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LAST UPDATED: April 15th, 2020
Trustwave is a company that provides Internet security for businesses. They are a privately held company that provides SSL certificates for more than 3 million business customers in almost 100 countries. In 2014, they were named one of the leaders in managed security services by Forrester Research. They are based out of Chicago, IL and have global offices in London, Brazil, and Australia. One of the neat facts about the company is that they are the only authorized PCI Forensic Investigators in all regions of the world. The company filed for IPO in mid-2011, but the company still remains private. There are more than 1,000 employees with the company. Trustwave is on the verge of becoming a global-based company. In early April 2015, Singapore Telecommunications announced their intentions to purchase this company for nearly $1 billion. This acquisition promises to raise Trustwave’s standing as a global Internet provider of SSL certificates. 

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The Good

  • Pricing
  • Wide variety of products
  • Green bar in web browser
  • PCI compliance
  • Money back guarantee
We felt like Trustwave had some pretty outstanding features. We liked the wide variety of SSL certificates available, which signifies the appropriate product for all sizes of business. We also felt like their products were affordable and came with all the standard features in the SSL industry.
Trustwave's prices tend to fall in the mid-level for SSL certificates, ranging from standard, single certificates to higher-priced wildcard certificates. Here are some of the prices for SSL certificates that we found, with a 3-year commitment:
  • Premium SSL: $118.67 for three years.
  • Wildcard SSL: $451.67 for three years.
  • EV SSL: $383.00 for three years.
Wide Variety of Products
In the industry, we often found that there were a limited number of Enterprise-level certificates available. Most Enterprise-level SSLs that we saw included enhanced validation. However, not every enterprise-level business will need an SSL with EV. We found that there was a Premium SSL Enterprise Certificate that did not include EV, but offered higher security than a single, standard certificate for a website. This certificate costs $159.96 per year for three years, and includes:
  • The same validation as the Premium SSL certificate.
  • Higher warranty liability coverage.
  • Enhanced pre-validation services.
This product is a great fit for enterprise-level businesses that only need basic validation for their website.
Green Bar in Web Browser
One of the things that we found out about Trustwave was that they offer a green bar in the web browser when a customer visits your website. This is an important feature that certifies trust for your clients as soon as your website starts to load. We also liked the fact that Trustwave includes a free site seal with their services. While we couldn't find customized site seals from Trustwave, we did like the benefits that this feature offers:
  • Increased website optimization.
  • More conversions on your e-commerce.
  • Less bounces from your website.
PCI Compliance
During our review process, we found that Trustwave is the only global authorized PCI Forensic Investigator. This means that they are likely on top of PCI compliance in the industry, setting the standard for online payments.
Money Back Guarantee
We really appreciated that the 30-day money back guarantee was explained on their website, in the products and features section of the website. When we were reviewing other websites in the SSL industry, we found that we had to initiate a phone-in or read the FAQ section about a free trial period or money back guarantee. While 30 days seems to be the standard in the industry, this gives customers an ideal amount of time to try out Trustwave's SSL certificates.

The Bad

  • Issuance time
  • Low liability warranty coverage
We did find a few concerns with Trustwave's SSL certificates. These include no stated issuance time, as well as the lack of high coverage for liability.
Issuance Time
We couldn't find an issuance time in the different SSL certificate descriptions. We dug around their FAQ and found out that an issuance time could happen instantly. However, we're pretty sure from what we found out in the industry that higher-validation certificates take extensively longer. We would like to see issuance requirements, as well as a stated time for each different certificate that Trustwave offers.
Low Liability Warranty Coverage
In the SSL industry, you generally get what you pay for when it comes to SSL certificate warranty liability. We found that Trustwave generally has mid-range coverage for your subscription prices. We found that the EV certificate came with the highest warranty coverage, up to $250,000 worth of liability. In the industry, we saw coverage up to $1.75 million for similar certificates at about the same price range. We would like to see liability coverage that is more in line with the standard in the industry.

The Bottom Line

We would like to see their products improved in terms of liability warranty coverage. We want to make sure that our customers have peace of mind when visitors make a purchase on their website. In addition, we would like to know more about Trustwave's daily and routine malware scans and we would like to see Trustwave offer this as part of their "total SSL package."
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