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LAST UPDATED: February 24th, 2020

Dr. Patrick Cohen first started Peak Performance Consultants in Naples, Florida, in 1993. However, after one year in business, Dr. Cohen moved to Orlando, Florida, and decided to change the name of his company to Peak Performance Sports to better reflect his focus on helping athletes and teams reach their peak performance.

Then in 1996, Dr. Cohen started and was one of the first websites devoted to mental training and peak performance in sports. Since then, has become an online leader in the industry.

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The Good

  • Leader in Online Peak Performance Content
  • Premium MGCP Certification for Mental Coaches
  • Hands-Off Approach

Leader in Online Peak Performance Content

Alongside its mental game coaching programs, Peak Performance Sports is a worldwide leader in providing online sports psychology resources. The online sports clinic offers five sports psychology podcasts (available on iTunes), over 20 mental training workbooks, training books, and CD programs.

Peak Performance’s books, CDs, and workbook programs are a fantastic resource for coaches, parents, and athletes. Whether it’s basketball, gymnastics, soccer, or equestrian riding, Peak Performance Sports has something that can help.

The sports psychology CDs, books, and programs will vary in price; however, clients can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $600.

Premium MGCP Certification for Mental Coaches

Peak Performance Sports was the first organization to offer a premium certification for mental coaches. As a one-of-a-kind sports psychology certification, the Mental Game Coaching Professional (MGCP) program offers psychologists, coaches, athletic trainers, and life coaches useful and practical strategies to give their athletes a cutting edge.

The program takes approximately 10-12 weeks, with weekly learning sessions that are once a week for two hours (via video conference). In addition to the weekly meeting, users will have 30 to 40 hours of homework assignments, which include things like mental game assessments and applications of mental game skills that are based upon possible situations.

At the end of the program, customers will receive a certification from Peak Performance Sports, LLC, as a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional. Users will also receive the MGCP insignia and be listed on the website.

The MGCP program can be given in person, over the phone, or via video conferencing.

Hands-Off Approach

A unique aspect of Peak Performance Sports is its online approach. While many companies in the industry rely on clients working with a personal consultant, Peak Performance has a variety of options for athletes that are a bit more hands-off. Having a variety of CDs and workbooks is a great option for athletes who have a busy schedule or are traveling on the road and can’t make it into a clinic regularly.


The Bad

  • Can Get Pricey

Can Get Pricey

As stated earlier, Peak Performance Sports customers may pay anywhere from $50 to $600 for a CD and sport-specific workbook. While the programs are an excellent resource, the programs can get expensive — especially for families with more than one athlete. For example, the Peak Performance’s Tennis Confidence program includes 4 CDs and a workbook program.

Customers who want the physical book and CDs will pay $299 plus shipping. But customers can save if they choose to get the digital copy — this option only costs $249.


The Bottom Line

Peak Performance Sports knows that sports psychology and mental toughness isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Every athlete needs something different, whether its help getting over an injury, staying focused, or improving their confidence. For over 20 years, Dr. Cohen and Peak Performance Sports have been helping athletes improve their performance with a wide variety of coaching programs.

While the best coaching option is a one-on-one session with Dr. Cohen in Orlando, Florida, this isn’t possible for every athlete, so Peak Performance Sports offers phone, Skype, and email training programs. Clients should keep in mind that purchasing several programs or scheduling multiple sessions can get expensive, so it’s best to contact the company and find out which program is best for their athlete.

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Roman Christiansen Pleasant Grove, UT

My son goes to Peak Performance Sports and it has really helped him get in the game! He feels ready for anything!

2 years ago


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David T Magna, UT

Peak Sports really helped my kids break through a plateau. Their programs are fun and tailored to each kid.

2 years ago