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Spherion is the job search partner 160,000 workers rely on for rewarding flexible, temp-to-hire and direct-hire jobs every year.

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Spherion started in 1946 with the goal to become a "go-to" source for skilled talent and rich career opportunities. With over 65 years of experience, Spherion has created a solid staffing solution for companies all across the U.S. and worldwide. Since their founding, Spherion has grown to become a $2 billion workforce leader.

Last year alone, Spherion helped over 3,000 of their clients find the right staff in a variety of industries. They have taken a different approach to the staffing issue. Spherion heavily focuses on "connecting with people" and as part of this goal, they dedicate individual, face-to-face time with those who work with Spherion. In an attempt to help job seekers find the right employment, Spherion has specialized in staffing for five different types of positions. These include:

  • Administrative and clerical
  • Contact center and customer service
  • Light industrial
  • Non-clinical healthcare
  • Professional specialties

When Leroy Dettman first started Spherion, he developed a reputation as an innovator for implementing business practices and services never before offered by staffing agencies. Spherion was the first to do the following:

  • Develop on-site workforce management
  • Use television to recruit
  • Utilize interactive, voice-response technology for pre-screening
  • Introduce remote workforce support
  • Establish the staffing industry's only fully integrated, web-based operating system
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The Good

  • Trained recruiters
  • Employment types

While Spherion offers comprehensive human resource solutions, they heavily focus on their staffing efforts. As such, their recruiters are properly trained and are expected to find the best talent and make quality hiring decisions.

It is no secret that Spherion is a big-time player in the staffing industry. Due to the number of clients and available jobs, Spherion is able to service a number of staffing solutions. These types of employment include:

  • Flexible staffing: addresses interim staffing needs
  • Temp-to-hire staffing: enables employers to preview a candidate's performance before making a hiring decision
  • Direct-hire placements: provides employers with the most competent candidates for a permanent position
  • Project-based staffing: identifies, deploys and manages requirements for contract-based talent for a period of time
  • Managed staffing: Spherion handles administration and technology required to source talent quickly
  • On-Premise solutions: Spherion recruiters work on-site at employer location handling flexible staffing needs

Spherion is a solid option for both employers and for those seeking employment. They have the unique ability to connect employers, candidates, and employment solution to create the right situation for everyone.

The Bad

  • Complaints

Despite Spherion's connections and developments in the staffing industry, there are aspects of their business that job candidates should be aware of. It is important to note that Spherion places thousands of individuals every year, so there are bound to be concerns from employees.

Common complaints from Spherion candidates include:

  • Limited benefits - depends on the job/candidate, but typically no benefits, time off, or sick days
  • Difficult to find full-tie work - employees worked for years for certain companies but were never made "full-time."
  • Stunted opportunity for growth - Spherion candidates did experience difficulty when trying to get promoted

The Bottom Line

While Spherion provides quality staffing solutions, they do place the same emphasis on the human resources side of things. That means that some employees may feel that their benefits and opportunities are limited. That being said, job seekers can rest assured that Spherion will help them find the right employment solution. Spherion heavily focuses on matching talent to employer and position. Each recruiter is expected to be able to answer the following questions to avoid compromise:

  1. Does this candidate have the qualifications, experience, and credentials to do the job well?
  2. Is he or she a compatible match for the hiring manager?
  3. Will this person work well with your team and thrive in your unique culture?


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Rickey Meeks
October 5th, 2018 Sarasota, FL

I was looking for a job and stopped in at a Spherion office located in Sarasota FL. I provided the manager with my resume and she instantly knew she had no jobs for me, but she tore my resume apart. I am first thinking what is going on here. You don't have any jobs for me why are you telling me how bad my resume is. She took the time out to critique my resume (even though she had other customers waiting), told me what corrections needed to be made, AND told me to send her a copy of my revised resume. The revised resume is so much better now, thanks to her. She knew she would not be getting anything out of my visit, she could have easily said she had no jobs for me and told me have a good day, but she took the time out of her busy day to help me. All I have to say is if this is an example of how Spherion treats their employees they are a top of the line employer. Rickey M Sarasota FL

February 1st, 2018 Eatontown, NJ DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

Spherion helped me get two jobs. They were very professional, helpful, friendly, efficient and I will always be grateful to them for helping me along my journey. Now I have a career that I love, thank you for everything Spherion!!!

August 7th, 2017

Let me preface my review by stating that I worked for AT&T for many years, graduated college with honors, and hold current professional certificates in two states. This statement is not to boast but to help others understand the age discrimination I experienced at Spherion. I had recently moved to S.C. and was seeking employment opportunities. After sending my resume to Spherion in Columbia, I received an email requesting I come to their office for an interview. I went to the Spherion office and while younger candidates were being interviewed, I was given an Aptitude Test along with several online Clerical Tests. The Clerical Tests were timed yet the office manager interrupted me during testing to converse. I found this to be quite peculiar since she was the one who was facilitating these timed tests and should have been aware not to hinder applicants during the testing process. After completing all tests, I was told that I would be called the following day for a phone interview. When I did not receive a call the next day, I called Spherion and left a message to inquire when the phone interview would take place. After several days, I still had not received a call from Spherion, I sent an email to inquire if I had done poorly on the tests and if there were any skill areas I needed to improve. I have received no response to my call or email. I truly believe that the reason I have not been contacted was due to my age (50+). I presented myself in a professional manner, have a solid employment history, a college degree and believe I did well on the tests given by Spherion yet they have decided that job seekers of a certain age are not qualified to meet with employers. This is evidenced by the fact that the office manager had already dismissed me as a potential candidate by interrupting a timed test. Unfortunately, this outlook is not only prejudicial to prospective employees but also detrimental to Spherion’s customers because older employees can offer experience, wisdom, diversity, and loyalty to companies.