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Originally a staffing agency for aerospace and defense, Aerotek is now one of the most influential employment companies in the U.S.

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More than 30 years ago, Steve Bisciotti and Jim Davis created Aerotek, a go-to resource for applicants seeking a job in the defense and aerospace industry.

After just one year in operation, Aerotek brought in over one million dollars. Encouraged by this success, they started to build on that first industry and started providing staffing services for companies with other needs, including: automotive, IT, engineering, and science jobs. Since that first year, they have continued to grow and become a resource for people in all types of fields, now tapping into industries like finance, call centers, and aviation.

Aerotek expanded in terms of location too. While their headquarters are in Hanover, Michigan, they now have more than 200 offices all over the United States and even in parts of Canada and Europe. They help people find jobs near the big city as well as rural areas and strive to connect applicants with the type of work they're looking for-whether it's temporary or full-time.

With more than 10,000 clients and 75,000 contract workers, Aerotek is a booming resource in the business world. To their credit, they are a subcompany of the well-known Allegis Group, recognized as the largest staffing company in the US. They function mainly through (owned by Allegis Group), a website that allows you to post your résumé, search for a job, and connect with businesses who need your skills.

The Good

  • Experience
  • Industries
  • Benefits
  • Payment methods
  • Positive feedback

Possibly Aerotek's most obvious advantage is its wealth of experience. Having been in the staffing business for more than three decades, this company has had many years to perfect their practices, work out the kinks, and network with a wide variety of companies.

Aerotek also caters to a wide selection of industries, which is good news for you as an applicant. Whether you're looking for a specific trade like welding or a career in accounting, Aerotek can help. They've established connections with thousands of companies who need employees of all kinds. What's more, Aerotek continually researches these fields to stay alert of the most needed skills and the most profitable jobs. That research benefits you in that it makes you more appealing to the companies you contact.

Actually working with Aerotek seems pretty easy too. First of all, they function through, a site that is easy to navigate and that contains a steep amount of job postings. And once you land a job through Aerotek and work at least 20 hours per week, you'll enjoy great benefits like:

  • Health
  • Dental
  • Vision insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Vacation days

There are also flexible payment methods including:

  • In-office paycheck pickup
  • Direct deposit
  • CashPay payments

Aerotek also offers their Perfect Fit Program, through which they work directly with the companies in need of employees. Through this program, they assess a company's needs, screen applicants for training and qualifications, and help identify specific employees that match these needs. But then they take it a step further and keep in touch with both parties to make sure the contract is a good fit. In this vein, Aerotek works hard to make sure both employers and employees are happy with each other.

It sounds like many of Aerotek's customers have had positive experiences with the company. There are many reports that the representatives are professional and assertive and provide valuable results. According to these consumers, the people at Aerotek work in detail with the job seekers to understand their skills and then find the job that meets their needs.

The Bad

  • Representatives
  • Complaints

Many job seekers who have used Aerotek have reported that their representatives were unresponsive and even dishonest. Some said their contacts never got back to them about job leads. It may depend on which Aerotek office you're working with, since there are so many locations all over the country. But at the same time, consistency speaks volumes about a company. Therefore, inconsistent customer service can mean unreliable results for applicants.

Common complaints regarding the Aerotek process include:

  • Long waiting periods
  • Minimal number of interviews
  • Confusion surrounding contracts

The Bottom Line

With any staffing agency, what it comes down to is whether they help you land a job-a job that allows you to use your hard-earned skills and that makes you indispensable to your employer.

For the most part, Aerotek should be able to make that happen because on the whole, they have a positive reputation-not to mention the credible Allegis Group and over 30 years of experience to back them up.

As a bonus, there's no cost for applicants to work through Aerotek; they make their profits mainly through the companies that need staffing. So, it can't hurt to sign up and see how they can help. After that, the success of your staffing agency will largely depend on you, your skills, and your commitment to find the right job for you.


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Holly LaFerrara
October 10th, 2018

George and Mike worked very hard for me. They are able to match candidates with companies and achieve a personality fit. Thanks guys!

