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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Network Solutions, LLC is an Internet hosting and security services company. The company was founded in 1979 and, since then, has focused on web hosting as its most important service. They provide a wide array of solutions for customers, including SSL certificates, WordPress hosting, and e-commerce solutions. Network Solutions offers several immediate benefits for their SSL customers. We found that their SSL solutions let customers validate a site so that customers can interact with a website in confidence. You can also increase your website transactions with Network Solutions’ SSL security. Ultimately, this leads to an increase in sales. We felt that Network Solutions offered one of the more flexible reissues, so that you can easily renew your certificate at the end of its life. While Network Solutions focuses on web hosting and domain registry services, they also offer reasonable SSL certificate packages for all levels of business, ranging from small- to enterprise-sized businesses. 

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The Good

  • How to select the right SSL certificate
  • Multiple options
  • Fast issuance
  • Basic and advanced SSL certificates
  • Wildcard certificates
  • World-class support
  • Site seal
Ultimately, we felt like Network Solutions has developed an SSL certificate product that can be molded to the needs of any business, ranging from the small startup to enterprise-level companies. Their solutions are scalable, including wildcard certificates, as well as Extended Verification products.
How to Select the Right SSL Certificate
With Network Solutions, we found that we were able to get information on selecting the right type of SSL certificate for our business. In some of our phone-ins throughout the industry, we had to sit through a sales pitch about the different certificates. However, Network Solutions gives you a page on selecting the right type of SSL certificate for your needs, whether it's a single domain validation or validating the business behind the website.
Multiple Options
We found that Network Solutions offers five different types of SSL certificates for businesses. These include:
  • Xpress: $54.99/year with 3-year term.
  • Basic: $108.33/year with 3-year term.
  • Advanced: $166.33/year with 3-year term.
  • Wildcard: $512.33/year with 3-year term.
  • Extended: $399.50/year with 3-year term.
The Xpress product level is a great fit for small businesses with just one website. Not only does it include $10,000 worth of liability coverage for your customers, it also includes:
  • 99% browser ubiquity.
  • Up to 256-bit encryption.
  • Instant issuance.
Fast Issuance
One of the biggest complaints with any SSL certificate provider is often the slow turnaround time for certificate issuance. For some of Network Solutions' competitors, we found that the Extended Verification certificate option could take as long as one month to issue. If you have all of your verification paperwork in place, such as your business address, you can easily get an EV certificate from Network Solutions within 4-5 business days. The Xpress SSL certificate is issued within minutes.
Basic and Advanced SSL Certificates
For organizational needs, there are two SSL certificates available from Network Solutions, the Basic and Advanced certificates. These certificates offer up to 256-bit encryption. There is also a closed padlock and site seal provided for your customers' HTML bar and the website. Issued within 2-4 business days, these certificates are backed by a $50,000 guarantee to protect your website customers.
Wildcard Certificates
In this industry, we had a hard time with some of the low liability provided by some providers of wildcard SSL certificates. You ultimately are paying a lot for a wildcard certificate and you want coverage to back that large investment. With Network Solutions, you get up to $1,000,000 of coverage for all your clients. This is a great solution if you sell multiple products on your website's different subdomains.
World-Class Support
While we wanted to see some live chat support and ticketing for Network Solutions' wide array of SSL products, we did find a great knowledge base. Here are some of the features of Network Solutions' world-class customer support:
  • Knowledge base that included "sortable" articles by the type of certificate selected.
  • Dedicated toll-free number for SSL-related issues.
  • Email support that is answered quickly.
Site Seal
With Network Solutions, we found that there were four different designs of site seals. Site seals are important for customers because they help increase conversions and decrease website bounces. These site seals contain all the necessary information to instill confidence and trust in your customers when they are conducting a transaction with your business.

The Bad

  • Wildcard certificates, high prices
  • Certificate issuance
We did have some issues with Network Solutions' services. These were small, in comparison to the great features of their SSL certificates. Overall, we weren't sure what "validation" information was needed for the full issuance of a certificate. We also had some issues with the high prices for some of the certificates that they carry.
Wildcard Certificates, High Prices
Overall, in the industry, we found that SSL wildcard certificates had a tendency to be overpriced. We found that a 3-year SSL wildcard certificate from Network Solutions costs a whopping $1,537. We found that a similar certificate from GoDaddy only cost $269.99 per year, ultimately only around $900. While the Network Solutions wildcard certificate offers $1,000,00 worth of coverage, we might recommend going with another provider.
Certificate Issuance
In the industry, we saw a lot of customers had drawn-out experiences when it came to getting an EV SSL certificate. We couldn't find a stated timeline or documentation for how long verification took for an EV certificate from Network Solutions. Overall, we would like to see this information included so customers know how long their certificate will really take with Network Solutions.

The Bottom Line

We recommend Network Solutions as a provider of SSL certificates for websites. They offer some pretty good services in comparison to the competition in the industry. Ultimately, we would like to see lower prices for their wildcard certificates, but overall, they do offer some of the lowest prices in the industry.
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