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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
RapidSSL is a company that is owned by GeoTrust. They offer a fast-track approach to securing your domain and website with two simple products, a standard single certificate for your website or a wildcard SSL certificate for your website. Overall, the company sets a standard in the industry by providing fast, affordable SSL certificates for small- to medium-sized businesses. They implement a simple, accurate, and fast authentication process. Overall, we felt like these certificates would be a great fit for a company that needs a certificate right away. It is important to realize that if you are purchasing a RapidSSL certificate, this company is in the business of only selling RapidSSL single website certificates and SSL wildcard certificates. You will not find specialized certificates with RapidSSL, such as an extended validation certificate. 

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The Good

  • Prices
  • Insurance
  • Ability to switch providers
  • Renewal discount
We liked the fact that RapidSSL was a unique company in the industry. When we looked at other companies, such as GoDaddy, Symantec, and others, we found that there could be long approval and issuance times for an SSL certificate. We also liked the affordable prices, which we can easily say are the lowest in the industry.
With RapidSSL, we found the lowest prices in the industry for your standard SSL and wildcard SSL certificates. Here are the prices that we found:
  • Single/Standard Certificate: $49/year
  • Wildcard: $199/year
We found that wildcard certificates were pretty expensive in comparison to other types of SSL certificates. We found prices with Symantec that were well over $5,000 for a single wildcard certificate. With RapidSSL, you can get your SSL certificates for fast and cheap.
We found that you could have your RapidSSL certificates with a few minutes. When you register and enter your payment information. After your payment, you will receive a confirmation email. If you respond to it and enter the correct domain control validation information, you will have your website validated within the hour. We found that this fast, simple process was one of the standards in the industry for issuance time. The RapidSSL website also claims that it takes the "fewest number of clicks" to get a new SSL. Here are the "number of clicks" with RapidSSL in comparison to RapidSSL's competition.
  • RapidSSL: 1 click
  • GoDaddy: 2 clicks
  • GlobalSign: 3 clicks
  • Commodo: 3 clicks
Ability to Switch Providers
We also liked the fact that it was pretty easy to switch your SSL certificates from a competitor with RapidSSL. When you are checking out on their payment portal, RapidSSL makes it very easy to select the competitive replacement option. With RapidSSL, you are just a click away from having your new SSL certificate at a more affordable price. An important feature about the competitive switch feature is that your switch to RapidSSL is free if you are replacing a standard certificate from a competitor.
Renewal Discount
RapidSSL had an "odd" renewal discount...but we liked it. If you are within 90 days of your renewal date and you choose to renew, the remaining time will be added on to your new SSL certificate. The best part of this renewal discount is that RapidSSL rounds up. If you have 20 days left on your SSL certificate, you will get an additional 30 days for free on your next renewal of your RapidSSL certificate.

The Bad

  • Low warranty liability coverage
  • Limited range of products
  • Crummy site seal
The issues we have with RapidSSL come from the fact that they are in a niche market, the single-certificate market. We found that the product range was somewhat limited and that the liability coverage was extremely low (but, you get what you pay for in this industry). RapidSSL does not have many of the specialized features that are found throughout the SSL-certificate industry.
Low Warranty Liability Coverage
The issue that we found with RapidSSL's warranty coverage was that it is among the lowest in the industry. For the standard and wildcard certificates, you are only going to be secured for up to $10,000. Conversely, the single certificate found with GoDaddy only secures a website for up to $2,000. We would also like to see better coverage for RapidSSL's wildcard SSL certificate, too.
Limited Range of Products
It is important to keep in mind that RapidSSL is in the business of single-certificate issuances. RapidSSL does not have any enterprise-level, extended validation options, or multi-website certificates available in their product line. For a large- or enterprise-level business, RapidSSL might not have the right product for you. However, their certificates are among the most affordable in the industry for small businesses.
Crummy Site Seal
The worst feature of RapidSSL was the site seal. With other providers, we saw a site seal that showed the expiration date for the certificate, as well as organizational validation. In fact, the site seal is downloadable from their website in the support pages. You simply right-click the seal and install it accordingly on your website. Here is what we were looking for in the ideal SSL certificate site seal:
  • A site seal that showed certificate expiration date and organizational validation.
  • Site seal that supported e-commerce areas of your website.
  • A site seal that reflected the level of security that visitors would experience on your website.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, we recommend RapidSSL certificates for small business websites, but we caution that larger businesses get a more reputable SSL certificate. The low liability coverage can become a liability for security on a large website. We liked the fast issuance time, but the site seals definitely left something to be desired.
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da Miami, FL

I purchased a single certificate for $17.95. Got on my credit card 3 charges, 2x $17.95 plus 1x $35.90 The company cancelled one of the $17.95 but didn't cancel the extra $35.90 and didn't apologize for their conduct. I dispute this charge through my credit card as a fraudulent charge. Be careful, when they cancelled the extra charge of $17.95 they try by default to set it as a credit for future purchases on their website!

6 years ago