October 9th, 2018 Snoqualmie, WA

I just want to warn people about my experience with Aerotek. Make the right decision for yourself. I was not in a rush to find a new position, this company wants to place you in the first position they can find. Let's start with my first encounter with Aerotek. They were quick to contact me after I applied. It sounded very promising, so I continued on with a face-to-face interview. I was interviewed and talked down to about my qualifications for the entry position I had applied to. This interviewee had then quit working for Aerotek. There was radio silence for weeks. Finally, another recruiter had contacted me. They seemed nice and eager to help place me. I reinterviewed and I was sent a job description with no company name. It was okay after I said yes to doing an interview, I had found out it was a decent company and I was excited. Everything was alright with Aerotek, other than a few spelling and grammar mistakes in the e-mails and constantly playing phone tag over my short experience with them. Then came the onsite interview with this new company (which was the day after I had applied for the position). I felt very confident about my performance in the interview. I was not so intrigued about the information that was shared about the position, but I knew I had a good chance of an offer. It was now Thursday, I was told by the new company they would have an answer by Monday. I still needed time to go over the details and weighing pros and cons, so this was perfect. I was leaving the country and I was extremely busy the next few days, I had made this clear to everyone involved. Friday, the day I was leaving, I get a call from Aerotek saying that I have been given an offer and Aerotek was pushing a decision on the spot. Even though the new company had stated to me, they wouldn't even have a decision made until Monday. This is also before an offer letter or any details have been explained. I asked for at least an hour to decide. They reiterated their desperate need for an answer and said to give them a call back by the end of the hour. I was surprised at how much Aerotek was rushing me into a decision. I called before the hour was over and no answer. I then e-mailed an informal agreement to the position. After the weekend had finished, I had decided since I had not made a formal agreement, the position was not for me and that Aerotek was no longer someone I wanted to work with. I am not a number. I had received a response stating how "This was a time consuming and drawn out process" and they would not be the right fit for me. This whole process from my re-interview with Aerotek until the final e-mail she sent was 10 days including 4 inactive weekend days. The interview was even less. Day one: applied Day two: interview Day three: need an immediate decision Over the weekend no response. But, I had rejected the offer and said I was moving on. Day four: Response that it was too long of a process, we aren't a good fit... The most unprofessional event during our short time together was that they sent an e-mail to me which was meant for another client about where she would be working and how long...

john F preston
September 28th, 2018 Akron, OH

Aerotek found me a job and found me a job as a direct hire the person I was working was smart kind friendly. She went above and beyond to find me a posisition at a great company with my skills set. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much aerotek

September 12th, 2018 Royal Oak, MI

Troy, MI office - Stood up by recruiter for interview. I was contacted by an Aerotek recruiter after posting my resume to Monster. We had a great phone conversation and he seemed really confident he could find me something. We scheduled an interview for Tuesday at 5pm. He said he understood I'm currently employed and is flexible with timing to meet. Monday morning I checked the projected traffic and realized my commute would be a few minutes longer. I emailed him first thing to ask if there was any way we could bump the appointment to 5:15pm, to ensure I'm not running late. No answer, so I call him Monday evening and leave a voicemail. Tuesday morning, no contact yet, I follow up on my email. His reply, "sorry for the delay, look forward to meeting you at 5". At that point, really started to question his communication skills and whether he would be a good representative to find me a job. I replied back, stating the call and emails were regarding a time change and to please confirm if it's ok. No answer. So I leave work early and race to the Aerotek office. I arrive at 5pm and the doors are locked and lights are off. I call him, no answer. It was if he never planned to be there. Also, they didn't have a proper plaque or sign for the door. Instead there was an 8 x 10" pixelated printout of the Aertek logo taped to the wall. Crossing Aerotek off my list and looking to other agencies with their act together. Candidates have busy lives and don't deserve to be treated in that manner.

Lisa Pignataro
August 24th, 2018 Sicklerville, NJ

Did not send link to fill out info prior to my orientation meeting. Called me 20 minutes prior to orientation to find out why I never filled out info. Started by saying contract with hiring company was just for recruiting, then said I would be working for Aerotek for 2 years, then changed it to 6 months after avoiding the question 4 times. Was not told about the need for critical documents to be able to take their drug screening. Offered to pay my dr or purchase a drug test for screening Allowed me to interview for and accept a position without checking for documents and job offer was rescinded, due to their lack of communication. My reputation was tarnished and they caused me a loss of wages that I will be suing them for.

