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LAST UPDATED: June 24th, 2021

LBS 2020 Electric is a full-service electric company serving residents in the New Windsor, New York area. The company offers an extensive list of services and solutions for both homes and businesses. While this company is mainly an electrical one, it has just begun offering solar energy and solar panels. 

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The Good

  • Variety of Services
  • Licensed Professionals
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Electrical Designers

Variety of Services

LBS 2020 Electric offers a solution to essentially every electrical need. The company offers a variety of services:

  • Baseboard Heating Installation
  • Outdoor and Motion Lighting
  • Digital Thermostat Installation
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Generator Repairs
  • Surge Protection

The most recent addition to LBS 2020 Electric is solar panel installation and monitoring. You can find more information about this on the company’s website.

Licensed Professionals

In the electric industry, is it important for a company’s electricians to be certified and licensed to perform the installation, reparation, or remodeling of a home or business’s electrical plan. All technicians at LBS 2020 Electric are certified and licensed, giving customers peace of mind about choosing the company for their electric needs.

24-Hour Emergency Service

LBS 2020 Electric promises service 24 hours a day. This is exceptionally beneficial in the electric industry, given the power can go out or things can break at unconventional times. LBS 2020 Electric being available 24 hours a day helps ensure a solution for customers after business hours and during an emergency. 

Electrical Designers

In addition to offering full electrical installation in homes and businesses, LBS custom designs electrical layouts to fit any customers’ home or business. 


The Bad

  • No Warranty Information on Website
  • No Price Information on Website

No Warranty Information on Website

LSB 2020 Electric does not list any warranty information on its website. Many companies in the industry offer warranties on either products or workmanship (or both), but LBS 2020 Electric does not, or at least does not disclose the information. Customers should ask about this when requesting a free quote from LBS 2020 Electric. 

No Price Information on Website

Additionally, LBS 2020 Electric doesn’t list any financing or pricing information on its website. While the variety of services and custom nature of the company’s work likely makes it difficult to list prices, mentioning or acknowledging a financing option can help customers make more informed decisions


The Bottom Line

For customers living in the New Windsor, New York area, LBS 2020 Electric offers full-service electrical care for any home or business. The company stands out by offering 24-hour service and the ability to design your electrical plan. It offers a variety of services and most recently introduced solar. Customers should make sure to investigate financing and warranty information when receiving a free quote from LBS 2020 Electric, as that information is not available on the company’s website. With this information, customers will be able to make a solid decision if choosing LBS 2020 Electric is right for them. 

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