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There are many solar companies out there, but which one actually provides the most value and best customer service? We've made it our mission to find out.

After conducting exhaustive research on the solar industry and gathering hundreds of Sunrun reviews, we've weighed the good and the bad and discovered Sunrun to be one of the top installers of solar panels based on a variety of criteria points.

Sunrun, which is the nation’s largest residential solar, storage, and energy service company, has installed over 1,600 megawatts of solar power and helped hundreds of thousands of consumers in 19 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico to gain energy independence.

Sunrun is the pioneer of the solar-as-a-service model and continues to drive innovation of solar generation, storage, and energy services and technologies. The rooftop solar provider's mission is to create a planet run by the sun.

The Good

  • Payment Flexibility
  • Customized Solar Systems
  • Simple Solar Process
  • 25-Year Maintenance
  • Roof Warranties and Coverage for Solar Panels
  • Customer Care Team
  • Battery Storage Options
  • High Level of Transparency with Customers
  • Installation Experience
  • Extensive Availability
  • Helpful Website

Payment Flexibility

To fit customer needs, Sunrun offers several financing options, including solar leases, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), prepayments, outright purchases, and loans.

Sunrun solar lease and PPA options give customers the chance to reap the benefits of a home solar system for zero to little upfront cost.

The prepayment option features all of the same benefits as the lease option, except the customer doesn't have to worry about the hassle of monthly payments.

Purchasing a Sunrun solar system outright provides customers with long-term savings, while financing a Sunrun solar system through a loan allows customers to make payments to own their system, which provides long-term benefits.

Customized Solar Systems

Sunrun understands that every customer's home, lifestyle, and savings goal is unique.

As a result, the company customizes every system it installs to the customer's needs using its own proprietary Automated Site Modeling design technology. With just a few pieces of information and satellite imagery of the rooftop, Sunrun’s Automated Site Modeling software quickly designs a custom solar system to maximize energy production.

Simple Solar Process

Sunrun strives to make switching to clean energy as simple and hassle-free as possible for its customers. The rooftop solar provider saves time by taking care of everything from scheduling to permitting and allowing people to follow their installation progress through the mySunrun mobile app. The design and installation process is as follows:

  • Step 1: Sunrun's experienced technicians will visit, measure, and evaluate the home; ensure that a solar system is the right fit; and design a customized solar plan.
  • Step 2: Sunrun's design experts will review and make any adjustments to the custom evaluation.
  • Step 3: Sunrun submits the design plans to the local city government for permitting.
  • Step 4: After the permit is granted, Sunrun's installers will come out to the home, go over the custom design with the customer, receive approval, and get to work.
  • Step 5: Once the system has been installed, the city or county will perform the final inspection.
  • Step 6: Sunrun will submit documents to the utility company and "Permission to Operate" will be granted.

25-Year Maintenance

If customers choose to lease or obtain a PPA, Sunrun will own the system and, therefore, is responsible for all maintenance and repairs of the system. Additionally, Sunrun will refund customers if the panels installed on their roof ever underperform.

Roof Warranties and Coverage for Solar Panels

Other benefits of Sunrun's product include a 10-year warranty on systems that are purchased and up to a 25-year warranty on systems that are leased. Each solar customer's Sunrun contract also includes a roof warranty, which protects the roof from leaks or holes.

In addition, Sunrun provides its solar customers with daily system monitoring for no additional fee. The company's monitoring team oversees all all Sunrun systems and keeps an eye on production levels. If something happens or if performance dips, Sunrun will contact you as soon as possible to get things fixed.

Customer Care Team

Sunrun provides a U.S.-based customer care team that is ready to answer questions and help resolve any issues that may arise.

Battery Storage Options

Sunrun offers a battery storage option that can be purchased or leased called Brightbox. With Brightbox, customers can enjoy safe, clean, and reliable backup power in the event of a blackout.

Brightbox also helps customers manage electricity costs by seamlessly optimizing when a home uses electricity generated by solar panels, stored in the battery, or from the grid.

