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LAST UPDATED: June 14th, 2021

NuSolar is a solar energy company founded in 2017 by Scott Cofran and Waleed Iqbal. Both have extensive backgrounds in executive leadership in the solar energy space, and have a shared passion for the sustainable and environmental impacts that solar energy brings to the global community.

The company offers installation and maintenance services for both residential and commercial applications, and provides educational materials to aid customers in understanding how solar energy works and what options are available. NuSolar also offers a line of batteries and generators, as well as repair services, to ensure customers’ energy needs are always in good standing.

With accreditations from Panasonic and Canadian Solar, as well as NABCEP certification, this upstart in the industry has a great foundation for the years ahead.

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The Good

  • Educational Materials
  • Accreditation
  • Environmentally Conscious

Educational Materials

NuSolar has invested in creating high quality visual educational materials through infographics, blog posts, and articles on the company’s website, which help customers navigate the decisions at play when considering solar. This is unique and beneficial to customers who are getting up to speed on the ins and outs of the decisions related to installing solar energy at their home or business.

It also provides a clear and simple way to comprehend technically challenging information — showing that NuSolar truly cares about customers' ability to make informed choices for themselves along the way.


NuSolar has a team of qualified staff with trusted accreditation and uses high quality equipment and methods. Among the company’s accreditations are NABCEP, Panasonic HIT, Solaria, Q Cells, Silfab, Canadian Solar, and more. This demonstrates that the company is willing to pursue and qualify for industry expectations and standards, by prioritizing aligning company practices with best of class industry guidelines. Customers can be reassured that the equipment will be installed properly by certified technicians.

Environmentally Conscious

Both founders of NuSolar share socially conscious values, taking an interest in the environment, the global population, and the customers and communities in which the company operates. Discussion of environmental and social values permeate the company’s website, and it’s clear that these are important to how the company does business.

There is also data tracked on the company site as far as environmental impacts, for example the number of installations made in comparison to the number of trees saved. For customers who share these environmental and social values and wish to put their money where their values are, NuSolar is a refreshing breath of air.


The Bad

  • Lack of Reviews
  • Limited Information Available
  • Few Clients


At this time, there are very limited customer reviews available on the company’s website or on major social media platforms like Facebook. Undoubtedly this is due to the company’s early age, having operated for just a few short years. Perhaps this is an area for the company to improve or focus on, gathering customer reviews and testimonials and making the information transparently available.

Without reviews, it’s difficult for customers to see how other recipients of the company’s services feel about the company, which can be a deterrent. However, customers should consider the age of the company compared to other providers, like SunPower or Zenernet, which have been in the market for many years and have many customer reviews.

Limited Information Available

At the moment, there is not very much information available about the company. Although the educational materials on the company website are well designed and diverse, there could be more info sheets about specific products, customer testimonials, videos and other media to help customers gain a sense of credibility and transparency about the company. Other providers like SunPower offer information such as the ability to pay bills online, provide detailed customer support articles and a search database, and a guided estimate tied to a customer’s geographic location.

Few Clients

Due to having only been in business for four years, NuSolar’s client base is smaller than other competitors who have been in the industry for decades. With that said, NuSolar receives high rankings, and it is a matter of time for the company to generate more accounts and experience.


The Bottom Line

NuSolar has had the best beginning for a new company in the space: experienced executives with deep industry connections and expertise, accreditations secured by credible organizations, a clear commitment to sustainable values, and a solid base of customers.

With that said, the company’s fresh face comes with some gaps compared to other industry players: a lack of customer reviews, limited information, and not as much experience as a brand in serving a large volume of clients. Over time, many of these factors may resolve as NuSolar continues forward.

Keep an eye on this player in the space, and consider the tradeoffs between a new approach vs. the same old, same old market providers.

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