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    Sunnova to Introduce System Financing
    Sunnova Energy Corporation, a solar company that provides solar panels and systems to 18 states including the U.S. Virgin Islands, is unveiling a new financing program. The program allows Sunnova customers to claim ...
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    SolarCity Adds New Programs, Including Utility Management and Power Grids
    Despite past criticisms of utility management, calling the utility industry a "hidebound monopoly standing in the way of change," SolarCity has entered the race. The New York Times reports that the previously rooftop solar pa...
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    SolarCity Opening Solar Operations Center in New Mexico
    Solar giant SolarCity is heading to New Mexico. Albuquerque Business First reports that the company, chaired by Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, is opening a solar operations center in Albuquerque, New Mexico and will sta...
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    The Problems with Solar Energy Growth in Japan
    Despite the recent growth in solar power, Japan is running into some problems. According to the New York Times, utility companies and infrastructure in Japan cannot hold or process the amount of solar power that new solar ent...
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    Google Investing $300 Million in Solar Projects
    What do you get when you cross the internet and a solar company? No, it's not a bad joke, but it is huge news. Google invested $300 million toward financing 25,000 residential solar projects with SolarCity, America's lar...
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    The Eiffel Tower Gets a Sustainable Makeover: Hello Solar, Wind, and LED Lights!
    The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France is getting a makeover! United Press International reports that on the eve of the monument's 126th birthday, it will be receiving solar panels, wind turbines, and rainwater collectors. Th...
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    Solar Startup "Bright" Lowers Energy Costs in Mexico
    A solar energy startup company, "Bright," is making waves with their new project to bring solar energy to the "expensive and complicated" energy system in Mexico . Jonah Greenberger, founder of Bright and ex-Chevron emp...
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    How Legislators and Regulators Are Getting in the Way of Solar Power Expansion
    Net metering is a huge part of solar energy. When a consumer doesn't use their power, they are able to sell it back to the energy company, providing incentive to go solar. However, legislators and regulators are seemingly mak...
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    Solar Power: The Good, The Bad, and What's To Come
    Solar power has become more popular in recent years and isn't just for the wealthy communities anymore. Because the price of solar power has decreased 80% in the last seven years, low-income communities are getting in the sol...
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    Solar Power Capacity Almost Doubles in the UK
    If anyone is still curious as to whether or not clean, renewable energy, specifically solar energy, is on the rise, look no further. Reports by the Department of Energy and Climate Change show that in 2014, the United K...

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