High Level of Transparency with Customers

Sunrun provides an abundance of helpful information on its website and strives to be very transparent with its customers. The company's website includes detailed solar education and FAQ sections, a helpful Guarantee page, and an informative "Plans and Services" page that will help customers better understand Sunrun's products and how to start taking advantage of solar power.

Installation Experience

When it comes to solar installation, Sunrun is one of the most experienced companies in the solar industry. In fact, the company is one of the few solar installers that has installed over 1,600 megawatts of solar energy.

As a result, Sunrun has offset 3.7 million tons of carbon emissions and helped more than 240,000 customers to control their electricity bills.

Extensive Availability

Sunrun currenty offers solar energy services in the following states and territories:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Vermont
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Wisconsin
  • Puerto Rico

Helpful Website

Sunrun's website includes a variety of articles and helpful, easy-to-digest resources, including information on solar panels, plans and services, the cost of solar, warranties, installations, rebates and incentives, net metering, local information, solar education, and more.

Considering doing business with Sunrun? Learn more.

The Bad

  • Outsourcing Installations for Remote Homes

Outsourced Installations for Remote Homes

A majority of Sunrun's installations are performed in-house, meaning that Sunrun employees will install the solar systems themselves, which is ideal. Occasionally, the company will contract other installers to work on homes that are too remote for Sunrun itself to reach.

While Sunrun does train and approve these third-party contractors before they work on a home, this outsourcing strategy has often led to inconsistencies in performance upon installation. Consequently, customer satisfaction concerning the installation quality and overall experience varies.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Sunrun is highly recommended to homeowners who are looking to go solar. Sunrun's high quality solar energy systems, variety of financing options, lengthy maintenance coverage and warranties, and customer service and transparency are attractive features that make breaking away from your utility company and switching to solar simple and affordable.

Interested in going solar with Sunrun? Find out more. Want to learn more about Sunrun? Check out the Sunrun solar reviews from real customers below.

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Sunrun Frequently Asked Questions

How does going solar with Sunrun work?

After you sign your Sunrun agreement, you’re ready for solar panel installation. The best part? You don’t have to lift a finger because we take care of everything from scheduling to submitting permits, to working with the city and utility, and securing your solar panels to your roof. Naturally you’ll have questions, and we’ll be right there with you answering them every step of the way.

Once you’re approved for a Sunrun solar installation, your home will undergo a site assessment and an expert solar technician will visit your home to confirm your system design.

After that, our solar design experts make any necessary adjustments to your design and get your final approval. Once you’ve approved your system design, we submit your design to the city for permitting. From there, either Sunrun or one of our local certified partners perform your solar installation. We only partner with the top-rated solar installers, so know you’ll have the highest quality solar installation available.

When your installation is complete, the city or county will perform a final inspection on your system. Once it’s approved, it will be connected to the grid, and we’ll submit your documents to the utility company. After your utility company grants Permission to Operate, you’re ready to start powering your home with the sun.

How much does a solar energy system from Sunrun cost?

Solar home solar system prices vary by home, your utility company, and your location. Contact Sunrun for a quote today.

What solar panels does Sunrun use in its installations?

Sunrun uses standard and high-performance solar panels in its installations.

How long does it take for Sunrun to install solar panels?

The process of having a home solar system installed on your roof can be relatively quick. Many Sunrun installations are completed in one day.

But before our crew comes to your house, we take a few weeks to prepare your project so that you have the smoothest installation day possible. You will have a team of experts working for you during this time who handle the tasks necessary for a smooth solar installation and keep you updated along the way. Our customer app also allows you to see your installation status during this time:

  • Conduct a site survey to look at your roof, attic and electrical panel
  • Finalize your custom design
  • Apply for permits and wait for approval
  • Collect other necessary approvals and documentation that is specific to your neighborhood, such as HOA approval

Your project coordinator will be in touch with you throughout this time to keep you up-to-date on your progress. When it comes time to install the system, your installation coordinator will let you know how long the construction process will take for your home.


How long is a Sunrun agreement?

In general, our Sunrun agreements last for up to 25 years. Contact a Sunrun solar advisor for more information.

What happens at the end of a Sunrun agreement?

