New Solar-Powered Grill Could Be Yours This Summer


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Written by Guest | Last Updated December 2nd, 2019
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If you're thinking of grilling up some mouthwatering steak, chicken, ribs or your favorite selection of meat at your next gathering, let the sun do most of the work.

Confused? Thanks to the innovation and brilliance of GoSun, you can use a solar-powered grill at springtime barbecue. The company recently revealed this new product, which uses the sun's solar rays to heat up to temperatures of more than 500 degrees.

Dimensions and specs

The grill is relatively small-roughly the size of a large picnic cooler at 25 feet long, 12.6 feet high and 11 feet wide-and uses the two parabolic reflectors to focus 80 percent of the sun's energy directly onto a vacuum tube.

The genius of company founder Patrick Sherwin, an expert in solar power, owners of this grill can expect their meat and veggies to be ready in as little as 20 minutes or less. All you need to do is make sure the grill is in the direct sunlight; air temperatures and wind speed have no effect. No electricity is used to heat up the grill.

A meat-lover's dream

This isn't GoSun's first venture in solar cooking, but the GoSun Grill is the first capable of cooking up large cuts of meat and bigger portions. Previously developed products such as the GoSun Sport are smaller and intended for foods such as hot dogs, stir fry and omelets. The GoSun Grill will steam, roast, bake or boil up to 5 cups of food.

Because it doesn't use fuels, the grill won't leave the same flavors you'll find with gas grills, but its unique design retains moisture, leaving you with some delicious flavors.

Plus, because the grill only uses the sun as its energy source, you can forget about the hassles of purchasing and hauling around propane cylinders. The grill's design and size makes portability a breeze, which is good news if you want to do some grilling at the park or camp site.

Environmental impact

Of course, there are potential concerns about a solar-powered barbecue grill, namely, how is it used when clouds obscure the sun or during later hours after sunset. However, GoSun has also released a similar model with a battery that lets you store enough solar energy to cook at night.

Not only does this grill give owners new options, but it is environmentally friendly. Each year, more than 3 billion people around the world use cooking fuels that potentially harm the environment, not to mention the users' health. Solar power has no such effect.

If you're interested in purchasing the GoSun Grill, be prepared to pay $599. It will be available this summer.

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