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Riseup Labs is an ISO certified software development and mobile app developer company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh and has been in business since 2009. As a full service software development company, it focuses mainly on web, mobile, XR, and simulator technologies. Its mobile apps are widely used and it has also become a prolific developer of mobile games. 

The company has a long list of impressive clients and app launches. Its clients have included UNICEF Bangladesh, BBC Media Action, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs (MOWCA) and the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Division. This experience helps set it apart as a promising mobile app developer and partner for government and non-profit organizations. 

As a long-term agreement (LTA) partner of UNICEF Bangladesh, Riseup Labs has developed several apps including the Meena 2 Game for Newborn Care app. Its original success was its mobile game app Tap Tap Ants which has been downloaded over 15 million times. 

Riseup Labs has more than 10 years of experience and includes Agile processes in its client work to ensure a quality product.

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The Good

  • Works on Several Platforms
  • Experience Developing Mobile Game Apps
  • Active on Social Media

Works on Several Platforms

Riseup Labs has experience developing mobile apps across the major platforms including: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Facebook. It also has a long list of mobile app developing services. 

  • Custom Business Application
  • E-commerce Application
  • Industry Specific Application
  • Blockchain Application
  • IoT Application
  • Photo-Video Application
  • Fintech Application
  • Automobile Application
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Application
  • Social Networking Application
  • Artificial Intelligence Application
  • GIS-based Solutions

Customers will find a large number of examples of the company's mobile app work on its website, making it easy to see the quality and features Riseup Labs has worked on. 

Experience Developing Mobile Game Apps

Riseup Labs has significant experience developing mobile games apps. Its initial breakout success was its Tap Tap Ants which has been downloaded over 15 million times. If you are looking to design a mobile game app, Riseup Labs would likely be a strong partner. 

Active on Social Media

The company is active on its Facebook page. We like to see active engagement on social media platforms from mobile app developers because it means they know who their market is and that staying relevant is important to them. Customers want to work with a client who stays current on the cutting edge of mobile app development technology.

Riseup Lab shares a lot of original and informative content on its Facebook page. It also holds events and webinars to inform potential clients of the current trends and services. One upcoming webinar covered the benefits of a cross-platform mobile app with information about the current market and interviews with its developers. 


The Bad

  • Limited Online Reviews    
  • Lack of Pricing Information
  • Communication May Be Difficult

Limited Online Reviews

Riseup Labs has a strong presence on Facebook. The vast majority of the online reviews we could locate were on its Facebook page and many were positive although most were also very vague. However, there were no reviews on the industry website clutch.co and no testimonials from clients provided on its own website. Before making a major commitment to develop an app with a company, it is beneficial to see a significant number of online reviews. 

Lack of Pricing Information

Most mobile app developers will not provide specific pricing information due to each project having unique requirements. However, many companies will provide some sort of general pricing information. Others will often provide examples of a common mobile app such as an e-commerce app and include information on how much it cost and how that cost is justified. This information can be very helpful and give customers a general understanding of what their budget might need to be to work with a specific developer. There is no pricing information on the Riseup Labs website. 

Communication May Be Difficult

Riseup Labs is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh and is 11 hours ahead of New York City. This time difference could make communication with its team difficult. While this review was being written during the day in Mountain Standard Time, the company's Facebook page listed Riseup Labs as being closed.

The company also lists two international phone numbers as its best contact number. While many international software development firms have developed strategies to overcome the time and communication differences, Riseup Labs doesn’t list these. Some development firms will have an office based in the Western Hemisphere (United States or Europe) and others will have a team that works during the night in Bangladesh to ensure easy communication with clients in vastly different time zones.


The Bottom Line

If you are a government or NGO looking for a mobile app developer, Riseup Lab’s experience in this industry will be attractive. It has worked with impressive organizations such as UNICEF to develop mobile apps. It also has significant experience in the mobile app gaming industry. We like that it has numerous examples of its work posted on its website across many different services such as mobile apps, XR, web systems, and games. 

Customers should request references, detailed pricing information, and project timelines to ensure they receive a quality mobile app. The company's website does not provide any of this information that many competitors often do. You should also consider that Riseup Labs operates on Bangladesh time and so communication may be delayed or difficult. 

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Md. Emraan Chawdhary Dhaka, 13

Riseup Labs is a global software company. They strive to provide sustainable innovations and solutions which have a positive impact on society and the environment.

2 days ago

star star star star star

Mohaimin Talha Dhaka, 13

I have been working with Riseup Labs since 2014 and still working. Love the work, culture, work ethics, progress, and balance between personal and corporate life. It's like a family to me.

3 days ago

star star star star star

Moshiur Rahman Dhaka, 13

Riseup Labs is a top-level software development company. They are very professional and committed to meet up the deadlines. There all employees are very intelligent and friendly.

1 week ago

star star star star star

Md Chhafrul Alam Khan Dhaka, 13

Their professionalism and dedication to software development are higher more than my expectation!

1 week ago

star star star star star

Ashequl Alam Dhaka, 13

Riseup labs is really good delivering their promises on time. they are also highly technically skilled company.

1 week ago

star star star star star

Ahmed Jawad Sifat Dhaka, 13

A great company to work with. Their professional behavior is so constant and regular that you won't need to worry anymore.

2 weeks ago

star star star star star

Md Nasib Khan Dhaka, 13

Riseup Labs is very good to work with. They meet the deadlines they to. The Project turned out very nice and made the system a lot easier than we had to do in the previous manual process.

3 weeks ago

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