Amazon Prime Video is Breathing Down Everyone's Necks


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Written by Natalie Mootz | Last Updated February 24th, 2020
Natalie has been writing for the web since dinosaurs roamed the earth. Or at least since dinosaurs achieved blogging technology. She's also written for and Joystiq.


Amazon Prime Video is catching up to the competition, despite starting out as a latecomer to the streaming television party. There's even data to prove it.

Amazon Prime's usage rates are now matching Netflix and iTunes

The Huffington Post reports that a summary of data compiled by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) shows Amazon Prime's streaming video usage to be about on par with users of Netflix and iTunes. While over 40% of Netflix users stream video between 2-5 times per week, over 50% of Amazon Instant users (combining free Prime videos plus paid rentals and purchases) watch with the same frequency. Comparing paid usage only (rentals, purchases) iTunes is used on average 4.9 times per month, while Amazon Instant comes very close at 4.5 times per month.

Amazon is the newly crowned favorite retailer

Wal-Mart probably had it coming. It was used to being America's favorite retailer, but now it must get used to being second best as Amazon wins "favorite retailer" status, according to MarketWatch. Fortunately, Wal-Mart can console itself since it remains the largest retailer by sales.

Others rounding up the top 10 favorite retailers include: (3) Target, (4) Kohls, (5) eBay, (6) Best Buy, (7) Macy's, (8) Costco, (9) JC Penney, and (10) Home Depot.

Amazon comes in #2 in reputation

According to a recent Harris poll, Amazon came in second in terms of its reputation with customers. (Wegmans came in first.) Harris's "Reputation Quotient" is comprised of categories like social responsibility, emotional appeal, vision and leadership in addition to numbers-oriented grades like financial performance and products.

Netflix is by no means standing still (especially considering their recent onslaught of original content), but Amazon appears to be keeping pace in this highly competitive marketplace.

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The Top Streaming TV Companies

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#1 Netflix chevron_right
9.3 Overall Score
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#2 Amazon Prime chevron_right
7.7 Overall Score
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#3 YouTube chevron_right
7.6 Overall Score

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