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Kelly Services did not start as a traditional staffing agency, but over time transformed into one. It began when a few of Kelly's colleagues approached him in dire need of a secretary or typist, just for a day, because someone did not show up to work or there was a heavy workload. Kelly then started to outsource some of his employees to help out and eventually began assembling a team of ready-to-work office employees to outsource whenever the need arose. As these temporary workers became more in demand, the business grew. Its name changed to just Kelly Services in 1966 to reflect its evolved purpose-to provide employees for all types of industries around the world. Kelly Services is a global staffing agency. With headquarters in Troy, Michigan, the company initially focused on staffing within the US, but in 1968 it expanded to Canada, and then an office opened in France four years after that. The company has opened its arms to more industries over time as well. At the start, Kelly staffed for companies with light industrial, electronic assembly, call center, and of course office needs. Now, however, they help find work for people in education, law, finance, and health care, to name just a few. Such expansion was possible because of the company's success with its starting industries. In 2013 alone, Kelly Services brought in about $5.4 billion and helped find work for 540,000 people. There are 1,100 employees at the company headquarters and 7,000 workers in locations around the world as well. Despite the impressive numbers, though, the company focuses on building relationships with all clients. They strive to bring the individual into every business transaction.

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The Good

  • Experience
  • Commitment
  • Partners
  • Benefits
It is hard to find a company with as much experience as Kelly Services. Not all staffing agencies can say they have 68 years of experience under their belts. With such a long history, Kelly Services has proven that they can do business in both economic high's and low's. They've also shown a commitment to helping job seekers find a position and they've been able to expand their repertoire in terms of industry and location. Whether you need a job right in town or are looking abroad, Kelly can probably help. Kelly Services specializes in the the following industries:
  • IT
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Finance
To their credit, Kelly also has friends in high places. An estimated 99% of their partners are Fortune 100 businesses, which gives you a greater chance of job satisfaction when you do connect with a company. Even though they work with big companies, Kelly Services strives to focus on the individual, not just business, and they regularly study their industries to stay apprised of what companies today are looking for in applicants. If you do get contacted by a recruiter, they'll work in detail with you to understand your strengths and goals and match you with the right company. Because of this, it's less likely that you'll end up in the wrong job. And if you work through Kelly Services, they offer good benefits to those who are eligible, including healthcare, dental, and vision insurance and vacation days.

The Bad

  • Complaints
  • Location flexibility
  • Primarily short-term positions
  • Lengthy process
Since Kelly Services tries to place job seekers in the right position, their process to start can be a little overwhelming. To get started online, job seekers will need to set up an account, navigate through a variety of search filters, and then apply for a job. Common complaints include:
  • Lack of full time positions
  • Long wait list
  • Difficulty finding qualified positions
Location flexibility can also be a problem. Job seekers should keep in mind that Kelly Services is a staffing agency, and with that territory comes mostly temporary positions, the waiting game, and a lack of guarantees. Many people start out as temps with Kelly and have since found themselves a fulfilling career. But by and large, it seems like Kelly Services offer mostly short-term positions. On top of that, you're still a contract employee, which means you're not guaranteed work-or benefits-in the long run. When you do get contacted by a recruiter, beware of those factors before you get your hopes up. Kelly certainly pays attention to the details during the recruiting and interviewing process, and once you get contacted, they'll do their best to match you with the right company. But because that process is so extensive, it might also take you awhile to find a job. And while patience is a virtue, results are nice too.

The Bottom Line

Kelly Services has the experience, recognition, and repertoire to make them just about as credible as any staffing agency can be. What's more, they're informed about their industries and, location-wise, are very available. That being said, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Because Kelly won't charge you any fees to use their services, it can't hurt to sign up and start applying. But while you wait for a recruiter to deem you "qualified," keep searching through other agencies as well. Worst-case scenario: you have multiple recruiters contacting you with an opportunity to find your dream job.
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brianne studt Cary, NC

I once submitted my resume through Kelly Services for a position (regret this). No one reached out to me to help connect me with other relevant jobs or even communicate about the one I applied to. It is now 5 years later and I am being email harassed, essentially, by Kelly Service personnel. I'm constantly messaged about a job opportunity "I would be perfect for" using my experience off a resume that is 5 years old (and not realizing this or rather not even looking at it), and for entry level jobs in a state I no longer live in! Every time I reply for that person to please remove me from their system but clearly no one does since the emails keep rolling in. Garbage recruiting company.

3 weeks ago

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MindyV Lubbock, TX

Kelly Services is a great temporary employment agency. They actually really tried to help me find a job. I ended up finding a job on my own but I felt that they really cared and really tried to help me, which I really appreciated!!!!

