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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Pronto is based in Oakland, California. The company has been in business for 10 years. It also has an international presence, with an offense in the U.K. Pronto has an incredible amount of products on its site with an equally amazing number of merchants from where you can compare and purchase products. Kiplinger’s, a publication that writes about business forecasts, said the site was the Best Online Price Comparison Site.


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The Good

  • Number of products
  • Number of merchants
  • Shopping tools
  • Price comparison
Pronto is an excellent option if you want a wide selection from which to choose. The company has some appealing elements, including the following:
  • Number of products. If the site is to be believed, Pronto has in its database more than 70 million products. This is the most of any price comparison site out there. There are 27 categories to choose from with an unbelievable number in each category. Truly, there's no way you can't find what you're looking for on Pronto.
  • Number of merchants. Equally as impressive is the number of merchants selling their products on Pronto. Again, if you believe the site details, there are more than 25,000 online merchants who partner with them. Many of these are well-to-do, reputable, accomplished companies that you've no doubt done business with in the past.
  • Shopping tools. Pronto helps narrow your searches, easing your shopping experience. You can select price ranges for the products you want. You can even select free shipping. You can also search by merchant and manufacturer.
  • Price comparison. One nice thing about the Pronto site is that the price comparisons will include tax and shipping, which isn't always the case on competitor platforms. This way, you know precisely what you're going to pay when you buy a product found on the site.

The Bad

  • Poor customer service
  • Unreliable
Pronto is far from without its shortcomings and weaknesses as a product comparison site. There are definitely some glaring problems to be aware of. Some of these are:
  • Poor customer service. Trying to find a way to get in touch with the company is next to impossible. Even getting any information whatsoever from a customer service representative is a difficult process. If you have any problems getting your product or ordering it,it may be a difficult task contacting someone at customer service.
  • Unreliable. The fact is, many customers have complained that they never even receive the products they order. You might order some merchandise and never see it. Plus, chances are you'll never find out the product's status because, as mentioned, the customer service is poor. Also, because Pronto is simply a repository of products from other sites, if you want to return anything, you have to go through the merchant site and adhere to its policies.

The Bottom Line

As advertised, Pronto has a phenomenal number of products it compares. Really, there is nothing else in the industry that matches what it has in terms of volume. That said, you never know what you're really going to get, or if you're even going to get it. If you simply want to do some research and find out comparable prices on certain products, Pronto can be helpful, but it isn't recommend to use to actually buy the products.
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