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LAST UPDATED: January 1st, 2020
RightSpace Storage is a well-established storage unit company that is located in six states (Arizona, California, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Texas). The company offers a wide variety of storage unit sizes to help almost any customer but does not offer 24-hour access for customers to access the storage units. Compared to the rest of the industry, RightSpace storage would be appealing to most customers.

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The Good

  • Indoor/outdoor units
  • Climate control
  • Variety of unit sizes
  • Several additional services

Indoor/Outdoor Units

RightSpace Storage stands out in the industry by offering both indoor and outdoor units for customers to choose from. A majority of the industry offer outdoor storage units which are excellent for customers that have items that will not be damaged by the weather. However, indoor storage units can be a great benefit for those customers that are looking to keep their belongings in a safe environment away from any possible weather.

Climate Control

RightSpace Storage also offers customers the ability to choose if they would like their storage unit to be in a climate controlled environment. This will guarantee that the customer's belongings will not be damaged by the heat or cold. A climate controlled storage unit will regulate the temperature of the storage unit throughout the entire year. This is a great perk for customers who have a variety of valuable items that can be easily damaged by the elements.

Variety of Unit Sizes

RightSpace Storage offers customers a wide range of units sizes to pick from. The company offers everything from a 5x5 unit, which is roughly the size of a home closet, all the way up to a 10x25 unit, which is great for storing a large vehicle or a lot of furniture. This is an excellent option for potential customers that may want to store a few items or that want to store all of their belongings while they are in the process of moving.

Several Additional Services

Finally, the company provides several additional services to assist with the process of moving into the storage unit. The company offers multiple different moving supplies, including boxes and packing tape, as well as locks to protect the customer's storage unit. RightSpace Storage also offers customers the ability to rent a moving truck that customers can use to easily move into the storage unit.

The Bad

  • No 24-hour access
  • Undisclosed reimbursement
  • Prices not competitive

No 24-Hour Access

Even though RightSpace Storage offers several great options for customers, the company does not offer as much as it could. First, RightSpace Storage does not offer customer's 24-hour access to the storage units. Currently, a customer can only access the storage unit from 6 am to 9 pm throughout the week. For some customers, this might be hard only accessing a storage unit during a limited time frame. Most customers want to be able to access their storage unit at any point in the day.

Undisclosed Reimbursement

Along with not having 24-hour access, RightSpace Storage does not disclose if they offer a reimbursement for customers who might pay several months ahead of time or for an entire year but only end up needing the storage unit for a shorter time period. This could bring a level of concern to customers who are looking for a certain level of security if they decide to only use the storage unit for less time than they might pay for. Customers should make sure to read through the rental agreement before signing the contract to be aware of any further information. RightSpace Storage could help improve their transparency to customers by sharing this information on their website.

Prices Not Competitive

Finally, RightSpace Storage is not very competitive with its monthly storage unit rates. In comparison to the rest of the storage unit companies, RightSpace Storage's price does not differentiate itself from the rest. For a 10x10 storage unit, customers can expect to pay around $92 a month.

The Bottom Line

Altogether, RightSpace Storage is an excellent option for customers who are looking for a storage unit company that offers a variety of storage unit sizes. RightSpace Storage is able to offer customers the options of having an indoor or outdoor storage unit and a climate controlled storage unit.  Along with that, the company helps make moving easy by offering a variety of moving supplies and the option of renting a moving truck. However, the company does not offer 24-hour access, does not disclose their reimbursement policy, and does not offer a very competitive price. In the end, RightSpace Storage is a great option for those who live in one of the company's operating states and want a great overall quality storage unit.
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Milece Shepherd CA

Still paying people for reviews i see. Rightspace.. you need to do something about the way your company conducts business. Refusing a customers money after you jack up their bill with all kinds of late fees, lien fee and LIEN NOTICE FEES. Seriously you should NEVER sell someones family members remains to some stranger. It is illegal. Not only that but your auctions are contributing to identity theft. An auction is supposed to be a last resort. Tell me why you think you need to punish people for not being able to pay by refusing to even make an attempt to get the winning bidder to leave the paperwork and pictures behind. Nobody wants someone else's family photos. Its actually a burden and makes the storage worth less and leaves the winning bidder with a bunch of TRASH they have to dispose of. This is why there are always dumpsters full of people's paperwork and pictures and why there is piles of trash with personally identifying information on it readily available & easily found. Ive come across piles of peoples stuff many many times for as long as i can remember. What your doing is wrong. Its not good business and it leaves people devastated. The negative affect one hastily operated auction can have is astounding. Leaving children never knowing what their grand parents looked like and it puts people in even worst situations then they already were. Tell me what positive outcome is there for a situation in which a total stranger ends up with someone's legal documents, pictures, personal information.... Thats right THERE ISNT ONE. THANKS RIGHTSPACE THANKS A LOT

2 years ago