When you reach the end of your Sunrun agreement, you have three options:

  1. You can purchase the solar system at the fair market value (excluding New York homeowners).
  2. You can renew your lease with us on an annual basis.
  3. Sunrun can remove the system at no cost to you.

When you reach the end of your agreement, the Sunrun Customer Care team will help you with moving forward however you choose.

Does Sunrun offer a warranty?

All of our solar equipment is backed by robust warranties. When you choose BrightSave, your solar system will also come with 24/7 monitoring and maintenance. So if it breaks, we’ll fix it, free of charge. Contact us to learn more about our Comprehensive Home Solar System Support.

Does Sunrun offer solar monitoring?

Yes! We have a monitoring team dedicated to keeping an eye on your home solar system. Here’s how it works:

  1. We record production (in real-time) — Your Sunrun meter counts your kilowatts as they’re produced.
  2. We collect your production data (every six hours) — Four times a day, your Sunrun meter sends your production data to our Denver-based monitoring team, where all production data is collected, stored, and analyzed.
  3. We evaluate your production (every day) — We compare your production to the estimates included in your contract to confirm that your system is working as expected. We also check the weather and other systems in your neighborhood to make sure you’re harvesting just as much sunshine as your neighbors.
  4. We fix what needs fixing (if necessary) — If your system isn’t working as expected, we will identify the issue and rectify the situation. If we cannot fix your system with remote troubleshooting, we may need to send a technician to take a look at your system in person.

How many states is Sunrun in?

Sunrun currently offers residential solar service in 22 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Sunrun states are Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont and Wisconsin.

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Best Solar Companies

October 23rd, 2017 92399

Nice salesman but inferior product and higher price



October 23rd, 2017 93444

It was easy to get started, going thru Costco was very nice. Everything went smooth but 2 months after installing I still don't have permission to turn on kinda disappointing considering I already payed for the system and can't benefit from it.


My full name

October 23rd, 2017 9203

Low to Mediocre - Website was amateurish, in that it displayed a single inverter attached on a house. Most of those familar with solar want individual inverters per panell. Saw diagram and was turned off immediately Secondly when website required phone # I was put on notice that this indicates high pressure sales.



October 23rd, 2017 85326

Good, Steve was awesome and answered all of our questions. He kept in contact thru the process.


Ian Bamer

October 23rd, 2017 94561

Sales Rep (Ian) had a lot of good information and patiently answered every question I had. The project manager has now taken over (Jessica) and is good about keeping me informed every step of the way. We are currently waiting for the permit package to be submitted.


Stay Away

October 23rd, 2017 93312

The customer service is very bad and will take forever to hear back from Sunrun's support members.


North San Jose

October 23rd, 2017 95132

The agent is very knowledgable. Honest, Sincere.


Frank Kochan

October 23rd, 2017 6516

I interviewed 4 solar companies and Sunrun'S reputation and honesty, and generation rate were all positive points that assisted with my decision. Great communication throughout the process.



October 23rd, 2017 11766

Unprofessional never showed for appointments



October 23rd, 2017 11702

Seemed positive but big let down in the end.


Al P

October 23rd, 2017 1741

Fantastic service, installation and follow up. Very professional.



October 23rd, 2017 85335

good experience sevice provided by sales person was great



October 23rd, 2017 95111

Great, they didn't start high and make me work them, they can in low with a positive attitude.


Margie Caracciolo

October 16th, 2017 Goose Creek, SC

My neighbor had panels installed through Sunrun (well, 3rd party vendor because they do not do their own installs). I called because I want to save money too. Had to leave a message and still have never received a response. A month later he called for me and I haven't received a response from then either. All told it's been over 5 months. Also, once my neighbor had the panels installed it took over 2 months for the inspection to take place for him to even start using the panels. Sunrun didn't care. They had their money. I have talked to him about his deal. Apparently his lease amount will increase after a set amount of time and after that it can increase at Sunrun's discretion. I don't like the sound of that. I started doing my own research. I am now in negotiations with Arres. They are local! They do the design, install, service, etc themselves. Based in Cottageville. If Sunrun wouldn't contact me for a sale, why would anyone think they would call if you needed service. They've shown themselves to be a take your money and run (Sunrun) kind of company.



