Amazon for Quality, Netflix for Quantity in December


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Written by George Hancock Jr. | Last Updated October 10th, 2019
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The holiday season is a time to boost revenues for retail stores. That very fact may be a sufficient reason for streaming TV companies to save as consumers spend. It appears to be happening this month, as Amazon and Netflix haven't produced any buzz regarding upcoming content. Some of the announced films are the same we would see on Crackle, for free. It's all good and well. We have shopping to do, right? Here's what's coming to Netflix and Amazon this month.


As the headline suggests, Netflix appears to be going for quantity over quality this month. Today you'll find Cradle 2 the Grave, which was on Crackle not long ago, if I remember correctly. It's a fun movie starring Jet Li, but it's nothing out of this world. The best movie to come this month is Ray (Dec. 1), the story of Ray Charles' life and rise to fame. Especially if you appreciate music, you should watch it.

As if to make up for the lackluster titles, Netflix will release a Bill Murry Christmas special called A very Murray Christmas (Dec. 2-4). Nobody really knows what to expect but it's Bill. It's going to be funny! Other worthwhile movies coming to Netflix are The Da Vinci Code, and 30 for 30: Chasing Tyson.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon's titles coming this month can be completely listed with less than 50 words. However, there are some really great titles on the way. For one...Interstellar (Dec. 11-15)! Yes, the 2014 film that received praise from nearly everyone will stream soon. I can vouch for it. It's a great movie. It's out of the ordinary, similar to the way Inception is, and it's dramatic in the best kind of way.

Brush up on your civil rights history (and re-experience the movement) by watching Selma. And don't forget to revisit the 90s hits Black Beauty and Free Willy beside the Christmas tree.

For a full list of movies coming to Netflix and Amazon, see this. What do you think? Quality vs. quantity or not as simple as that?

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