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SPMI (Sports Psychology Movement Institute) is an elite service provider that combines sports psychology with movement science. SPMI's mission is to provide athletes with the missing link to achieving the title of complete athlete. The company helps athletes to become technically, tactically, physically, and mentally trained to take their game to the next level.

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The Good

  • SPMI Athletes
  • Online Mental Training
  • Geared Toward Performance Enhancement

SPMI Athletes

SPMI features several athletes who have or are currently enrolled in SPMI's program. Potential clients can read about several different athletes and their experience working with SPMI.

SPMI Athlete Hailey Baptiste, an American tennis player, won her first WTA match against the number 14 ranked player in the world — at just 17 years old.

SPMI Athlete Tom Lewis won his second Portugal Masters — the only golfer to have ever won the tournament two times. Lewis also improved his ranking from 436 in the world to 55 in the world in just six months.

SPMI Athlete James Egozi won the 2018 FWT Mini ROK Champion and the 2018 Mini MAX Champion Titles earning him two separate tickets to the World Finals.

The thing these athletes all have in common is the SPMI Mental Training program.

Online Mental Training

SPMI's online program allows athletes to get mental training wherever they are. Whether they're at home or traveling for a competition, an SPMI consultant is available. Each session consists of an athlete-focused interview and mental training skills that are geared toward building mental toughness.

Geared Toward Performance Enhancement

SPMI designs and implements its programs to its athletes. This allows them to learn, practice, and apply all the necessary skills and winning mindset into their daily practice. SPMI even boasts that it's mental toughness training program has over a 97 percent success rate.
All athletes will receive comprehensive pre and post evaluations, learn sports psychology research and science-based skills, develop routines, and implement mental toughness into their daily life.

SPMI also works with parents and coaches to improve their role in the athlete's life. Parents and coaches learn how to communicate, motivate, and support their athletes.


The Bad

  • Not for Athletes Under 10

Not for Athletes Under 10

SMPI warns that its service may not benefit athletes who are 10 years old or younger. SPMI explains that this is because the thought process of a child may not be at the developmental stage that is necessary to maximize SPMI's services.

However, this does not mean someone younger than 10 can't use SPMI's services. Instead, they will have to take an evaluation test before being accepted into the program.


The Bottom Line

Although SPMI may not be the best program for athletes younger than 10, it certainly is an excellent program for those looking to improve their mental toughness, confidence, motivation, self-esteem, and more. The company tailors every program to the athlete's unique needs and even works with parents and coaches. There is no pricing information located on the website, but potential clients can email or call the company to find out more information about the company's starter benefits and pricing.

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Jose Gonzales Elkridge, MD

Horrible company. The rip athletes off and their services are crap. Extremely overpriced and very below average results. Please, same your time and money and don't come here.

1 year ago

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