October 12th, 2017 Rialto, CA



Robert Crebar

October 10th, 2017

They talked us out of buying and leasing instead. What a mistake. Their customer service has been dismal and we are not getting the savings we were told.


Kevin Dyer

October 9th, 2017 Newbury Park, CA

We finally jump on the band wagon to get solar in our lives. We decided on SunRun Panels after talking to several neighbors that had experience with SunRun and other companies solar products. We did not go through SunRun directly, but a contractor that installed their products. The panels are beautiful and very efficient. The installation was on time and very quick, only one day for 14 panels. We are looking forward to adding our first Electric vehicle to our family and going solar seemed the right choice.


Constance Royval

October 8th, 2017 Rosamond, CA

My fault for not noticing my payment will go up every year. I kept telling my sales rep and the staff at SunRun the #s did match up to me. I only paid $167 on level pay as it was due to a medical base line credit. So I save $20 per month,$10 of that is because of direct payment from my checking account. By year 10 I will be in the hole. I did learn a lot about Nigeria,my sales reps home country tho. I tell everyone at my medical office to stay away from Solar,which should be fantastic in the High Desert. But the savings is non-existent . I HATE being lied to,even if it's just by things being not shown to me as the rep talks about other matters. He KNEW how cheap my bill was and that I disabled.Other companies has said my bill was so low there was no reason to go Solar. I keep the AC at 72 during the summer due to MS flares,so it's not as if we don't use the power. So jut be very careful as I normally am.


Ronald F

October 5th, 2017

Thank you Sunrun, the Solar experience was outstanding. From the management team, coordinators & staff the professionalism shown was exceptional. Everyone was knowledgeable & explain the process before each installation. The cleanup afterwards was immaculate. I would without a doubt, recommend the Sunrun team to all. You will definitely notice the difference in your bill, SOLAR is the way to go. Thank you again, SUNRUN it was AWESOME!!!!



October 4th, 2017 Los Angeles, CA

we had to take over a lease from previous owner. My bills are high. I called customer service to try and understand how the solar works. all I wanted to do was ask a few questions. The person I spoke to gave me an attitude as if I owed him something. he said If I have questions and want them to come to the house to inspect it would be $95.00 an hour. I wish I could get rid of these panels and get a nicer solar company. I regret taking over the contract. Please be careful when choosing this company.


Victor Martin Ranieri

September 21st, 2017 Cathedral City, CA

We have had our solar system for 3 years now and have been completely satisfied. Installation, service and maintenance have been excellent.



September 20th, 2017 Chula Vista, CA

We had to take over a contract from the previous home buyer 23Aug2017. They tried double billing us billing us for the previous owners but nobody would call back. They reported almost 715.00 due on 01Oct with no explanations and no response. I then tried calling, I sent emails and no response no matter the avenue to contact them. I used the customer service email and a return response will be returned within 2 to 3 days? Well weeks ago. Then got an email finally with a corrected amount now 4 weeks later, and it states from their collection department for past due amount??? If you are contemplating service with SunRun , BE VERY AWARE of the lack in service, you wont receive any response.. If I were you I would stay clear of this company. Little contact except a bill I have to say the worst customer service!! I happily provide my information to this review. I couldn't even give a rating except 0.


Ernest Moore

September 18th, 2017 Willingboro, NJ

Everyone at sunrun has been very helpful. They delivered on all their promises. No problems whatsoever.


Kenneth and LouAnne Preston

September 15th, 2017

The SunRun Solar experience has been a great one from beginning to end. Every person involved was professional, experienced, personable and on time. We are more than happy with our SunRun experience.


Gary catellier

September 15th, 2017

Not sure about this company! They get you to sign a 20 year contract and then the communication stops. They outsource their sales and installation. Sun Run Customer service wants nothing to do with until they power company switches you to their system. They claim that they have no control over their sub contractors. They have no names of their sales rep, installation etc. If the system works it could be good but my advice before sign have your sales rep bring his owner or manager and the installer and or manager and see if you are working with good people.because Sun Run does not care!