1 month ago

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Lisa Smith Albertville, AL

If I could go without giving a star I would...I got a job as CSR worked about a week and the trainer blocked all my accesses and then emailed me to an email I did not have access to. It ended up being a useless HR investigation to eventually terminate me, however out of the 5 people I dealt with one of them put my name on the dark web as would not recommend, and to be honest that is against the law. Just because you put it out there for employers eyes only does not mean it is ethical. I would like for you to find who placed my name on the dark web because I have not been able to get work since this horrible blacke marketing of employees company. Thus, if my name remains on the dark web without removal I will see you in court. You are not allowed to give bad recommendations. Yes, you have a phone call in service but if a company pulls up the prospects info and the dark web provides information the person is unaware of being said about them, that is highly against the law. If you want me to work for your company that dang bad then you should not have terminated me so falsely as your trainer blocked all my accesses and then tried to communicate with me beyond that causing me to miss important tasks that moved me forward. This company needs to be taken off the fortune 500 list. I have called you and as usual it is a I will transfer you here, then here then here, then here until the person you are transfering gets a voicemail that does no good but send the person getting down to the bottom of a problem an email asking how you did your jobs. You guys are useless and unethical and doing many things against the law in several states. I don't care if you are head quearted in a sovereign state, I live in one so I know the rules. Take my name off the dark web or hire me in as one of your managers to clean up your house of cards that illegally hinder the prosperity and liberties of another. You got that right, a sovereign citizen just constitutionalized your problems.

1 month ago

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AF ,

I used Kelly Services to find a temporary job several years ago. The job was physically hard for me (it was on a farm), but it was a good experience...and it was nice that I could find something for such a short period of time.

8 months ago

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Eddie Rios Ogden, UT

Kelly Services has been a a great partner in temporary work staffing. Sometime that work leads to permanent positions. Kelly is a valuable resource that helps in efficient job placement allowing for greater employment success. I can't recommend them enough.

1 year ago

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Jolene Pleasant Grove, UT

Used their services to find substitute teachers. Very helpful. Also worked hard to place me in temporary positions during my summers off of college.

8 months ago

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Youknow Cambridge, NY

This is the WORST temp pay agency I ever work for. If you want go low and feel like you are worthless and don’t have any right and respect go work for them. I let Kelly Service find Job for me last year and was the worst experience I ever have in my live. I was bullied and harassed, for all the time I work whit them, and when I tried to defend myself Kelly Service fired me without any benefit and they told me that I break their company policy when I told a coworker that if he keep insulting me I will punch him in the mouth. They don’t care if you are a good worker, they don’t take that into consideration. So basically you have to let them step on you, bully you, harass you and disrespect you in order to keep your job. That place is pathetic and ridiculous. I will never recommend nobody even my worst enemy to work for Kelly Service ever. I was trying to find a lawyer but whit al the pandemic stuff that was happen at the moment is impossible.

1 year ago

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I got a job through Kelly Services straight out of College in my field, and in the company i wanted full time at eventually. The day i walked in for my first day of work I was sent home. This was due to an issue with my contract. Apparently Kelly Services offered me too much money. This was after i moved to a new city for this job. I was forced to sign a new contract for 2.5$/h less than the original contract. KS would not budge a nickel, if i didn't sign this contract i had no job. Half way through my contract we had to change contracting companies and i was very thankful for it, i would never work at KS again. I do not recommend this company to anyone.

1 year ago

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Thomas Hullinger Pleasant Grove, UT

They have the ability to match you with a great job and if you have the right attitude and skills it will be a great fit. It is easy to sign up with them and they are a great help to the employee and employer.

2 years ago

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Jessica Lumberton, TX

I contacted Kelly Service on a job posting that I was interested in. I was informed that the position was paying a certain amount. I agreed to pay rate, interviewed and was offered the position. But the pay offered was lower than what was agreed at in the beginning. I had to negotiate and that got approved. I came to find out that I was mislead of what was expected of me and the job duties in the job posting were completely not what I was doing in the position. A few days later, I declined the assignment because they also had rules of no restroom or drink breaks for the whole shift which I was not made aware of in the interview process. A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!

3 years ago

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JP Herriman, UT

Used a few times when getting temporary jobs. Very customer friendly, willing to follow up and work with me.

7 months ago

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Laurie Plano, TX

I called Sherry S at Kelly Services Plano and was told about a job opening temp to hire. She told me she would get back to me with feedback about my interview. Well i left her three messages and she hasnt even bothered to call me back! Totally unprofessional! I am going somewhere else. Just wanted to let others know this is not a professional company. Very disappointed.

1 year ago

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Kim Dorsey Reynoldsburg, OH

You have to give them a star just to write a story, they don't deserve 1 star. I had an interview with them right before Thanksgiving the location Columbus Ohio on Broad Street. They interviewed me I was made to believe that I was going to have a position on 12/4/2017 they don't return phone calls and ignore you when you do call I made several trips to the office to speak to the recruiter I have not yet heard from them to tell me if I even had a job do not use them you would end up jobless.

3 years ago

star star star star star

scott TX

I went through their listing and applied to a few jobs. I interviewed for a couple and landed a pretty good one. I was happy with the whOle thing.

5 years ago

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Abby Stubbs Brigham City, UT

I have done several temp jobs thru Kelly. I hate trying to get ahold of anyone in their offices because it is impossible. The employee support is almost non-existent. Not going to go thru this company again.

8 months ago

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Natalie Waco, TX

They helped me find a good job, so I liked them. There were some hiccups with pay, but that was fixed pretty quickly.

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Ben Pavi Waco, TX

They through me under the bus after one problem came up. No support, would not recommend.

5 years ago

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