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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Headline Solar offers full-service solar installation services helping residential and commercial clients navigate the complexities of the solar process. Since its founding in 2018, the company has quickly grown helping clients to become increasingly energy independent.

Those interested in utilizing Headline Solar for expert installation can expect to also receive complete solar panel sales, service, and operational solutions ensuring that each system is properly integrated. 

Each project that Headline Solar takes on has a client-first approach. A major focus of Headline Solar is that the entire design and installation of the system is both affordable and reliable. Helping clients quickly achieve their return on investment and begin saving substantially is the driving factor for the expert team at Headline Solar. 

When a client reaches out to Headline Solar, a full-scale savings proposal will be presented. From there, the Headline Solar professionals will take care of scheduling installation. Headline Solar truly works to make the entire solar process straightforward and simple. 

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The Good

  • Equipment Certified Installer
  • Inverter Partner
  • Warranty Details
  • Long-Term Monitoring

Equipment Certified Installer

Headline Solar has acquired high level tier-1 partnerships with some of the premier solar manufacturers in the industry. The professional installation team has also reached performance heights that have been recognized by those respected manufacturers. 

For solar panels, Headline Solar professionals are REC Certified Solar Professional Installers and have maintained that status for a number of years. The company is also a sonnenCore+ Certified Installer for battery systems. As for racking, Headline Solar is a Gold Certified UNIRAC installer. This means that the installations conducted by Headline Solar are high quality and reliable. 

Inverter Partner 

Inverters are responsible for taking the DC energy collected by the solar panels and turning it into energy that can actually be used. As a result, the inverter plays a key role in the overall functionality of the system. Most solar installers will disclose all equipment partnerships for researching clients, but few have the same high level partnerships that Headline Solar has acquired in a relatively short period of time.

For its installation projects, Headline Solar has partnered with SolarEdge to convert DC energy collected by REC panels and turn it into usable AC energy. SolarEdge is widely recognized as a premier inverter manufacturer.  

Warranty Details

Warranties are standard offerings within the solar industry. A vast majority of solar suppliers will offer a 10–25 year equipment warranty generally backed by the equipment manufacturer. Then some solar installers will follow-up with a ten year workmanship warranty protecting clients from craftsmanship efforts.

Headline Solar takes warranty coverage to new heights with its levels of protection. In conjunction with the company’s equipment partners, Headline Solar offers the following 25-year warranties:

  • Panel Production Manufacturing Warranty
  • Inverter Manufacturer Warranty

Long-Term Monitoring

On top of offering comprehensive warranties to each client, a monitoring feature is included with every system Headline Solar installs. Most solar installers are eager to get a sale and installation completed. When the work is done though, that is typically the end of it for most solar suppliers.

With Headline Solar, clients have access to lifetime monitoring. That means that Headline Solar will monitor the performance of its installed systems to ensure that equipment continues to produce as expected throughout the duration of its operation. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Financing Details
  • Limited Service Area

Undisclosed Financing Details

It is unclear exactly how financing through Headline Solar works. Most solar contractors will offer financing to help property owners offset the upfront costs associated with cash purchases. Since many people cannot afford to purchase a solar system upfront, typically companies will offer solar leases, loans, or power purchase agreements.

Headline Solar does not disclose what financing alternatives are available and requires prospective clients to work with an energy specialist to go over potential financing options. 

Limited Service Area

Headquartered in Illinois, Headline Solar has worked hard to expand its operation both in the state it was founded in as well as the state of Texas. That being said, the company only offers solar installation services in the following areas of the listed states:

Illinois Texas
  • Springfield
  • Elgin
  • Austin
  • El Paso
  • Garland
  • Laredo

Most solar suppliers offer a localized service, which is why many solar installation companies are trying to expand to neighboring states to bolster their reputation. While Headline Solar services two states, the areas of those states in which Headline Solar actually operates is quite limited. 


The Bottom Line

Headline Solar provides end-to-end solar installation services for property owners looking to save on energy costs. The professional team at Headline Solar has obtained certified installer status with both its panel and battery manufacturing partners ensuring quality system set-up and connectivity.

The actual grid used to install the equipment is UNIRAC. The installation professionals with Headline Solar have also obtained Gold Certified status with the UNIRAC. The warranties offered through Headline Solar are some of the best in the industry, providing comprehensive coverage.

Lastly, clients can enjoy lifetime monitoring ensuring that the equipment works as designed throughout the duration of the system’s existence. 

Prospective clients considering Headline Solar for installation services should be aware of the limited details surrounding some critical aspects of the operation. While Headline Solar claims to offer alternative financing, the company does not disclose anything specific. It should also be noted that Headline Solar only offers services in select areas of Texas and Illinois. 

Property owners in Texas and Illinois where Headline Solar operates would likely benefit from the full-scale services offered by the company. Headline Solar has a professional installation team that will manage each aspect of the solar process from start to finish. 

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