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LAST UPDATED: August 6th, 2021
GlobalSign is an SSL provider with full certificate authority. In addition to providing SSL products for websites, they also provide identity services. The company was founded in 1996 and is currently owned by GMO Cloud K.K., which is based out of Japan. GMO Cloud offers a wide array of identity service solutions and web security products for small- to enterprise-level businesses. GlobalSign claims that their services are based within a powerful infrastructure, backed by global data centers. The company has placed itself as a major player within a $14.4 trillion market, making secure networked connections among organizations, people, data, and other things that will be required to have a trusted and fully managed identity. We also found that GlobalSign is a company that sets first-time industry standards. We found that GlobalSign was the first certificate authority to improve page load time for secured HTTP pages. Also, IPv6 is going to be one of the big things to worry about in coming years as the nature of IPs change over time. GlobalSign is the first company to build certificates for customers that offer IPv6-compliant revocation (page loading) services. 

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The Good

  • Single certificate features
  • Scalability of wildcard features
  • Quick turnaround time for all products
  • Robust customer support
  • Two-year options
We felt like GlobalSign is one of the major companies that we reviewed in the industry that offered what we would like to call "entry-level" SSL certificates for small businesses. You can get an individual SSL certificate for your website. If you are an organization, there is another type of standard certificate that offers heightened security.
Single Certificate Features
Price is an important consideration when purchasing a single SSL certificate. Here are the features that we found with GlobalSign's single SSL certificate:
  • Up to 2048 and 256 encryption, ensuring high security.
  • Fast SSL delivery, delivered within minutes of purchase.
  • Wildcard capability to secure subdomains.
  • Alternate naming schema for websites (such as vs.
The pricing option for the single certificate is also quite affordable:
  • $249 per year.
  • $448 for 2 years.
  • $613 for 3 years.
Scalability of Wildcard Features
We felt that the wildcard options with GlobalSign were probably the best in the industry. Your single site certificate lets you secure up to 100 subdomains within your website. If you're looking for a higher level of security to go along with your SSL certificate, the $899 wildcard certificate lets you secure unlimited subdomains. Overall, we felt like GlobalSign offers the best wildcard support in the industry.
Quick Turnaround Time For All Products
One of the things that we noticed in the industry is that every SSL provider guarantees a fast issuance time for certificates. The general trend is that "entry-level" single certificates can be issued within a few minutes to a business day. More complicated SSL certificates, such as Extended Validation SSLs, can take up to 10 business days, depending upon the provider. Here are the fast issuance times that we noticed with GlobalSign:
  • Organizational Single SSL Certificates: 1-2 business days.
  • Single SSL Domain Certificates: Within minutes.
  • Extended SSL Certificates: 4-5 business days.
We felt like Global Sign got the turnaround time right.
Robust Customer Support
We felt like GlobalSign has also gotten the support paradigm right for customers. There is an advanced ticketing system, and a support center that also includes downloadable articles, FAQ, and other tools to help guide you through the issuance process.
Two-Year Options
In the industry, we felt like there was a trend for three-year certificates. We like that GlobalSign gives you the option to purchase two-year options if this is a solution that your business needs.

The Bad

  • High-priced wildcard certificates
  • Only a 7-day trial option
We did have some concerns regarding the SSL certificates offered by GlobalSign. For example, the wildcard SSL certificate for unlimited subdomains got really pricy for our likes. We also had some questions about the security of single-domain SSL certificates.
High-Priced Wildcard Certificates
In the industry, the price trend for wildcard SSL certificates is quite high. For the single-site SSL license, you can add up to 100 subdomains. However, if you want to add an unlimited number of subdomains, you will be paying more. Here are the pricing points that we found for the unlimited subdomains wildcard SSL certificate:
  • 1-year certificate: $899
  • 2-year certificate: $1,528
  • 3-year certificate: $2,089
Overall, the price for a wildcard certificate with DigiCert was $475 per year for three years. Ultimately, it is better to go with this company because it is a little bit more affordable.
Only a 7-Day Trial Option
We didn't like the fact that GlobalSign has some of the most expensive wildcard SSLs in the industry and only offers a 7-day trial period. We felt like that, for these high prices, you should be able to try your certificate out for a little bit longer. 14-day to 30-day trial periods were pretty standard in the industry.

The Bottom Line

We recommend GlobalSign as a leading provider of single-site SSL certificates. We really liked the fact that their individual and organizational certificates let you add up to 100 subdomains for your website. What is GlobalSign missing? We feel like the 7-day trial period really undermines a user's ability to try out a certificate. Also, the wildcard certificate is among the highest-priced in the industry. We would like to see better prices for customers, at the single-year and multiyear purchase levels.
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Mark Skinner Tucson, AZ

I purchased a personal signature certificate and it took nearly a week to hear from the vetting team. Then they let me know that I needed to perform an action to get my certificate. My account on the website didn't reflect a product requiring any actions. I've called twice and left a message because no one answers their phones, and I've sent emails to the team and have never been helped. I want a refund but can't hear from anyone from the company. I think they're a scam.

9 months ago

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Matt Crozier

Ordered SSL certificates twice and both times the money has been reserved from the available funds in our bank account. on the first occasion we had to pay twice and, on the second, being wise to their practices, we didn't make the second payment available so we never received any goods. They said it was our fault!!! Stay away.

4 years ago