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    What Homeowners Should Know about Solar System Energy Monitoring
    Guest Post by Kayla Matthews Homeowners know that it can be a struggle to watch how much energy your home uses. Traditional homes are much more difficult to keep track of, since the electric bill at the end of the month doe...
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    A Guide to 5 Types of Solar Panels
    Guest Post by Kayla Matthews The U.S. solar industry has shown incredible progress over the past several years. It generated a $17 billion investment in the American economy in 2018, and in 2019, the number of solar installa...
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    Why You Should Install Solar Pool Panels to Heat Your Pool
    Guest Post by Peter Jordan Swimming pools make a great way to cool down and exercise in the comfort of your home. But what happens to your pool when the hot summer weather transitions into colder fall weather? You can pay an...
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    9 Things You Need to Know About Tesla's Solar Roof
    Earlier this year, Tesla began accepting $1,000 deposits for its new Solar Roof, which is designed to look like a traditional roof and does away with the need for separate solar panels. Here are nine things you need to know ...
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    4 Game-Changing Developments in Solar Energy
    Solar energy *test* has been around for a very long time-just over a century-but the industry, as a whole, is still in its infancy. And while solar energy accounts for less than one percent of America's total energy producti...
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    Pilots Say Unmanned Solar-Powered Aircraft Not Far Away
    It's already been proven that solar energy can power manned aircraft. Now, a couple of experts believe it won't be long before unmanned aircraft do the same thing. Swiss pilots Andre Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard believe pi...
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    New Solar-Powered Grill Could be Yours This Summer
    If you're thinking of grilling up some mouthwatering steak, chicken, ribs or your favorite selection of meat at your next gathering, let the sun do most of the work. Confused? Thanks to the innovation and brilliance of GoSun...
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    Project Sunroof Expands to Nine States
    Last October, technology giant Google announced its latest venture: Project Sunroof. This handy tool uses Google Maps to show homeowners an in-depth map of how much they could possibly save in energy costs by installing sola...
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    Solar-Powered Airplane Makes Plans to Take to the Skies Once More
    Not even weather or technical issues will stop Switzerland's Andre Borschberg for attempting to make history. He'll just have to do it a little later than he had originally planned. The pilot The 62-year-old Borschberg is the...
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    SE Asia's First Solar-Powered Business Coming Via Apple
    Apple always seems to be at the cutting edge of innovation. The technology giant is widely known for its ability and propensity to think outside of the box and do what hasn't been done before. So it shouldn't be a surprise w...

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