Project Sunroof Expands to Nine States


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Written by Guest | Last Updated October 31st, 2019
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Last October, technology giant Google announced its latest venture: Project Sunroof. This handy tool uses Google Maps to show homeowners an in-depth map of how much they could possibly save in energy costs by installing solar panels on their roof.

Where it's found

Initially, the tool was only available for homes in Boston, Massachusetts; Fresno, California; and the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

But Project Sunroof is widening its reach.

Google is pleased to announce that the resource is now ready for use by homeowners in metro areas of California, Massachusetts, Arizona, Connecticut, New Jersey, Nevada, North Carolina, Colorado and New York.

How Project Sunroof works

By using Google Maps' access to data such as shade from buildings and trees, and local weather patterns, residents in metropolitan areas of these places can now see how much sunlight their rooftops get and how financially lucrative solar panels can be for them.

Once homeowners get a look at this breakdown, Project Sunroof will provide contact information for local solar power providers. From there, you can get in touch with the provider to assess your particular needs such as how many panels you'll need, what the costs will be and how long it will take to install panels on your home.

Solar panels are not cheap. It can often cost more than $20,000 to buy and install panels on your roof. However, if your home absorbs enough solar rays throughout the days, weeks, months and years, you can easily make up for the initial steep costs through savings on your power bill.

Give it a look

Many prospective customers simply don't know how to start or even if going solar makes sense for them. Project Sunroof helps educate homeowners, and it gives them the confidence and peace of mind that they can make this important decision wisely and appropriately.

To see how much you can save by using the sun's solar rays to power your home, visit Project Sunroof today.

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