Rob Leavitt

September 13th, 2017 Newbury Park, CA

Our experience with Sunrun was excellent! From the initial sales presentation through the installation, and follow up, the service left nothing to be desired. We were ecstatic to see our first bill of 98 cents! We were going to use cash from a refi, but their loan option was even better (The power of Costco!) We can pay it off as fast as we want with no penalty. No matter how much we choose to pay per month, we end up saving hugely! Let them run your numbers, and you'll see! ...And they cover maintenance and repair for the first 20 years, with the option to pay them monthly to continue covering all maintenance and any repairs!


Daniel Figueroa

September 12th, 2017 Cassville, NJ

So I made an appointment with sunrun based on their rating. It was for 10:30. They sent an email confirming the appointment. They changed the time to 2:00 in email. I called back and they said they'd correct time. Received another email for 1:00. I called again and they its just a glitch in the system and appointment is for 10:30. Day before appointment , representative call to confirm 5:00 appointment. I told him that the appointment is for 10:30, he says he cant make 10:30 and we agree to meet at 12:00. The day comes and representative call an hour before appointment to say have can't make it and asked if he can come at 3:00. I then informed him to lose my number. I do not recommend deal with this unreliable company.


Sharon Wilson

September 7th, 2017 Woodland, CA

This whole saga began almost 4 weeks ago. The day we had our system installed, August 16, 2017, we were told before the crew left that one of the meters was not working and they didn't have another with them. They told us they would come back before inspection and replace it, which they did. We were able to turn on our system on Friday, August 25. We were told that we would have to wait a few days to see our solar production, which was fine. Come Wednesday, we still had no information; neither SunRun nor ourselves were able to see the production. When it still wasn't showing two days later, we called our project manager and he spoke with the monitoring department who told him they saw a "red flag" and where going to try and fix it on their end. We would have to wait another 2 days to find out that it still didn't work. We got a call from Whitney, the scheduler, and she let us know that she had an appointment for a week later midday (which wasn't acceptable because my husband and I both have full time jobs), or that they could book us two weeks out for a morning appointment. As soon as I mentioned making a complaint to Costco, where we found this company, an appointment magically showed up for the following Tuesday. When speaking with Whitney, I asked her some direct questions. I also asked the same questions of the tech who came out to put in meter #3 (that's right, 3 meters in less than 2 weeks). 1. What is the history of the different meters that your company has used: Whitney stated that they used to use 2G meters, but they are no longer compatible with the cell signal, so they have been using 3G meters and recently 4G meters. When the tech came out, he said that a 2G meter had been installed. 2. What are the next steps?: Whitney said there is a meter called a Locus meter that runs off of a wifi signal, which is why someone would have to be home; the meter wasn't working because there wasn't a cell signal. When the tech came out, he used a cell only signal with that meter, and that he was receiving an AT&T cell signal that they were using. 3. Can the current meter be fixed? Whitney told us that she had talked to the tech who was certain that he knew exactly what was wrong and that he would be able to repair the meter. The tech let us know that he never said that, and would have no way of surmising that until he was on site. 4. How do we know our panels are producing? Whitney told us that since the green light was on, we are producing. The tech said that even though meters number 1 and 2 were not communicating, they were still storing the amount of KWhs generated. According to our utility billing company, our system has not been producing during the peak hours of the day, and when it is producing, it is only generating half of what the system should be. I will be providing this information to Costco and the CSLB since I haven't had reasonable communication with SunRun. I finally get a hold of a supervisor who tells me that the reason the original model of meter was installed was because "they were out of the meters that they normally use," and that they were "hoping that it would work." My take is, if a company doesn't have parts that they know will work, they shouldn't be messing with people's lives and their livelihoods by just hoping for the best. I have left several messages for that supervisor regarding some sort of compensation for our time, but haven't heard back. I also asked for their records for our power production, as they have assured us that the system has been "producing as it should." I have not received that information either. Since the company has not provided me with this information, all I can do is go by what the utility company is saying, as they generate the bill. During our last communication, I was told that it would be 3-5 business days before we see our solar production on their website or the app. We can see what was produced yesterday, but still not everything they told us we could do in the app, including seeing our real time production as well as production for the times since the system was installed. Going with SunRun was a huge mistake. From the parts that were left on our porch after the install that still has us questioning if they were installed properly to this ongoing saga, we should have gone with another company. Anyone would have been better than what we have been through. Maybe this will get the company's attention. I don't know what else to try.



