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LAST UPDATED: August 30th, 2021
More than 30 years ago, Steve Bisciotti and Jim Davis created Aerotek, a go-to resource for applicants seeking a job in the defense and aerospace industry. After just one year in operation, Aerotek brought in over one million dollars. Encouraged by this success, they started to build on that first industry and started providing staffing services for companies with other needs, including: automotive, IT, engineering, and science jobs. Since that first year, they have continued to grow and become a resource for people in all types of fields, now tapping into industries like finance, call centers, and aviation. Aerotek expanded in terms of location too. While their headquarters are in Hanover, Michigan, they now have more than 200 offices all over the United States and even in parts of Canada and Europe. They help people find jobs near the big city as well as rural areas and strive to connect applicants with the type of work they're looking for-whether it's temporary or full-time. With more than 10,000 clients and 75,000 contract workers, Aerotek is a booming resource in the business world. To their credit, they are a subcompany of the well-known Allegis Group, recognized as the largest staffing company in the US. They function mainly through (owned by Allegis Group), a website that allows you to post your résumé, search for a job, and connect with businesses who need your skills.

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The Good

  • Experience
  • Industries
  • Benefits
  • Payment methods
  • Positive feedback
Possibly Aerotek's most obvious advantage is its wealth of experience. Having been in the staffing business for more than three decades, this company has had many years to perfect their practices, work out the kinks, and network with a wide variety of companies. Aerotek also caters to a wide selection of industries, which is good news for you as an applicant. Whether you're looking for a specific trade like welding or a career in accounting, Aerotek can help. They've established connections with thousands of companies who need employees of all kinds. What's more, Aerotek continually researches these fields to stay alert of the most needed skills and the most profitable jobs. That research benefits you in that it makes you more appealing to the companies you contact. Actually working with Aerotek seems pretty easy too. First of all, they function through, a site that is easy to navigate and that contains a steep amount of job postings. And once you land a job through Aerotek and work at least 20 hours per week, you'll enjoy great benefits like:
  • Health
  • Dental
  • Vision insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Vacation days
There are also flexible payment methods including:
  • In-office paycheck pickup
  • Direct deposit
  • CashPay payments
Aerotek also offers their Perfect Fit Program, through which they work directly with the companies in need of employees. Through this program, they assess a company's needs, screen applicants for training and qualifications, and help identify specific employees that match these needs. But then they take it a step further and keep in touch with both parties to make sure the contract is a good fit. In this vein, Aerotek works hard to make sure both employers and employees are happy with each other. It sounds like many of Aerotek's customers have had positive experiences with the company. There are many reports that the representatives are professional and assertive and provide valuable results. According to these consumers, the people at Aerotek work in detail with the job seekers to understand their skills and then find the job that meets their needs.

The Bad

  • Representatives
  • Complaints
Many job seekers who have used Aerotek have reported that their representatives were unresponsive and even dishonest. Some said their contacts never got back to them about job leads. It may depend on which Aerotek office you're working with, since there are so many locations all over the country. But at the same time, consistency speaks volumes about a company. Therefore, inconsistent customer service can mean unreliable results for applicants. Common complaints regarding the Aerotek process include:
  • Long waiting periods
  • Minimal number of interviews
  • Confusion surrounding contracts

The Bottom Line

With any staffing agency, what it comes down to is whether they help you land a job-a job that allows you to use your hard-earned skills and that makes you indispensable to your employer. For the most part, Aerotek should be able to make that happen because on the whole, they have a positive reputation-not to mention the credible Allegis Group and over 30 years of experience to back them up. As a bonus, there's no cost for applicants to work through Aerotek; they make their profits mainly through the companies that need staffing. So, it can't hurt to sign up and see how they can help. After that, the success of your staffing agency will largely depend on you, your skills, and your commitment to find the right job for you.
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Was told nothing but lies about the job! The job was seasonal and it was listed as full time and I was told they would keep us on and working but as soon as they didn't need us anymore we were out the door.

3 months ago

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TeaSpillin Salt Lake City, UT

They placed me at my job but it felt very impersonal. Got me there, but needs to work on the bedside manner.

3 weeks ago

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