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LAST UPDATED: August 20th, 2020

Direct Line Development is a five year old web design and software development firm based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with additional offices in Denver, Colorado and Austin, Texas. Its designers and developers build custom web and application solutions for clients across many industries. It emphasizes listening to clients’ business goals and creating long-term relationships through attractive design and successful site structure. 

The company offers comprehensive, tailored services in web development, custom design, SEO, CMR, and ERP software elaboration. Quality web design can ensure that customers receive an attractive, interactive, and catchy presentation of a business’s services and products. With a long record of successful projects fulfilled for businesses in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Texas, Direct Line Development offers a full cycle of web promotion for nationwide corporations and small enterprises. Its highly professional team takes time to discuss all aspects of online presence and commerce with the client and uses deep insight into each organization’s needs to deliver excellent results.

Web developers at Direct Line introduce efficient software solutions for e-commerce and interdepartmental cooperation. They are focused on the user experience and on converting a client’s site visitors into engaged customers. 

Direct Line developers have established a distinguished reputation for designing highly effective websites, custom programs and applications. It offers services to clients in the following areas of web design and software development: web design, web development, search engine optimization (SEO), local SEO services, ecommerce websites, logo design, graphic design, and custom CRM and ERP software. 

Web Design

Direct Line Development knows that most people perform searches on the go and that web design matters. Its developers adapt every page for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. A major aspect of its design priorities is to create accessible, convenient web designs that keep up with web design trends helping clients achieve a higher search rating. Clients can also expect a website design that captures their corporate image and influences brand awareness across all social media platforms. 

Direct Line breaks its web design services into four different packages: basic, standard, advanced, and professional. Each package comes with a certain number of pages as well as a variety of other services and hours of work provided. All packages come with a basic module bundle (photo gallery, contact form, integration with Google Analytics) and social bundle (full social network integration and pop-up subscription). 

Web Development

Designers and developers at Direct Line are able to provide a full array of web development services that includes working on landing pages, web design and development, logo design, animation, and SEO. Its teams are able to take on jobs of all sizes and follow a distinct life cycle and process to ensure websites are developed with precision. Its process starts with an analysis of the client’s needs and goals, coming up with an effective design, and then moves into the development stages ending with customer support for any issues that arise. Direct Line offers clients four distinctive web development package options with a range of services included.


Google, and other search engines, regularly change their search algorithms. Direct Line’s far-reaching SEO strategies, implemented using an array of cutting-edge technologies and time-tested methods, promise clients high rankings in popular search engines such as Google and Bing. For online businesses to successfully acquire customers, they have to stay on top of optimizing their sites. Direct Line stands behind its complete list of SEO services with a guarantee. Its SEO services are offered in four different package options with a range of services included such as linkbuilding, analysis of competitors, and local SEO. 

Local SEO Services

Local SEO is about reaching searchers near the business, reaching local searchers. Direct Line offers businesses expertise on helping them achieve visibility in Google’s local maps list, sometimes called the Maps “Snack Pack.” For many businesses drawing in highly local customers is critical to their success. Direct Line’s local SEO and local maps optimization services include an SEO audit, optimized map listings, local citation consistency, NAP consistency, assistance with reviews, and more. It offers three local SEO packages.

Ecommerce Website Development

Direct Line helps its clients develop custom ecommerce websites that work to convert visitors to customers. Its ecommerce websites offer customers more than just basic ecommerce functionality and include several features such as third-party apps, a mobile app option, and advanced features like CMS, shopping cart, or bookkeeping. Direct Line has four distinct ecommerce website development package options. 

Logo Design

An engaging and attractive logo is critical to business success. Direct Line offers a team of designers to clients for logo design. Experts work with clients to create a custom logo that increases brand visibility and validates their company’s professionalism. For added convenience, Direct Line saves clients’ logos in every possible format making it usable in many ways such as on a website, business cards, presentations, marketing materials and more. 

