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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Ample Storage operates more than 60 locations in North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida. The company has medium-level pricing in comparison to other industry competitors but doesn't offer much upfront information regarding its services. Climate control and the occasional moving truck rental are available, but customers get no refunds and there is a lack of information regarding the number of unit sizes, indoor/outdoor units, and security measures. Customers should consider looking into other top competitors before considering Ample Storage.

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The Good

  • Average pricing
  • Climate control
  • Moving truck rental

Average Pricing

Ample Storage charges approximately $90/month for the average 10'x10' storage unit. This is considered medium or average pricing for the industry. Top competitors will definitely have a lower price for this size of a storage unit, but other competitors will also be charging much more.

Climate Control

Climate control is important when it comes to storing sensitive belongings that may be damaged or skewed depending on harsh conditions. Having a storage unit with climate control will prevent it from becoming too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. If the customer has belongings such as antiques or musical instruments, a storage unit with climate control is strongly recommended.

Moving Truck Rental

With some of the company's locations, Ample Storage will supply the customer with a free moving truck. This will save customers time and money that would be used in another company, but most of these offers only relate to renting larger storage units.

The Bad

  • No reimbursement
  • Undisclosed sizes, indoor/outdoor units, and security
  • Limited access
  • No unit upkeep

No Reimbursement

Ample Storage is not obligated to refund a customer for unused storage time. This means that if a customer moves all of their belongings out of a storage space and there are still several days or weeks left until the pay period expires, they will still be charged full price. All sales are final.

Undisclosed Sizes, Indoor/Outdoor Units, and Security

Different sizes of storage units differ depending on location, so not much information is featured on Ample Storage's website. There also isn't much information regarding indoor/outdoor storage units. Some customers may want an indoor unit because it can provide an extra measure of security and better climate control. More information on the company's website would be beneficial. Also, Ample Storage doesn't provide much information regarding what type of security it uses to guard its storage units. Most storage unit companies will indicate whether they use a keypad or video surveillance, but it doesn't appear that Ample Storage gives any information regarding this.

Limited Access

Ample Storage units are only available between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm. This will be problematic for consumers that may need to get into their storage shed at night in case of an emergency. Although these aren't the most restrictive hours we've seen in the business, companies that allow for 24-hour access are definitely going to score higher on this category.

No Unit Upkeep

This means that there isn't a high emphasis on staff regularly inspecting storage units to be sure customers' belongings are safe and secure. Higher-rated companies will have individuals on duty to help increase the safety and security of belongings.

The Bottom Line

Ample Storage offers services such as climate control and occasional free moving trucks at an average price. However, a lack of a refund policy may be disheartening for most customers, and the lack of unit upkeep and limited access means your belongings may be less secure and harder to reach. Also, the undisclosed number of storage unit sizes, indoor/outdoor unit information, and security measures are a reason to give pause because other top companies will be upfront with that information. We recommend looking into other top companies before considering Ample Storage.
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