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    Trends in Sustainable Business Practices
    Guest Post by Maggie Potter Sustainability is all the rage these days as the world works to address climate change and combat its negative effects. However, it’s important that sustainable business and marketing practic...
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    Why More Homeowners Are Pursuing LEED Certifications — and Why You Should Too
    Guest Post by Scott Turner You may have heard of LEED certification mentioned with regards to office buildings, commercial real estate projects, or new construction. However, more and more individual homes and renovated prop...
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    16 Tips from Sustainability Experts to Help You Live Greener This Summer
    Summer is here, which means it's time for vacations, backyard BBQs, baseball games, and hangouts at the pool. However, these warmer months also provide a great opportunity to make efforts to reduce your environmental impact. ...
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    23 Simple Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly in the Kitchen
    From grocery shopping to food preparation and cleaning to decor, you can go green in the kitchen in a variety of painless, inexpensive ways and make the heart of your home more sustainable. Not only will implementing these mi...
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