Andrea Merchant
August 23rd, 2018 Philmont, NY

I discovered Aerotek completely by chance while endlessly searching job site after job site and I began working within 2 weeks! They are amazing! I worked with Kyle and it was as if finding my job was his life's mission and I thank God for that daily! The company he got me into will most certainly be the company I one day retire from! Thank you Aerotek for finding me my perfect job! I would recommend EVERYONE work with them!😊

Vincent Mcqurrell
August 16th, 2018 Port Jervis, NY

So not only are the employees incompetent to tell the truth during their interviews but they also do not have a healthy communication with their clientele. Like is it so hard to get in contact with a manager of the warehouse where you send your workers have that manager gather all of the temps time cards that we use at the facility and fax them all over so they can have our hours. I used to work an office job before I left it because another company requested I worked for them, I know what its like. Areotek is expecting us not only work our required 12 hour shift but to also come home and log into a website that honestly looks like it was designed by a lazy 15 year old that just learned how to use Javascript to manually put in hours from a week prior than the week we are on. I only have access to a PC only a few times a week, not to mention I only have a certain amount of time outside of my 12 hours of work to resume my life and pay people for what they are owed. there is only so much time during the day and honestly I don't have time to go to the library every day to put up with their slow network connection and sit there for over 30 mins waiting for their browser to open up. First, I am physically drained from that shift, I have an hour drive to and from work which makes my day 14 hours not including overtime which I refuse to do because Areotek is not an easy company to work with and Second you as a company have the technology to send across the internet, a magical thing called "faxes" or even better E-MAIL which is short for electronic mail which can magically send documents to and from businesses. I have voiced my opinion with the facts of what I know you happen to have in your offices as well with the skills you should have as a pre-requisite upon requiring your job, If there are any further questions I go back into work on Thursday between the hours of 00:00 and 06:00 I hope you have a wonderful day

Yong Her
May 29th, 2018 Fresno, CA

A erotek has given me great opportunities, they sent me to a fantastic location. It worked out well, my recruiter has immensely helped me throughout my tenure with the company. The staff are incredibly professional and are prompt to your needs.

April 30th, 2018

I went into the office in Philadelphia Pa and I had one -on-one with an recruiter who never called me ever in reference to employment. I’ve called her numerous of times and still nothing. I even asked the receptionist not to connect me with this particular recruiter, and he turns around and connects me with her voice mail. As I figured,she didn’t answer. Her name is Care. If she informative and helpful, then maybe she’s worked on customer service skills 😬

LaMark Taylor
May 18th, 2018 Saint Paul, MN

Thank you Aerotec for giving me a chance to achieve great full time employment.

Tim Bowdren
March 21st, 2018 Philadelphia, PA

I have worked for Aerotek Horsham for 3months and it has been great that is mostly thanks to the the awesome representative named Abby rouse she is the best nicest person in the world would love to work with her over and over thank you so much

Jazneria Graham
February 28th, 2018 Minneapolis, MN DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

I want to say THANKYOU to Kaitlin Delaney! She was VERY helpful & willing to help me out, and it didn’t take forever. Thanks again Mrs Delaney for all your help.

Bryant Joicin
November 6th, 2017 Grand Prairie, TX

Must read... Aerotek Irving TX location Aerotek gracefully found me employment. I was let go due to a background or credit check, which I understood completely. But that's when aerotek lost all integrity towards me. My recruiter, Alyssa act as though she wouldn't tell me. But that's beyond my major issue, I still had two paychecks in the hold, and I have been lied too from everyone I talked to. Keep in mind I received direct deposit which is instant, I still have no received any funds. I ask my opm onsite premises manager kristel she told me it's a guarantee Friday. Friday came nothing. It's 11.04.2017, rent was due on the 1st, which if I was paid on time I would not be subject to any late fees. Next I called the office to speak with payroll department a lady named Susanna who told me it was an issue needed to be fixed with corporate she will get back to me with confirmation everything is fixed. This was at 11:30 that friday, why is it she left at 2:30 and left a Thurs message on the answering machine. Was she avoiding me. But being as she left I asked to speak to her manager name Tracy who gave me the green light, oh my issue was fixed and my funds should be sent via direct deposit as usual. It's Saturday guys still I have not gotten paid. Now this is the same aerotek who received awards for best staffing in 2017. So why do they personnel lie to people there supposedly helping. Aerotek is a total disgrace now if they had awards for best lying staff 2017 kudos to them but that is not what they received accolades for. I really want to understand why they doing me like this. I honestly trusted them and im not mad at all they let me go, I'm distraught that they haven't paid me and if I wait till 11.06.2017 when they open again my rent and everything is late which I have to foot the bill. I heard sorry from everyone I dealt with but sorry isn't going to pay my bills on time. Oh and by the way my name is Bryant so you don't think this was some fairy tale review no this is real life..

