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    4 Things to Know About Costco Solar
    In addition to electronics, furniture, appliances, and groceries, Costco members also have access to solar products. Here are four important things to know before deciding whether or not to purchase solar though Costco: 1. Co...
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    Solar Giant Sungevity Is Back in Business
    Founded in 2007 by Danny Kennedy, Andrew Birch, and Alec Guettel, Sungevity was a solar company originally based in Oakland, California. Sungevity set itself apart in the solar industry by developing and utilizing a proprieta...
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    My Vivint Solar Installation: A Post-Install Retrospective
    Am I allowed to make this just a very long review of my Vivint Solar installation experience? I want to believe, as a blogger here at, that I have the right to exercise that privilege. If you've been followin...
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    My Vivint Solar Installation: 7 Things to Expect
    So my Vivint Solar installation has finally arrived! If you've read my previous post, "Vivint Solar Review: 5 Unexpected Questions From My Pre-Installation Experience", you know that the blessed event has been a long time com...
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    How to Choose a Solar Company: 4 Questions to Ask
    Solar has never been easier to get installed on your roof. Thanks to breakthroughs in how to finance these, let's admit it, costly installations, solar is no longer within reach of only those wealthy enough to pay out of pock...
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    Vivint Solar Review: 5 Unexpected Questions from My Pre-Installation Experience
    So a Vivint Solar guy shows up on my doorstep. He introduces himself — we'll call him John — and, as with most salespeople, I have my guard up. But I have to admit: Ever since doing a series of articles on the vir...
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    Question #5: What Should Consumers Look For in a Solar Company?
    This is the fifth question in a twelve-question series. Please click here to read the introduction, as well as access the other questions in the series. Or, download the printable ebook to view the entire series. "A solid tr...
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    5 Things to Look For When Choosing a Solar Company
    Finding the right solar company for you can be a difficult task. Purchasing a solar energy system is very expensive, and is a long-term commitment. You will be working with the company throughout the lifetime of your panels. ...
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