’s mission is to help consumers make confident purchasing decisions when they don’t know exactly what to buy. They are a comparison shopping site that gives its users a hassle free way to view products from thousands of top brands on one site. They were one of the first comparison shopping sites and are still one of the top options available through their wide selection. They have been serving consumers for 10 years as a part of the eBay Commerce Network and have shopping sites available in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, and the USA.  

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The Good

  • Comparison shopping
  • Variety of products
  • Functions is a site that focuses solely on comparison shopping. The items for sale are not just advertisements on a larger site. They have a variety of products to look at which makes the shopping that much easier. There isn't much navigation needed to get right to the comparison shopping. The home page gives a list of departments to shop from as well as a search bar to make specific inquires. After looking at multiple products and prices, one can be selected, and it takes you directly to the site it is being sold from. There is also the option to view more information, such as the shipping price, on before going on to the seller's site. Another benefit of is each of the products has a space for users to review as well as to read past consumers reviews on that product. also allows for its shoppers to become a member of the site. When a shopper makes an account they are able to use the following functions within the site:

  • Price alerts
  • Reviews
  • Guides
  • Lists
  • Friends

The price alerts function allows you to be informed by email when a certain item has the price changed. While shopping, it is easy to click on more information for the item and from there select it to be in your price alerts. It can then be managed further from your account. You can easily keep track of reviews you have made on certain products in your account under the reviews tab. By creating a list while shopping, you can easily find, save, and share favorite items. You can also connect to Facebook, allowing friends to become a part of your shopping experience. The shopping account options are very helpful and they enhance the shopping experience.

The Bad

  • No sales tab
  • No store reviews
  • Limited product support

When a category of product is selected on, it shows the items on sale at the top. However, the site does not provide a page with the entire on sale, or deal items in one place. This is unfortunate since deal tabs are such an easy to use resource for finding the lowest prices.

Because uses other companies to sell products on their site, there are some issues with transparency and reviews. There aren't any reviews available of the stores the products are being sold by. There's no place to read or write reviews for the sellers of the products either. This is unfortunate, since one of the ways online shoppers have trust in what they are buying is through reviews.

Another negative for is their helpfulness with questions. Because there are no products sold directly from the site, they cannot help or answer a lot of questions a shopper may have. This can be a frustration for a potential shopper, having to jump between store fronts just to find answers to basic product questions.

The Bottom Line

We recommend the use of to those wanting to comparative shop. Its site gives a wide variety of products and they have sites available around the world. They offer products from popular brands and stores and their deals seem to be reliable. The account makes it easy to save on certain products and to receive the best deals available. While may not be as well-known as some other shopping search engine sites, it is a good option for those looking to shop.

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