Shopzilla is ran by Connexity which connects consumers to merchants. Doing so allows conversions at lower costs so the consumer and the merchant save money. They offer many different types of products to give you a varied shopping experience so you can find the right items for your needs.


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The Good

  • Price comparisons
  • Product information
  • Emailing and bookmarking pages

In its more than one decade in existence, Shopzilla has served millions of customers in finding and comparing popular products across a number of different categories. The site has been highly popular and well used, which speaks volumes about the way it is operated. Here are some positive aspects of the services Shopzilla provides:

  • One thing you'll really love is the effective way in which the site will compare the price of a particular product from one store or provider to another. Choose a product-such as a television-and you'll see dozens of examples from numerous stores or websites, each showing how much the product is. This helps you more easily make an informed decision about what you want to buy and from where you want to purchase it.
  • Click on a product and you'll be immediately taken to a site where you not only can read about the specifications of that product, but you'll be able to read customer reviews about that product. There's no need to take multiple steps in finding out how good or bad a product is perceived to be; simply use Shopzilla as a one-stop-shop.
  • Email and bookmark pages. Like a product or multiple products and want to check it out later? Simply bookmark it and come back and read about it whenever you want. There's no need to worry about losing track of what you've found. You can also email product info to yourself or to someone else.

The Bad

  • Search
  • Customer service
  • Price accuracy

Shopzilla does a lot of things right, but it isn't perfect. As you investigate different product comparison sites, keep these negative aspects of Shopzilla in mind:

  • Search is slow. Because most product searches will take you to a separate page (usually to the site or company selling the product), the search on Shopzilla is a little slower than you'll find on competitor sites. The different isn't drastic but possibly enough to frustrate you or motivate you to use another service.
  • Customer service. A common complaint among users of Shopzilla and visitors to its site is the lack of adequate customer service. Questions can take days to be answered, and even finding out how to reach customer service can be a painstaking effort. If you are a merchant and want to sell your own products, you need to set up an account, and it is not out of the ordinary for accounts to be terminated without communicating to the merchant.
  • On occasion, product prices listed on the site are not an accurate reflection of the actual price. Furthermore, Shopzilla won't allow you to select on different color options of certain products, where other sites will indeed allow you to do so.

The Bottom Line

Shopzilla is one of several product comparison websites and services to choose from. All have their pluses and minuses. Shopzilla is an excellent choice if you are looking for a robust selection of products from multiple categories. If you are looking for a healthy sample size of materials to investigate, Shopzilla is a viable option. Its shortcomings aside, they are definitely worth looking at.

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February 27th, 2020 Sandy, UT

Why do they even exist. You can't even get through to anyone and get a real response back. My account disappeared and it kept telling me no account found. So weird! Never accomplished anything good by using shopzilla.

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