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    California-Based Solar Provider Sunrun Gets 100,000th Customer
    If you use solar power to generate electricity for your home and Sunrun happens to be your provider, count yourself lucky. If company officials are accurate in their reporting, the company has saved its customers $100 million...
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    Solar Power in Hawaii Under Scrutiny After Lawsuit
    Two weeks of electing to close its state's solar net metering program, the Hawaii Public Utility Commission is facing backlash and a lawsuit from the Alliance for Solar Choice. The PUC ruled on Oct. 12 to close the door of th...
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    WTO Takes Issue with India's Solar Power Program
    India's solar power program may not have as bright a future as the country's government officials had hoped. On Tuesday, the World Trade Organization ruled that the program's local-purchase requirements for solar cells and mo...
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    Florida Residents Hoping for End to Energy Restrictions
    If the State Supreme Court rules in their favor, Florida residents may soon be legally able to purchase electricity from independently owned solar power companies. Yesterday, the Florida Supreme Court listened to attorneys ar...
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    Solar Startup "Bright" Lowers Energy Costs in Mexico
    A solar energy startup company, "Bright," is making waves with their new project to bring solar energy to the "expensive and complicated" energy system in Mexico. Jonah Greenberger, founder of Bright and ex-Chevron employee, ...
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    United States Banking More and More on Solar Energy
    While solar power has been around for awhile, technology has taken awhile to catch up. And now that it has, the United States government is choosing to invest in the cleaner, more efficient energy source. The United States En...

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