September 6th, 2017 Phoenix, AZ

Over the first year, It cost us $27 more to have Sunrun. We live in sunny Arizona but due to the monthly amount Sunrun locked us into, we ended up paying slightly more for the year than without them. Here is a quote from their email response, "Please remember that your Solar Service Agreement was specially designed to provide modest savings that increase throughout the length of the initial term." Our service provider, APS, has not increased rates in the 8 years we've been here but the taxes have gone up. Their other suggestion was to get more panels... One of my biggest challenges with this whole thing is reconciling Sunrun with APS. Both show differing Kwh so who do you believe? With that lack of savings and the risk of a 20 year contract, I'd say stay away. .


Roy Landis

September 5th, 2017 Cresskill, NJ

Had a problem with my meter...they said they'd take care of it. I got a new meter but of course it started at 0000. They were unable/unwilling to provide the info I needed. Lots of phone calls, promises etc but they produced NOTHING. Only after I inadvertently discovered that their own inverter box provided the info I needed. Apparently they have no idea that their own equipment had the data I needed. Sunrun is worse than useless.


Ray D

August 23rd, 2017 La Puente, CA

BE CAREFUL!!!!! I tried to cancel my contract with Sunrun because I'm selling my house. The new owner doesn't want solar at this time. I was told by customer service that the only options I have are to buy the system at a cost of $36,000 ( contract says $21,000) and then remove the panels, transfer the contract to the new owner, or buy the system and then remove the panels. So, read your contract thoroughly and if this is your only option for termination, DONE NOT SIGN!!!!!!


Janet Sims

August 23rd, 2017

I can only rate Sunrun on the installation of my panels so far,the team of Highpowered, did an excellent job on the installation, yes there was noise (to be expected. They left their work area clean of debris, and all the men worked together very well, (pleasant surprise). I am in the process of waiting for the final inspections to be done before the system is turn on. So far so Good.



August 22nd, 2017 San Jacinto, CA

Be careful this company tried to pull a fast one with us. We agreed to a price that the salesman quoted us. Had then come out inspect are house on Saturday everything was good to go, come Monday morning we got a email telling us there was a document we had to sign when we opened it the bank wanted us to sign it was for $1000.00 more from the document we first signed. Called and talked to the salesman and he said that the price he quoted was wrong . He never called but told us he did, more or less called us liar's and said he was right. I told him we had emails from him with the total cost. I told him to check his quotes and call me back, he called and said he made a mistake and that the cost of the panels changed . He wanted us to pay the differences and go forward. Told him to cancel it and we would like something in writing never got it . Stay away from them ,they only care about the money not you!!!!!!



August 19th, 2017

I opted for Sun Run because they were promoted and backed by Costco. Their salesperson was knowledgable and honest, and I investigated the panels they were offering and they were very efficient, though maybe not the absolute best. It took a couple of months to get all the local and state approvals and for the panels to arrive. The installation went pretty quickly considering there were over 30 panels (I wanted to cover Tiers 1 and 2 - we are with LA DWP) and I went up on our flat roof a few times to take pictures etc. They finished their work and replaced carefully all the tiles that had to be removed to access the roof safely. Here is the good news/bad news. The day after they completed, it poured buckets. I woke up to find a waterfall in the family room because two of the anchor holes they have to drill to protect their workers on the roof, were not plugged like the others. The good news part is that we discovered the problem right away and they came out to verify the problem and temporarily stop the holes. They also stepped up to pay for the cleaning of the Persian Rug, the sofa, refinish the wood table, refinish the entire wood floor in the family room, gave us $350 in gift certificates as additional compensation. So although they made a terrible mistake, and we were inconvenienced for several weeks, they took charge and provided first class service to fix everything. After five months of use, no problems, and my electric bill has been the minimum $11/month fixed fee, and I have accumulated credits to use if I go over my production. The communications during this process were quick and regular. I have read the other reviews and most of the unhappy ones were from the East coast and not from California or the rest of the West, although many had no geographic identification.



