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LAST UPDATED: May 9th, 2022

Mana Management provides a number of solar solutions to residential property owners throughout the state of Hawaii. The word “Mana” translates to the “cultivation or possession of energy” which is the main focus and primary goal of the company. Mana wants to help clients achieve energy independence through a number of channels.

The Mana team is relatively small, but the company still manages to provide one-on-one interactions with every client, particularly during the development and design of each solar system. The goal is to identify all energy needs and ensure that the design reflects those needs in an aesthetically pleasing layout.  

Clients still on the fence about the Mana Management service can take advantage of the free quote offering. There is no commitment required to obtain a free quote and energy assessment through Mana. During this consultation, energy needs will be discussed along with any questions and concerns the client may have. 

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The Good

  • Backup Power Solutions
  • Solar Water Heaters

Backup Power Solutions

Mana Management strives to provide solar options to clients looking to add value to their property, save on utility bills, and reduce their carbon footprint. In addition to providing traditional solar system and panel installs, Mana Management also offers backup power solutions to help clients become more energy independent.

Hawaii, while known for its tropical beauty, also encounters its fair share of adverse weather conditions. These conditions can leave residents without power for hours and sometimes days at a time. Rather than depend on power companies to remedy the issue, solar users are finding that installing a backup power solution leads to increased independence.

With a backup power solution installed by Mana Management, clients will never have to go without power again. When power outages strike, those with a backup power solution from Mana will experience uninterrupted power streams. That means that heating and cooling systems as well as electronics and appliances will continue to run seamlessly. Not every solar installation company is offering backup power solutions as an installation offering. Mana Management installs these systems and ensures that they work in conjunction with the solar system itself. 

Solar Water Heaters

The most unique service Mana Management offers its clients is a solar option for water heating. Most water heaters are powered through traditional means, but there are ways to utilize solar to generate hot water for a household. Very few solar installation companies offer this type of solar alternative, but Mana Management does. With a solar water heater installed by Mana, clients will be able to enjoy the use of solar to power the water heat pump creating a solid stream of hot water.  


The Bad

  • Service Area
  • Undisclosed Equipment Information
  • No NABCEP Certification
  • Young Company

Service Area

The solar industry is relatively geographically limited. Most solar installation companies will service one state or a select few of the more populated cities or counties within a state. However, some larger operations have found ways to expand into multiple states and even cover regions all across the country. These solar installation companies are far and few in between.

Mana Management remains a very locally focused operation and only offers services to residential home owners in the state of Hawaii. Prospective solar clients that do not meet these basic requirements will not be able to utilize the Mana Management service. 

Undisclosed Equipment Information

Many solar installation companies will partner with a number of tier-1 solar manufacturers or will be distinguished as a certified installer of a certain solar system. This is an important piece of a solar installation company as the company needs access to solar equipment to be able to install it on their clients’ properties.

Because the actual equipment and level of efficiency is important to prospective solar customers, many solar installation companies will disclose equipment partnerships and information as it is useful for those looking into having a solar system installed. However, Mana Management has not released any information about the equipment it uses during installations or if it is tier-1 graded. 

No NABCEP Certification

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), is the gold standard certification organization within the renewable energy space. The organization certifies solar companies as a whole as well as individuals involved in sales, installation, and other roles within the industry. Many solar installation companies will either have a NABCEP-certified individual on staff or have the company certified. In order to obtain this certification, professionals have to undergo a series of training and demonstrate a level of understanding within the particular craft.

Despite it being widely recognized as a high-caliber certification, no one on the Mana Management team is NABCEP certified. It is not necessarily required to operate within the field, but it goes a long way toward demonstrating experience and knowledge. 

Young Company

Solar has become increasingly popular in recent years. With federal and state tax incentives in play, a number of solar installation companies started to pop up all across the country. Some solar installation companies were founded before this solar boom, but many within the industry have started up in the last decade or so.

Mana Management is even newer to the solar industry, having just opened its doors in 2021. While the management team has prior solar experience, they are still lacking when it comes to knowledge of the ins and outs of the industry as a whole. 


The Bottom Line

Mana Management is a new player in the solar industry and is diligent about its goal of finding ways for clients to save money on monthly utility bills. To start, Manag Management offers backup power solutions which is particularly important especially in an area where inclement weather regularly impacts energy channels. Mana Management also offers solar water heater solutions to clients looking to enjoy hot water without paying the heft monthly costs to keep that water warm. 

Despite offering a number of money-saving solar solutions, Mana Management has limitations. The service area is small, only servicing home owners in the state of Hawaii. The company has failed to disclose what type of equipment is used during installation and the professional installation team does not include a NABCEP-certified individual. Lastly, Mana Management is new to the solar industry and has only been in business since 2021. 

Considering all contributing factors, clients should conduct further research and take advantage of the free quote proces with Mana Management prior to making a commitment with the company. There are too many holes and questions surrounding the overall service, so additional information must be inquired of by potential clients. 

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