SE Asia's First Solar-Powered Business Coming Via Apple


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Written by Guest | Last Updated November 1st, 2019
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Apple always seems to be at the cutting edge of innovation. The technology giant is widely known for its ability and propensity to think outside of the box and do what hasn't been done before.

So it shouldn't be a surprise what the behemoth has done in Southeast Asia.

One-of-kind store

Apple leaders have confirmed that sometime next year it will open a store in Singapore completely powered by solar energy. The recent development means the store will be the first all-solar-powered established in Southeast Asia.

In a prepared statement, officials from solar developer Sunseap Group said the store will derive its power from solar power systems atop 800 neighboring rooftops. Though the exact location has not been disclosed, Singapore residents and visitors to the city of more than 5 million people can expect a one-of-kind experience in the unique store.

City and company reaction

Singapore city leaders have affirmed Apple's forthcoming venture.

"Sunseap's strategic partnership with Apple represents a new frontier in Singapore's drive to utilize more cost-competitive renewable energy," said Goh Chee Kiong, a top official at the government's Economic Development Board.

Not only is the soon-to-be-established Apple store the first solar-powered place of business in Singapore, but it's the first Apple store of any kind to be built there.

Apple management team member Angela Ahrendts said the company is ""thrilled to begin hiring a team that will open our first Apple Store in Singapore.

On its corporate website, Apple is already advertising 14 job openings at the future store.

Location revealed?

Though neither Apple nor Sunseap have confirmed the whereabouts of the solar-powered store, one Singapore business may have let the cat out of the bag early. Pure Fitness, a popular gym housed in a four-story building (which includes a mall outlet building), recently announced it would be closing its doors in order to open up space for the Apple store.

Stay tuned in 2016.

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