August 19th, 2017

Sunrun team was a pleasure to work with. Initial discussion to ATO in 74 days. Informed every step of the way.


Billy armenta

August 18th, 2017

We just got our panels installed. Sunrun was great. Always keeping us in the loop regarding the next steps. I would refer sunrun to family and friends.



August 12th, 2017 Neptune City, NJ

By far the worst company I ever dealt with my life. Their sale associate was late by an hour and offer no apology for his tardiness. The sales associate gave me no answers to the breakdown of the labor and costs of the project. He seemed way too focused on how happy I am going to be with all the money I was about to save. When I kept pressing him for this info, he refused to answer that question. When I went to the company about that question, their customer service would also refuse to answer that question and said they will have someone call me back. Which they never did, but kept calling me to tell me I am delaying things by not signing the contract. So, anybody looking at this company should look else where. They care more about selling you solar and the money that would be saved instead of answering some very easy questions.


leonard chrusciel

August 10th, 2017

i've had the system for over 3 years saved a lot of money and people very friendly and helpful highly recommend



August 6th, 2017

Apparently, Sunrun Solar no longer monitors the Solar Power Inverter, nor the solar panels performances. This is very concerning. I guess it is up to the homeowner to occasionally walk by the Inverter and observe its functions. I have had a Red 'Fault' indication on my Solar Edge Inverter for more than a week, and no action has been taken by Sunrun. I informed Sunrun last week about the fault, and even had to take a picture and email it to them (really?). I asked them if I could monitor the Inverter on my PC, and they said they do not install that capability anymore. So all they seem to care about is the power output on the meter, and not whether the system is failing or has failed. As far as I know, there could be one or two solar panels not working and robbing me of the solar power I should be getting. Where I used to get solar production in the 70's and high 60's kWh, I am not getting production in the LOW 60's and 50's. This is the time of year I should be getting highest production, and here I am getting a decrease in production. But Sunrun doesn't appear to really care. Do you?



August 5th, 2017 Plainview, NY

I love Sunrun and most of all the product it sells. The sales guy Robert T and all the others who helped me get this system on my roof. Sunrun is the best!!!! Great Company!!!!


Donald Carruth

August 4th, 2017 East Brunswick, NJ

I have to agree with the one star reviews... My inverter was removed for service the last week in May... They said it was going to take a month to repair... Well after one month it was still not finished and I called for a status update... They couldn't give me any information and said they would call me back... Never got a call back and have sent three emails to customer service regarding this issue since then with absolutely no response. They even say in their automatic reply email that response is 2 to 3 business days which they haven't even come close to. It is the height of summer when I need the solar panels to work the most... And they could care less...If you haven't gotten solar yet definitely avoid sun run. Their customer service is obviously nonexistent. Update to review. It is now 8/4/17 and I am into the third month not having my invertor back and I have gotten nothing but excuses from Sun Run. It should also be noted that the only response I had to my complaints was through Yelp, not even through the emails that I sent to customer service. Oh, and I never received a phone call back from the original call back in the end of June. The only excuse they had was that this affected a percentage of customers. Sorry but that doesn't pay my inflated electric bill that I now have because I'm going the entire summer without solar that I was told would be done in a month.


Don Chambers

August 3rd, 2017 Lakewood, CA

My system was installed by Sunrun 2 years ago and I could not be happier. The install was quick and easy. The system works like a champ

Verified Customer


Daniel Worth

August 2nd, 2017 North Charleston,SC

I was looking for different independent electrical systems, so I signed up with Sunrun. I really enjoyed their customer service, it was very good. So far, I've been a satisfied customer.

Verified Customer


Coleen Jackson

August 2nd, 2017 Yuma, AZ

Sunrun has a good rating on the internet, so that made us consider them. Their representative was very good, and although they haven't done anything yet, we did sign up with them.


Zoe Watt

July 30th, 2017 Adelanto, CA

took 1 1/2 years to install and there are STILL issues!!! would NOT recommend this company!