Graphic Design

It offers universal graphic design services that can be used to create the following media: brochures and prospectuses of different formats, restaurant menus, any advertisement or graphics, flyers and leaflets for any purpose, business cards, folders, pens, envelopes and other corporate elements, company and products presentations, animated videos, animated banners,  outdoor advertising, souvenirs, and more. Direct Line offers two graphic design packages for customers to choose from. 

Custom CRM and ERP Software Development

Direct Line develops CRM (client relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resources planning) software that is customized to fit its clients needs. CRM is a cloud-based system developed to help manage a company’s communication with current customers and prospects. It is a large client database that is meant to improve interaction within sales and marketing departments and help increase sales and customer-client relationships. ERP is designed for and focused on integration of the core business functions of your company.

In the simplest terms this application deals with invoices, inventory, product prices, and more. Custom CRM and ERP software can provide businesses with unified data, easy online access, better interdepartmental communication, analytics, and more. 

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The Good

  • Reasonable Cost 
  • Focus on Small and Mid-Sized Firms
  • Positive Reviews and Award-Winning
  • Cool Website and Portfolio

Reasonable Cost

Direct Line seems to offer its customers a good value for its web design and software development services. Many reviews mention what a great value they felt the services were. It also offers package pricing for most of its services which should help customers make the choice between options easier. 

Focus on Small and Mid-Sized Firms

Many larger web design or software development companies will cater to larger clients with huge budgets. Direct Line appeals to smaller and mid-sized firms that are looking for highly custom, affordable support and local solutions to boost customer traffic. Its local focus in three U.S. markets with services such as local SEO and custom ecommerce web development make it a standout option for small and mid-sized businesses looking for custom online solutions. It also has much lower project minimums whereas larger firms will often have project billing minimums that start at $50,000.  

Positive Reviews and Award-Winning

Direct Line appears to have many happy customers that praise its ability to deliver on their web visions. Many reviews praise its ability to deliver on SEO improvement and ecommerce goals that clients have. It has also won many industry awards including silver at the Creativity International Awards, and platinum at the dotCOMM Awards. It has also won many site of the day awards from several industry organizations for its work on specific websites. 

Cool Website and Portfolio

It’s always a great sign when a web design and software development company has a unique, well-designed website with creative features and fresh artistry. Direct Line Development’s website is well thought out and designed. It also features an extensive portfolio of its work for customers to review. 


The Bad

  • No Mention of Deep Learning or AI
  • Limited Mobile App Development Services
  • Vague Guarantee

No Mention of Deep Learning or AI

Direct Line mentions that they use cutting edge technologies however its service menus do not include many of the cutting edge tech being implemented by larger firms such as deep learning and AI. It is also noticeable that while it does offer cloud solutions for certain web features this is not a large part of its work for clients. Cloud solutions are another cutting edge technology that seems to be missing from Direct Line’s portfolio of expertise. 

Limited Mobile App Development Services

Over 60 percent of web traffic comes from a mobile device. This makes mobile and app development critical to business success today. Direct Line does offer responsive design services and optimizes its web services for mobile; however, it does not specialize in app development. For a business that needs both web and app service this could be a limiting factor. 

Vague Guarantee

While Direct Line does stand behind its teams’ work, its guarantee is vague. The company says it is confident in its SEO work and stands behind its complete list of SEO services. This makes it stand out from other agencies; however, the guarantee does not include any specifics and does not say how the company compensates clients who are unhappy with the results. 


The Bottom Line

Direct Line offers clients a full list of web design and software development services including local SEO, and custom ecommerce and CRM/ERP packages. It does have expertise in working with smaller and mid-sized businesses on custom online solutions. One unique offering is its local SEO and local maps optimization services for businesses looking to connect with local customers. We were impressed with the many positive reviews of its SEO work. Many companies reported increases in online traffic. 

If you are looking for comprehensive web and app development, then Direct Line may not be a good fit. It does not specialize in app development which is critical for many companies. It also does not offer clients cutting-edge tech such as deep learning and AI. 

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