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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
In 1983, entrepreneurs Steve Bisciotti and Jim Davis started Aerotek, a staffing business intended to provide jobs to people in the engineering and aerospace industry. After they made one million dollars in their first calendar year, the company continued to grow and turned into what is now known as Allegis Group. Today, Aerotek and Allegis Group are somewhat separate entities, but Allegis is the operation overseeing everything. Through its branch agencies, Allegis reaches a variety of industries:
  • Technical, professional, industrial staffing (Aerotek)
  • IT and consulting (TEKsystems)
  • Management, professional, and accounting (Stephen James Associates)
  • HR consulting and workforce management (Allegis Group Solutions)
  • Marketing (MarketSource)
  • Law and senior management (Major, Lindsey & Africa, which is a search tool for legal positions throughout the world)
Allegis didn't start out with connections in all of these industries. In their first decade, they expanded from aerospace and engineering and adopted web development and telecommunications staffing. The next decade saw more IT and solutions services. During this time, they put more focus on providing not only staff members but also follow-up support to the companies they staffed. In the most recent decade, they've stepped beyond the US and now service several countries including: Singapore, China, Germany, and the UK. Like some of their smaller companies, Allegis Group owns and operates through, an easy-to-navigate search engine for uploading your résumé and applying to jobs. When it comes time to contacting a recruiter (if they don't contact you first), you'll need to know which industry you want, since each sub-company deals with different ones. As the head operation, Allegis Group stresses people, service, and performance. So the good news is, no matter which sub-company you work through, you can feel confident they're being led by an experienced boss.

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The Good

  • Job search
  • Large company
  • Connections
  • Chance for permanent work
  • Benefits
Allegis makes it easy for job seekers to narrow their job search and find something they may be interested in. is a definite pro for Allegis, as it's easy to use for creating an account, uploading a résumé, searching for jobs, and submitting applications. Allegis Group is still an American-based agency despite having a presence all over the world. Their headquarters are in Hanover, Maryland, and they boast of the following:
  • Over 400 offices in the world
  • 12,000 in-house employees-3,000 of which are recruiters
  • 8,000 clients
  • 130,000 contract employees
It's also clear that Allegis has a lot of connections-8,000 clients and 130,000 contract employees speaks for itself. Because they've been in business for 30 years and have expanded globally, they're more likely than competitors to find you the exact position and hours you want-and in the type of location you're hoping for. There's no guarantee, of course, because at the end of the day, your success as a job hunter largely depends on your skills and whether there's a need for them. But you at least have better chances with a company that networks well. With some staffing agencies, you're limited to just temporary work, but with Allegis you have better chances of finding something more permanent (if that's what you want). They cater to contract, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire positions. The Allegis benefits are comparable as well. If you qualify, you'll receive: medical, dental, vision, and life insurance; employee discounts; a 401(k); and paid holidays and vacation days. It is important to note, however, you have to qualify.

The Bad

  • Overwhelming
  • Transparency
  • Customer support
Allegis's abundance of connections does mean they know how to network, but it can also be burdensome when it comes to keeping things simple. If you're new to Allegis, you might be overwhelmed at how much information they initially provide. There is also some vague and inconsistent information about the company. Depending on what data you're viewing, there's a different number of employees or clients the company works with. Also unclear is the industry information. It would save job seekers time if they spelled out which jobs they help you find-something more specific than "IT," "consulting," or "managerial." Of course you can narrow down your options if you look through But time is money, so having the information readily available would be helpful. The customer support for Allegis Group is decent, but they don't readily offer a way to email or chat live with a representative, which could assist new job seekers as well.

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, it says something about a company when most of your complaints are about its website, not necessarily its customer service or experience. Not to mention its ability to get the job done (or in this case, get the job found!). Allegis Group offers a variety of placement options, connections to many different companies in a wide range of industries, and an intuitive job-seeking process. And in the end, it will only cost your time-not money-to use their services. They'll respond quickly to your application and pull any resources they can to match you with the position, hours, and location you desire.
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