Penelope Gorby

July 29th, 2017

My experience with sunrun has been wonderful!!! When I saw the sales force outside Home Depot, my first thought was to go out a different door to avoid them. By the time I left, my thought had changed to it wouldn't hurt to learn a more about solar energy. Now I'm so happy that I am a sunrun customer! The salesperson estimated that the solar panel design he developed for my house would take care of about 95% of my use. Actually, over 100% of my electrical use was provided during my first year. He volunteered an aerial view and technical write-up to help me with my HOA architectural review. The young looking installation group worked quietly and efficiently in placing all the panels on the roof and connecting the lines and new meters. At every stage all my questions (and all the questions of the neighbors) were answered pleasantly and fully. My only complaint is probably with the SC legislature as the utility company SCE&G only paid me about 25% as much for my excess kilowatt-hours as they charge us customers for the kilowatt-hours we use. Sunrun has more than met all expectations in my solar experience. I've saved some money for sure, but more importantly I'm using God's natural sunlight and leaving other energy resources for future generations!


Richard Osborne

July 24th, 2017 Phoenix, AZ

Starting to finish this has been amazing. At first was skeptically talked to sales person was explained everything. Insulation was W/O ??? and very easy on my part (did nothing) conpletion again timely and easy WOW I'ved enjoying this new experience!!


Jana Young

July 23rd, 2017

NEVER BUY FROM SUN RUN> I believe at least 70 % of the 10 rating they are claiming to get are from their company. Look at the dates several on concurrent dates several on the same day short evaluation of the company. Terrible is a good word to describe Sun Run. We purchased a new home through Toll Brothers in Moorpark Ca. They charged us 12,500.00 for the system and its under the signed contract that we purchased it. Only over 3 years later when we are selling our home we find out SunRun sent a claim of a lease to the recorders office where the Title Company found it and only then does it show a "LEASE". The Title company showed me a 2 page letter from Toll Brothers saying we were taking possession of the system and claiming we received the Sun Run agreement. The 2 page agreement was brought to me over a week after escrow closed. The realtor came to our house walked into our kitchen through the garage doors as we had been moving in. The realtor said she missed one document that I needed to sign acknowledging we were now responsible for the solar panels. She said she had to get back to the sales office and asked me just to sign it and she would later return and give me a copy of the 2 page document. Never received anything from her. When I talked with the solar company they said we had a lease and the $12,500 we paid Toll Brothers was a 20 year pre payment of the lease. Toll Brothers paid them approximately $7,500.00 for the solar unit. It never said anything about a lease to them. Toll Brother scams me for an extra $5000.00 pure profit. When I contracted the realtor of Toll Brothers she refused to do anything about it. Sun Run just sends me emails saying they want us to sign the agreement before we can transfer the solar unit to the new buyer. Filed a formal complaint with the real estate board for the realtor's unethical practice. What a scam Toll Brothers the builder and Sun Run work together to rip people off.



July 15th, 2017 Bordentown, NJ

This company does not honor the referral system & will change it on a customer without notice or warning because as the customer rep stated, "There isn't any contract that guarantees a promised amount." The rep also continuously laughed at me because I honestly thought they would honor a referral. The guy was never fired & Sunrun called it a training issue. Stay away from Sunrun.



July 13th, 2017

My experience with Sunrun is that of complete dis-organization. My mother signed a twenty year lease with these crooks for a crazy amount of money. From that beginning we had electrical problems caused by a faulty installation of the new 100 amp system. We have leaky roof problems where they put long screws through the roof they come all the way through and can be seen and are leaking water. The funny thing is that most of this is an easy fix, after making multiple phone calls to Sun run and horizon solar I finally got fed up with their inability to keep an appointment and handle the problem. So now they're threatening to turn my system off and I have to severely disabled women living in the house that I take care of. So I would give Sun run an F for their ability to handle a simple problem and take care of it. I do not feel comfortable signing responsibility for this system because if I signed the contract I'm agreeing to their lousy customer-service, their poor ability to even organize a simple service call for a man to come out and fix it and they're horrible ability to not document multiple phone calls to both horizon and Sun run. Nightmare nightmare nightmare!!!