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LAST UPDATED: September 9th, 2020

Mentormate is a software design and development company that has completed more than 1,200 products to date — hundreds more than some of its competitors. This has given the company a wide range of experience and expertise in UX/UI development, quality assurance, and software consulting.

The Mentormate team is very approachable and flexible. While some technology companies can feel stiff or overly technical, Mentormate seeks to remove jargon from its communications and be a partner for both companies that are experienced in the technology world and those that are just starting out.

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The Good

  • International Accommodations
  • Flexible with Clients
  • Embraces Change
  • Specializes in Education

International Accommodations 

Mentormate is based in Bulgaria — Europe’s Silicon Valley — but its team is 100 percent fluent in English. As an added measure of dedication to its clients in the United States, the team in Bulgaria has altered its work schedule such that it overlaps for four hours of its U.S. office’s work day. 

This sets Mentormate apart from other companies that boast international offices but make no mention of accommodating for the time difference. As a bonus, Mentormate has the capacity to develop software in over 30 different languages.

Flexible with Clients

Mentormate prides itself on its extremely flexible approach to fulfilling your software needs. While it does have four different processes that it typically follows, it is willing to tailor them specifically to you. On Mentormate’s website, you can find lists of when each process may be perfect for you.

The company is willing to work with you even if you don’t necessarily have clear goals of what you want your new software to look like. The beauty of Mentormate’s approach is that it is open ended and can conform to your company.

Embraces Change

Mentormate started in 2001 and developed an app to help students learn foreign languages. However, as the software development market has exploded since then, Mentormate has had to adapt, grow, and become the software consulting and design company that it is today.

Not all companies have been successful in keeping up with the ever-increasing demand for new and innovative software, but Mentormate has stayed relevant and established itself as a competitor due to its resilience and commitment to quality products and services.

Specializes in Education

For companies specifically looking to develop software in the realm of education, Mentormate is an excellent choice. The brand started out by developing a foreign language education app and now uses many of its expansive resources on education app design and development. For example, it has developed virtual labs and a financial literacy app for youth.

For schools, businesses, or other organizations looking for a software partner who can understand the user experience in terms of education and training, Mentormate has the resources and the experience to deliver a quality product.


The Bad

  • Offshore
  • Clients Aren’t Well Known


From an American company’s perspective, Mentormate is an offshore company. While Mentormate has done its best to bridge this gap, the fact of the matter is that there may be drawbacks to working with a company that doesn’t operate exclusively in one’s own country, due to differences in business regulations, tax policies, etc.

While this isn’t a reason to not work with Mentormate, it is something to consider and be aware of, should you choose to use its services.

Clients Aren’t Well Known

Compared to its competitors, Mentormate doesn’t have quite as impressive a list of former or current clients. While Mentormate has worked with a number of brands, most of them aren’t names that the average person has ever heard of. 

This doesn’t speak to the quality of Mentormate’s work, but it does give some indication as to the fact that big businesses have sometimes chosen to put their money into another company.


The Bottom Line

Mentormate has completed a wide range of software development projects and proven its place in the technology field. While the company may feel more distant or seem to be under the radar, quite the opposite is true. 

Mentormate is committed to overcoming any language or geographical barriers to provide its clients with a seamless, user-friendly software development experience.
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