Lynn Clark
October 31st, 2017 Englewood, FL

In a four week span, I had issues with my hours on my check. Nothing to do with Aeroteck but still issues. Ben from the Tampa office, personally checked in with me daily. He called on his way in to work and at the end of the day about my hours. He personally follow my payroll all the way thru for me. The second time that I had a problem, I called him on a Sunday. Even thou he was spending time with his children he got back with me promptly! He followed up on Monday and had the lady doing my payroll call me before noon. Ben knows how important your paycheck is and he is vigilant on seeing your issue through

September 11th, 2017 Goose Creek, SC

This place was a absolute waste of my time went 3 times still no job. very dishonest staff Camilla S said a company was hiring and then sent an email saying the opposite.

August 28th, 2017

Aerotek is one of the best job placement agencies. The employment agents are highly professional, and helpful finding the right fit. I dealt with Nicole through Aerotek, very honest, very friendly, and always ready to help and assist my employment, she was there for every question I had and with the right advise. I had great success with them and this was leading to full time employment. A very good experience and outcome.

L. Stockton
August 28th, 2017 Rocky Mount, NC

They seem to hire only fresh from college kids as recruiters. This results in having to deal with unprofessional employees. They harassed my references to death, trying to set appointments to get THEIR company's business, when the call was suppose to be about getting references on ME.

Thomas cates
June 26th, 2017 Burlington, NC

Very bad business they told me I had the job then John M call in said I will not get the job very bad company they do people wrong.

September 27th, 2016 Alpharetta, GA

I generally do not post complaints about a service online since I would rather resolve the issue with that individual or his/her superiors but cannot let this slide on the account of so many people like myself are dependent on the recruiter doing their due diligence to get them positioned with their next employer.I have dealt with Aerotek & Robert Half in the past and never received the most absolute poorest service from recruiter, D'Angelo Harris. To make a long story short, I was well qualified for the position advised by this recruiter and seemed like a perfect fit according to my background experience. I was told that this employer was eager to hire and needed positions filled quickly and was assured Id be a priority to get my info on their desk sooner than later (approx. week). After no response to my phone calls and emails I finally get a response from the recruiter asking if I was still interested in the position ( of coarse I'm interested and ready to start) 3 weeks later, no interview. After providing him letters of recommendation, I was able to get the interview (1 month later) and the recruiter sent me the information prior to the day of our meeting. Despite the poor experience, I was ready to forgive and forget since I now have the interview and I'm in control and all is RIGHT ..?...I was so WRONG... the recruiter did not put the building # of the office and my 20 minutes early turned out to be 30 minutes late since I had to ask bystanders and go to each building on that street for assistance to locate the interview whereabouts. I left messages for the recruiter with simple instructions ( provide the building #) and just as I expected, no guidance along with no answer to my simple request. The interview went great and I apologized for arriving late and thanked them for taking the time out to meet with me. The recruiter called me back later that day with no apology due to the lack of information he provided and was concerned since I arrived late and did not start off on a good note with the employer ( as if its my fault) and than asks if I'm totally committed to landing my next career since he is 100% committed to my success. I could not believe what I was hearing and advised him this experience was not as I expected nor have I encountered with other recruiters. Lack of communication & guidance played a role and he needs to own up to these mishaps. Despite the issues I let him know I was interested and ready to move forward with next steps for hire and was assured that I would get a call the next day....CALL NEVER CAME. 3 weeks later I'm left in limbo not knowing if he even spoke with the company. He also advised that I do not send a thank you letter/ email to the interviewer since it will bog up their busy schedule taking 3 minutes out of their day to read it. D'Angelo Harris does not represent Aerotek to the highest standard and paints a bad picture of the company due to his poor work ethic. If I replicated his service at my prior job I would be fired or giving warning with a write up. Nobody deserves this type of experience especially if they are in transition from job to job and are soley relying on the guidance of their recruiter. Get your staff the proper training needed or simply look for the right candidate to represent your company. I wish all the jobseekers luck in finding employment via Aerotek. Hopefully they will have a recruiter fully committed and makes it a priority to set them up for a successful interview with the new employer.

Jennifer Garcia
August 26th, 2016 Hartford, CT

. Really glad aerotek was able to find me a profession I love with good pay. At first there was miscommunications with aerotek and the current job they were trying to assign me but at the end I landed the job. They were able to answer me all questions. I would def. recommend aerotek!!

Jerry Miller
June 29th, 2016 Fairfield, OH

Job through Aerotek resulted in a very good positive experience for me and lead into a perm position with a good respectable company! Dealt with Cory through Aerotek. very good honest and on top of his job with all the help he gave me, was there for every phone call I had or questions, would I refer this company or Cory, YES! a very good experience and outcome. J Miller