Apple TV 4 to Be Unveiled in September


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Written by George Hancock Jr. | Last Updated October 30th, 2019
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It's been three years since a new Apple TV device has been announced by Tim Cook and friends. News outlets across the internet have attributed the long wait to Apple's priorities, which are Apple Music and operating systems for phones and computers. The same outlets are also pretty sure September 9th will be the day Apple releases details about its newest set-top box, the Apple TV 4. It's probably going to happen at the next Apple Live event. Will the new box be a worthy competitor to Amazon's Fire TV Stick, Roku's Roku 3, or Google's Chromecast, or will it be yet another device for only the most dedicated Apple die-hards?

There is one thing that will differentiate this box from others, if rumors are true. It's a live TV streaming service including about 20 channels and going for around $40 a month. It would mimic what Sling TV does but hopefully it will be better somehow, since Sling TV only costs $20 a month. Sling essentially streams all the most wanted TV channels and gives you the option of adding more to your package. So, you get Disney, ESPN, AMC and other channels that don't license shows to Netflix or other services very much. There's no telling what will be available for $40 with Apple TV. Disappointingly, there are sources that say the service won't be available for a while, perhaps  towards the middle of 2016.

Another thing that might make the 4 interesting is the possible addition of apps. Roku has dabbled with video games and controllers resembling those of the Nintendo Wii, but the additions haven't really taken off. If Apple can get it right, and I think they can, video games or other types of apps might be nice. We know the new Apple TV remote is rumored to be getting a touch pad, but will we be able to do more with it than just navigate the menus? If insiders know the truth, we'll find out on September 9th.


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