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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Entrust is a provider of digital security, a privately owned company, and employer of 350 software engineers and other professionals. In addition to SSL certificates, the company also provides identity management, security software, public key infrastructure. In addition to these products, it also does mobile authentication for hosted websites. The company is headquartered in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Also, it has offices in London, Tokyo, and other international cities, with its largest office being in Ottawa, Canada. Entrust truly has a global reach with its number of customers. Entrust serves public and private organizations in over 60 countries. It also owns a large number of patents, with 125 patents either granted or pending. The company has been passed on from Thoma Bravo, a private firm, for $124 million and, and the Datacard Group. 

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The Good

  • Alternate naming
  • Expiry notifications
  • Mobile certificates
We liked the features that came with both the standard SSL certificates and the wildcard certificates. We found that Entrust offers all the same features as some of the other major players in the SSL industry.
Alternate Naming
If you purchase a single-site/standard certificate, you can secure both your www.domain.com website version and the version without the www label. If you wish, for some reason, to disable this on your website on a certificate-by-certificate basis. This is a standard feature in the industry, and we found it with most of Entrust's competitors.
Expiry Notifications
We liked the fact that multiple expiry notifications were included with Entrust. It is often easy to forget that your SSL certificate is about to expire. However, the multiple email notifications that you receive with Entrust let you know when your SSL certificate is about to expire.
Mobile Certificates
We liked that Entrust offers mobile certificates, too. This cloud-based solution connects seamlessly with most mobile platforms. One of the benefits of this product is to eliminate the need for mobile usernames and passwords on VPN and wireless access.

The Bad

  • Lack of fast issuance
  • Low warranty coverage amount
  • Lack of image for website stamp
  • No unlimited subdomains
  • Paid support levels
One of the things that concerned us about Entrust was the price. In the industry, we found that the price increased dramatically when a business chose to purchase an SSL certificate with Entrust. While they claim that you save 18% when purchasing a certificate for three years, we actually found that the price for a three-year wildcard certificate was about twice as much as with the competitor.
Lack of Fast Issuance
We found that some of Entrust's competitors, tend to issue your SSL certificate faster. While some competitors are known for issuing your certificate within an hour, it generally takes Entrust about 1-2 business days to get your certificate issued. We want to see faster issuance for such a high price. However, there are options for getting an approval process set up within your organization.
Low Warranty Coverage Amount
We felt like the warranty coverage with Entrust was both confusing and, well, not enough for the price that we were being charged. Entrust's liability will not exceed the greater of "one thousand United States dollars and two times the fees paid by the applicable subscriber to Entrust during the twelve months prior to the initiation of the claim," up to $100,000. We weren't quite sure what number would cover a business if they had a security lapse on their website. Also, the higher amount, $100,000, fails in comparison to the $1,000,000+ offered from competitors.
Lack of Image for Website Stamp
We wanted to see an image of the website stamp. However, they do offer a trusted site seal to show that you are using an SSL certificate. There are also point-to-verify capabilities for the trusted site seal. We would also like to see some information for how well Entrust does with conversions for customers, as well as reducing the number of bounced customers from a website.
No Unlimited Subdomains
With Entrust, we found a very serious problem with their wildcard domains. They only let you add up to 250 different "types" of subdomains: 1. Up to 10 free sub-domains as subject alt names (SANs) 2. Up to 40 optional non-related wildcard domains as SANs 3. Up to 250 optional non-related fully qualified domain names as SANs On the other hand, some competitors offer unlimited subdomains for your business website. While the 250 subdomains is quite a high number, we weren't sure which options we could employ with this wildcard SSL certificate product.
Paid Support Levels
We found that Entrust offers 24/7 round-the-clock support for its customers. However, the support paradigms don't include all the support for the different issues that you might run into. The Bronze support level is pretty limited and you can't get help on the weekends. You also can get charged for different types of support on all support subscriptions (Gold, Platinum, etc.) Also, we couldn't find support pricing information on the website. We found that other providers offered better support, even for their free levels of customer support.

The Bottom Line

Their prices are much higher than some of the competitors in the industry. We also found that some of the features provided with their certificates are somewhat limiting. For example, the wildcard certificate only secures 250 different types of domain alternate names on your site. We also didn't get a screenshot or an image of the security badge that comes with an Entrust certificate. The support for Entrust is also lacking. We found that there are different paid support levels for Entrust (Bronze, Gold, Platinum, etc.). In addition the warranty liability with Entrust is extremely low. While we found support that included $250,000 and $1,000,000 worth of liability with competitors, Entrust only promises you $100,000 as a maximum cap.
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