, than it is to make something new catch on. But will the show be as wonderful as we expect it to be or will it disappoint? That's a question that's much more difficult to answer. So what is Fuller House? (minor spoilers ahead)

Not to spoil the story, but it kinda looks like the same thing as Full House. I'll leave it to you to figure out what that means, exactly. None of us have really wrapped our heads around the big picture, but the IMDB.com page for Fuller House hints at the classic motifs of family, love and life's problems. That's a good thing. There's really nothing on TV that tackles that genre the way Full House and its contemporaries did, with the possible exception of The Goldbergs. I'm expecting Fuller House to be a little weightier than any current family family show (family show in the family genre) and a littler weightier than Full House was. After all, the kids who watched it religiously in 1990 are in their 30s now.

As for casting and direction, things look great. The classic cast is mostly back, although the Olsen twins say they won't be a part of it. Direction and writing is provided by Jeff Franklin, Katy Garretson, and Mark Cendrowski, who have been involved with Full House, Frasier, and The Big Bang Theory, respectively. My verdict is "YES," the $8.99 per month Netflix fee is justified just to be able to watch this show. That is, of course, if you liked the original and you have the money. If not, maybe save a dollar per month and go with Hulu?



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