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LAST UPDATED: August 5th, 2022

Founded in 2019, SunPower by PGT Solar has worked to provide a high quality service to homeowners looking to maximize utility savings through clean, renewable energy. SunPower by PGT Solar offers an installation service for solar technology manufactured directly by SunPower.

Clients can take advantage of a number of residential solar solutions when they choose SunPower by PGT Solar for installation services. The company, which has completed over 1,000 residential solar installations in the Phoenix, Arizona valley, has grown to become one of  the most trusted energy consultants within the state of Arizona. 

The SunPower by PGT Solar technicians are well-versed in SunPower technology. Competitors often are forced to install a number of varying equipment types and technologies which can lead to installation mistakes that cause problems down the road. With SunPower by PGT Solar technicians, clients can expect to receive a workmanship service that will rival any within the industry. 

All interested solar customers can access a free solar consultation. This consultation will provide interested clients with detailed analysis and key factors to consider when making a purchasing decision. This takes a great portion of the research burden off of the prospective client and allows them to make a more informed energy choice. 

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The Good

  • Equinox System
  • Solar Panel Technology
  • Backed Warranties
  • Storage and EV Charging Solutions

Equinox System

The SunPower Equinox solar system is one of the most commonly installed residential solar systems, competing with the likes of the LG and SolarEdge solar systems. With the Equinox System, clients will enjoy the following features not found in competing systems:

  • System integration manufactured entirely by one company - SunPower
  • Fully concealed components with hidden microinverters and no visible conduit
  • Minimized disruptions with panel-level electronics
  • 0% power loss from hot and cold cycling
  • Only a 2% power loss in humidity (after 4,000 hours of damp heat)

Only installation providers with access to the SunPower Equinox system can provide this level of technology and reliability. 

Solar Panel Technology

While the technology installed by PGT Solar comes directly from SunPower, the options for varying solar panels is not limited. In fact, clients will have the option to choose from the following SunPower panels when designing their own custom system:


  • Ideal for roofs where space is at a premium or future expansion may be needed
  • Produces more energy per rated watt
  • Performs even in intense weather conditions like high temperatures, cloudy skies, or low light


  • Maxeon technology utilized to provide the highest-power integrated AC module in solar
  • Compatible with mySunPower monitoring
  • Designed to provide 60% more energy over 25-year span even in partial shade and high temperatures


  • Patented solid metal foundation to prevent breakage and corrosion
  • Factory-integrated microinverter
  • Peak output power at 320 VA

The panels and systems installed by SunPower by PGT Solar include the only fully integrated solution designed, engineered, and warranty by one manufacturer. Competitors cannot offer that. 

Backed Warranties

Warranties are standard within the solar installation industry. Most solar installers, however, do not back the warranties offered by clients. Typically, the equipment or production warranty is backed by the actual manufacturer. Many solar clients have experienced difficulties when trying to obtain replacement parts or repair work as a third-party company has to get involved.

With the SunPower by PGT Solar product, clients will receive comprehensive warranties fully backed by SunPower directly eliminating the middleman. 

Storage and EV Charging Solutions

Clients who choose SunPower by PGT Solar can also have a SunVault storage system involved. The SunVault Storage system runs more appliances than typical storage systems. It also runs more appliances during an outage, supplying up to 40 percent more power. The SunPower warranty covers the SunVault storage solution as well. 

In addition to installing storage solutions, SunPower by PGT Solar will also install EV charging stations to provide additional energy savings to clients. Not all solar installation companies offer storage and EV charging installation services, but SunPower by PGT Solar does. 


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Limited Financing Options

Limited Service Area

As a dealer working under the SunPower umbrella, PGT Solar is limited to a specific geographical area with no plans of expansion. Currently, SunPower by PGT Solar services the greater Phoenix, Arizona valley. Outside of this area, PGT Solar will not take on the project.

Other solar installation companies are not limited in terms of geographical growth in this way as many are not dealers of a specific manufacturer. This allows these competitors to service and take on projects companies like PGT Solar are unable to. 

Limited Financing Options

Solar is an investment, regardless of the property size. The average solar system in the United States costs anywhere from 15,000 to $25,000 to have installed. While purchasing a system upfront and outright delivers the best return on investment, it is not feasible for a majority of solar customers.

To combat the financial restraints, most solar installation companies offer a wide range of flexible financing options. These avenues include loans, leases, and power purchase agreements.

However, with SunPower by PGT Solar clients will only be able to utilize loans as a means of financing the system. Loan specifics include:

  • No upfront costs
  • Tax incentives may still apply
  • 0.99% 20-year financing term 
  • Credit score of at least 600+
  • Low monthly payments 

While the loan offered through SunPower by PGT Solar provides a solid alternative to a cash purchase, some prospective solar clients may benefit from other financing avenues. 


The Bottom Line

With SunPower by PGT Solar, residential clients have access to the latest SunPower technology installed by professionals well-versed in SunPower solar equipment. A majority of SunPower by PGT Solar clients are choosing the Equinox system over other leaders in the solar industry due to the efficiency, aesthetics, and backed production.

SunPower by PGT Solar clients can choose from a wide range of solar panels and technologies all manufactured directly by SunPower. Clients of SunPower by PGT Solar will have access to comprehensive warranties and will not have to go through a number of hoops to have the system repaired.

In addition to offering comprehensive solar technology, SunPower by PGT Solar also installs battery/solar storage solutions as well as EV charging stations. 

There are a number of reasons prospective solar customers should consider SunPower by PGT Solar for installation and solar equipment, but there are limitations to be aware of prior to making a final decision. PGT Solar solely services the Phoenix Valley region. Outside of this area, the company will not be able to take on the project. Additionally, those clients in need of financing may find that SunPower by PGT Solar only offers one loan option to its clientele. 

Those looking to access some of the latest tier-1 solar equipment directly from a solar manufacturer would benefit from what SunPower by PGT Solar offers its clients. The technology, installation practices, and warranties are some of the best in the renewable energy industry. 

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