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LAST UPDATED: July 23rd, 2021

KumuKit has been providing solar energy solutions to Hawaii residence for years. Their KumuKit residential energy package is named for its ability to start customers on the path to harnessing the sun's energy and be a part of creating a more sustainable future. KumuKit offers consumers a quality product coupled with experience in the solar industry.


The Good

  • Online Monitoring Available
  • Battery Storage Option
  • Comprehensive Warranty
  • Grown with Solar Industry

Online Monitoring Available

KumuKit uses an online monitoring system from Enphase called MyEnlighten. This system can be downloaded via smartphone, tablet, or computer. The MyEnlighten system monitors the overall functionality of the solar system checking for health and performance. It also monitors system production and allows the user to view energy production by month, day, or hour. Users can also analyze solar system performance against historical weather data.

Battery Storage Option

KumuKit implements the KumuKit energy storage system, which allows the homeowner to store renewable energy for later use. The KumuKit system comes with an automatic backup power feature that is triggered the moment it senses a power grid outage or utility blackout.

Comprehensive Warranty

Every install performed by KumuKit comes with a comprehensive warranty. The warranty includes 3 separate components:

  • A 10-year workmanship/roof warranty
  • A 25-year manufacturer warranty
  • A 25-year micro inverter warranty

The length for each of these warranties is at the top of what is being offered by most of the solar energy providers we have reviewed. KumuKit's comprehensive warranty gives consumers peace of mind that their solar system will be protected for at least half of the average life expectancy of most solar systems.

Grown with Solar Industry

KumuKit launched its business in 2007 and has been offering solar energy services to Hawaii residents since that time. Its several years in the industry have given KumuKit the opportunity to adapt its services to meet the needs of consumers and change policies as the industry has changed. This may give KumuKit an advantage over many of the other solar companies we have reviewed who have been in business for 3 years or less.


The Bad

  • Limited Availability
  • Limited Payment Options

Limited Availability

KumuKit exclusively offers services to Hawaii residence. Most solar energy consumers will not be able to utilize its solar energy services based solely on location. Consumers located outside of Hawaii will have to look for a solar energy service provider servicing their area.

Limited Payment Options

KumuKit heavily emphasizes the benefits of owning rather than leasing a solar installation. Its main arguments are that leasing or using a PPA (power purchase agreement) sends tax incentives out of state to the leasing company instead of benefiting the system owner's economy and leasing a system does not provide significantly lower energy costs while owning a solar system typically does. For these reasons, KumuKit only offers cash payment or loan purchase options. This may frustrate some potential consumers who would like the option to lease or opt into a PPA.


The Bottom Line

KumuKit is a fast growing solar energy provider. It offers excellent customer service in the form of its comprehensive warranty, online monitoring capabilities, and experience in the industry. While many consumers will not be able to utilize KumuKit due to their exclusive Hawaii location, Hawaii residents have a great solar energy resource in KumuKit. Homeowners are encouraged to read verified KumuKit reviews to see if the company is right for them.

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HAWAII ENERGY CONNECTION / KumuKit is a solar electricity sales and installation company with a passion for accelerating the adoption of renewable energy in Hawaii and providing affordable energy solutions to our customers. We’ll work with you to design a customized system that’s ideal for your home and budget. Our KumuKit solar packages are right-sized to achieve peak energy production, maximize available incentives, and ultimately shrink your electric bill. You’ll be surprised how affordable solar can be. Get connected!

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