Apple TV Apps Are Actually Pretty Cool


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Written by George Hancock Jr. | Last Updated October 10th, 2019
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The Apple TV is cooler than we expected. It's almost like a cross between a Wii and a Smartphone that shows up on your TV screen and interacts with your phone. Is that confusing? Well, it's hard to explain the position where Apple has placed itself. The new Apple TV is more gamer-friendly than other set-tops, such as Roku. However, it's also non-gamer friendly and may even entice non-gamers to play, like the Nintendo Wii did. And, of course, you can still install your Streaming TV apps. Try the following goodies!


It looks like Apple is trying to push into the gaming arena, or perhaps pick up where Nintendo and Microsoft left off when Kinect and Wii were largely forgotten. Only time will tell if Apple can stay relevant in motion-sensitive gaming, but for now we're having lots of fun playing around.

Games like Beat Sports follow Nintendo Wii's example, letting the gamer swing and maneuver the remote to control the on-screen characters. But there are games that are controlled like old-school NES games. You know, no swinging, jabbing or circling motions are involved. Just press buttons and move joysticks. It's all in the fingers. Rayman Adventures is an example. Although the Apple TV remote is nothing like an X-Box controller, I wouldn't be surprised if there's some console gamer spillover. We'll have to stay tuned in to find out how Apple plans to evolve, but just know that many wireless game controllers can be used with Apple TV and its games.


One of the most buzzworthy new apps is called Madefire. It's a book reader that is cartoon and comic friendly, with a twist. When you open a comic book in Madefire, you get more than just pictures. You get sounds and subtle animations with them. You keep most of what paper comic books always had, but you gain some effects. And it's not just for action and fighting stories. You'll find My Little Ponies and Minions stories, too.

Movies, TV Shows and Music

As you would expect, Apple doesn't promote competing media streaming companies much. iTunes is the preferred platform for streaming music and video. But you can use Hulu and Google Play with the new box.


If the internet is any indicator, you must download Yummly for recipes and AirBnB for travel lodging. Oh and QVC for shopping, if you're into that sorta thing.

The Top Streaming TV Companies

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