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LAST UPDATED: November 16th, 2021

Lasting Dynamics is an international software development company that has completed projects in over 30 countries. The company can provide web, mobile, and cloud based development. Lasting Dynamics has worked with many different clients and even produced some of its own projects in-house. The company even has its own academy, where professionals provide extended training opportunities for qualified software engineers. 

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The Good

  • Development Methodology
  • All-Encompassing Development Services
  • Diverse Portfolio
  • Technological Skill Set

Development Methodology

Lasting Dynamics uses an agile framework for software development, similar to SCRUM. At least 80 percent of software developers use the SCRUM framework. Lasting Dynamics has also implemented the CI/CD process as part of the agile methodology.

Lasting Dynamics is transparent about its development process, delivering updated results to its clients at least every two weeks. Lasting Dynamics also ensures that its clients can view each step of the process via a workflow management system. 

All-Encompassing Development Services

The primary service of Lasting Dynamics is software development, however, the company’s offerings do not stop there. Its services can be split into four main categories:

  • Custom Software Development — Lasting Dynamics can help with both front end and back end development, UI/UX design, DevOps, and Tech Leads.
  • Development Team Augmentation — This service allows clients to hire a full team of software developers to work on the project. The client can choose between a micro-team, small team or enterprise team, based on the business’s needs.
  • Software Quality Assurance — Lasting Dynamics is committed to improving software quality, and does so by administering automated tests. Quality assurance services hae a 12-month warranty.
  • Academy — Lasting Dynamics has noticed that companies are having a difficult time hiring software developers. For this reason, Lasting Dynamics created an academy where professionals provide 90-Days of training to pre-qualified developers. Once developers graduate from the academy, Lasting Dynamics helps connect them with the right clients. 

Diverse Portfolio

The Lasting Dynamics website highlights an impressive portfolio of case studies. These case studies are not limited to any industry — it’s extremely diverse. The portfolio highlights work done for clients in healthcare, eCommerce, construction, workflow management, e-learning, CRMs, and even games. The Lasting Dynamics portfolio not only showcases what the software looked like, but includes detailed rationale for each step in the development process on that project.

Lasting Dynamics was the chosen name for the company because of its mission to initiate lifetime partnerships. Once Lasting Dynamics has developed software for a client, the company is committed to upgrading and testing updates as the software needs.

Technological Skill Set

Professionals at Lasting Dynamics work to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. Thus, the team has a vast skill set and the ability to work with many different coding and software development programs, including the following:

  • Python
  • React
  • JavaScript
  • Typescript
  • Next.js
  • Laravel
  • Django
  • Jest
  • Redux

The Bad

  • Pricing Unavailable
  • International Logistics

Pricing Unavailable

Because of the nature of Lasting Dynamics’ work, pricing is not readily available online. In order to determine the pricing of a client’s services, Lasting Dynamics holds a consultation first. Reviews of Lasting Dynamics on Clutch indicate that the cost of projects varies considerably. 

International Logistics

While Lasting Dynamics does not limit where it does its business, working out logistics with an international company can be difficult. Being in different time zones can make it difficult to consult, have meetings, and collaborate with the development team. Most software development projects can be done remotely, but in the event that a client would want to meet with Lasting Dynamics, it may require international travel. 


The Bottom Line

We recommend Lasting Dynamics because it is an experienced company that has completed polished software development projects in various industries. The company openly showcases its work, which provides potential clients with peace of mind. Lasting Dynamics hires a range of developers, including full-stack, frontend, and backend developers. Knowing this, customers can rest assured that they will receive proper service on exactly what they need. 

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