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LAST UPDATED: April 14th, 2022

Frontline Home Solutions is a local company that provides total smart solutions for families in the Rio Grande, Texas area.  It offers installs and services for roofs, solar panels, electrical, HVAC, home security, home entertainment, and outdoor fixtures. It offers financing with $0 down.

Frontline Home Solutions offers many incentives for homeowners who use its solar installation service. 

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The Good

  • Local Expertise
  • Financial Incentives
  • Carport/Pergola Bonus

Local Expertise

Frontline Home Solutions is a local company. It is integrated with a specific community and is physically available to come and provide a service call when problems arise and assistance is necessary.

We appreciate local companies that have boots on the ground as opposed to solar companies that come to a specific location for a time to sell and install as many solar systems as possible and aren’t always available to provide follow-up service. 

Financial Incentives

Frontline Home Solutions offers $1,000 Cash Back or 1-Year Payment Free to customers who use its services for solar installation. From this offer, we can see this company is hungry for business and provide extras to get customers to commit. On top of the federal tax credit, 0% down, and cost kickbacks offered from Frontline, homeowners have some immediate incentives to use solar energy. 

Carport/Pergola Bonus

Frontline offers customers a free pergola or carport along with a solar system installation. This offer could be very attractive for a client who has wanted one but hasn’t prioritized the funds to make it happen. 


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Manufacturer List Not Provided
  • Not Certified
  • No Lease or PPA

Limited Service Area

Frontline Home Solutions is available to residents in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas area. 

Manufacturer List Not Provided

This is unfortunate for prospective clients as they get very little information about what materials Frontline uses to install solar. Frontline’s website states it provides manufacturer warranties with installations. This may be 25 years which is industry standard, or it could be a non-existent warranty because the panels were bought from a folded manufacturer for a cheap cost. Consumers need these details. 

Not Certified

Frontline Home Solutions does not appear to be certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). Frontline does list certifications in other industries on its website. The NABCEP provides solar technician training programs that indicate a stamp of approval that the company has demonstrated excellence in solar installation and business practices. We always suggest consumers be aware of company certifications (or lack thereof) that apply to the service they are needing. 

No Leases or PPAs

Frontline Home Solutions does offer to finance but doesn’t appear to offer solar leases or power purchase agreements. These options help homeowners on limited budgets to switch to renewable energy with the ownership liability being on the install company rather than the homeowner. 


The Bottom Line

Frontline Home Solutions does have some great reviews that state customers are happy with its solar solutions; however, we would hesitate to give them a highly recommended status due to too many red flags.

Frontline offers incentives that some may find beneficial, but with so many incentives offered it appears as if a customer may just pay more for the service and get these “free” perks to close the deal. These marketing tactics can make sales, but don’t always benefit the customer in the long run.

We want customers to work with reliable solar companies that price fairly, use solid equipment manufacturers, and warranty their work. We wouldn’t suggest using a company on account of getting a free carport with the service. We need more specifics from Frontline to be able to assess the quality of service it provides. 

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