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    Solar Energy on the Rise, as Jobs Increase over Last Five Years
    It's certainly no secret that people are hearing more and more about solar energy as a viable way to power homes and buildings. The industry's growth has been robust, to say the least. The numbers In fact, since the beginnin...
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    New Solar-Powered Grill Could Be Yours This Summer
    If you're thinking of grilling up some mouthwatering steak, chicken, ribs or your favorite selection of meat at your next gathering, let the sun do most of the work. Confused? Thanks to the innovation and brilliance of GoSun...
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    What's the Nevada Commission's Beef with the Solar Industry?
    When most people think of Nevada, they tend to think of the state's booming night life scene in Las Vegas; however, as one of the sunniest states in the country, Nevada has also become one of the nation's leaders in the use ...
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    The ITC Extension: What It Means for Solar Companies, and for You
    If you've been paying attention to developments in the solar industry, you've probably heard mention of solar companies petitioning Congress to extend something called the Solar Investment Tax Credit, or ITC. But what is the...
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    Project Sunroof Expands to Nine States
    Last October, technology giant Google announced its latest venture: Project Sunroof. This handy tool uses Google Maps to show homeowners an in-depth map of how much they could possibly save in energy costs by installing sola...
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    Falling Stock Prices Threatening to Thwart Vivint Solar Transaction
    A few months ago, Solar Power company SunEdison announced its plans to buy Utah-based Vivint Solar for $2.2 billion in cash and stock. But falling stock prices are jeopardizing the transaction. Stock problems Vivint Solar's ...
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    Solar Power Not As Cheap As It Once Was in Some States
    In addition to environmental implications, one of the driving forces behind solar power is the idea that it makes sense economically for individuals and families. That slam-dunk notion is losing some traction. Through the co...
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    Solar-Powered Airplane Makes Plans to Take to the Skies Once More
    Not even weather or technical issues will stop Switzerland's Andre Borschberg for attempting to make history. He'll just have to do it a little later than he had originally planned. The pilot The 62-year-old Borschberg is the...
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    SE Asia's First Solar-Powered Business Coming Via Apple
    Apple always seems to be at the cutting edge of innovation. The technology giant is widely known for its ability and propensity to think outside of the box and do what hasn't been done before. So it shouldn't be a surprise w...
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    Maine Solar Company Makes Energy History
    Maine is now doing something not before seen in any other state. And a solar power company is the catalyst. Portland-based GridSolar, a company dedicated to providing Maine resident with affordable solar power is now the fir...

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