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Post Planner allows users to do exactly what the tool is entitled - schedule viral photos, trending articles and proven status ideas to a number of social media profiles to drastically increase engagement. The purpose of the tools is simply to help campaigns reach more people and increase engagement without having to spending tons of time analyzing data and identifying the best content. They specialize in Facebook and have a blog that teaches business or campaign managers how to improve their social media strategy. 

The Good

  • Pricing plans
  • Features
  • Statistics

Post Planner is designed to take a once difficult and time-consuming process and turn social media management into a complete seamless process. The entire platform was built on the premise of increasing engagement by making it simple to find, plan, and post content. The content that is posted is scientifically proven to increase social media engagement on both Facebook and Twitter.

There are three different pricing plans for marketers or users that decide to use Post Planner to increase engagement through quality content. All three packages make social media engagement easier, but to varying degrees. The pricing platforms are broken down as follows:

  • "Love" Package: costs $7/year and allows for 10 profiles to be managed with up to 100 posts per day. Users will have the ability to plan up to 1,000 posts on Facebook and Twitter.
  • "Guru" Package: this package costs $15 a year and can handle 25 profiles and up to 250 posts per day. There is no limit to planning posts and four team members can access the dashboard.
  • "Master" Package: costs $39 annually and can manage up to 50 profiles and posts over 500 updates a day. There is no limit to planned posts and grants access to seven team members.

Other common features associated with the various pricing packages include the following: access to viral photos and top articles, suggestion and ideas for status updates, ability to bulk upload, and a sharebar. Some packages also include a custom domain and email opt-in option.

According to statistics of current users, 94% of users saved time managing their social media profiles through Post Planner and 83% of users have seen a significant boost in engagement. All in all, roughly 94% of users would recommend the app to colleagues. It is also important to note, that Post Planner includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee to clients.

The Bad

  • Monitoring
  • Data analyzation
  • Limits

Two areas that Post Planner appears to struggle with are the platform's ability to monitor and provide data. While it is an excellent tool for campaign management, the platform does not necessarily help users analyze and strategize their efforts moving forward. For example, the following features, while standard for many social media tools, are not included in the Post Planner platform:

  • Monitoring social media mentions
  • Providing data on followers or customers
  • Advanced and broken down reporting not included
  • No ability to export data for analysis

There are account limits and social network limits to keep in mind too. The number of accounts that can be managed through Post Planner range from 10-50 depending on the pricing package selected. While they are compatible with a number of social networks, the focus of Post Planner really falls on bolstering engagement on Facebook and Twitter specifically.

The Bottom Line

Post Planner is designed to save time on publishing content to various social media networks. The ability to schedule posts in advance and use relevant content to reach the targeted audience is a helpful resource. Those that use Post Planner for their social media marketing campaigns can expect the following from the service:

  1. Complete social media campagin management
  2. Multiple pricing packages to choose from
  3. Satisfied users
  4. Limited monitoring and reporting
  5. Account limits

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