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    Solar Power Makes It Big in India
    While renewable energy, in particular solar energy, has seen an exponential increase within the United States, other countries are also making waves within the industry. Perhaps the country making the most waves (AND surpris...
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    Clean Energy Investments, Especially Solar, See Huge Growth in 2014
    With solar energy becoming more and more affordable every day, 2014 saw a record amount of investors deciding the renewable energy source to be worth the risk. In fact, investment into renewable energy, led by solar energy, ...
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    Solar Power Becoming Popular in the Most Unlikely of Places
    When people think about solar power, there's a good chance Minnesota is the farthest thing from their mind when it comes to good location for the up-and-coming energy source. Xcel Energy, located in Minnesota, is looking to ...
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    Solar Power Prices on Par with Falling Oil
    As the price of oil falls to its lowest in five years, many are concerned that solar power innovation will suffer due to the cheap price tag associated with oil-based energy sources. Fortunately for solar energy advocates, t...
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    Innovative Technology Helping Scientists Capture More Solar Power
    It's no secret that Solar energy, whether found in residential areas or commercially built and operated solar farms, is gaining traction, especially in the United States. Unfortunately, much of the energy captured using toda...
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    Solar Technology Changing Disaster Relief Worldwide
    It's no secret that no matter how far along the world comes, there will always be people in need. Recently, solar energy has become a staple of many disaster relief efforts around the world, and its effect on those in need i...
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    Solar Energy Enters the Fashion Industry
    When thinking about solar energy, most people think of big black solar panels on rooftops in residential areas or solar farms out in the middle of the desert. Tommy Hilfiger is trying to change that with a new line of clothi...
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    United States Banking More and More on Solar Energy
    While solar power has been around for awhile, technology has taken awhile to catch up. And now that it has, the United States government is choosing to invest in the cleaner, more efficient energy source. The United States En...
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    Solar Energy Production Growing Almost Exponentially
    Solar energy advocates are bound to be smiling after recent reports show that solar power is catching on in a big way in the United States. Statistics show that in 2014 solar energy production was up around 100 percent from ...
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    New Study Shows Most Solar Panels Not Facing Most Efficient Direction
    A new study of over 110,000 solar-power producing houses in California shows that most solar panels are being installed to point toward the south. This is almost certain to be due to the fact that solar customers are paid for...

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