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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

One of the veterans in the product price comparison site industry, Nextag has been in business since 1999. With headquarters in San Mateo, California, Nextag has successfully operated its shopping site and attracted more than 30 million visitors in its 16 years of existence. They are an international company with offices in Germany, Spain, France, Japan, Italy, the U.K., and Australia. It has garnered the attention of national publications and ratings services. They were named one of the 50 best websites by Time Magazine in 2008. It was also listed in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500/Fast 50, the Red Herring Top 100, the San Francisco Business Times Fast 100, and the Silicon Valley/ San Jose Business Fast 50.

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The Good

  • Vast selections
  • Product reviews
  • International presence
  • Price changes
In 16 years, Nextag has learned a thing or two about effectively operating a shopping and product price comparison site. The Company has put into place a number of appealing elements. Consider the following:
  • Vast selections. Whether you're shopping for sports equipment, clothing, video games, jewelry, items for your baby, or a plethora of things in between, Nextag probably has it for your view. The site lists thousands upon thousands of products in a variety of categories and subcategories. There's little or no need to go to multiple sources when all of your needs can be met on one site with a few clicks.
  • One of the worst things you can do when shopping online is select a product that ultimately is of shoddy quality or doesn't perform, work or fit the way you like. While not every single seller and buyer review is going to be legitimate or accurate, reviews are extremely insightful and can provide a defining reason whether to purchase the product. Nextag includes such reviews for each product on its site.
  • International presence. Not limited to the U.S. alone, Nextag online shopping is available worldwide. As a seller, this increases your reach, and as an international buyer, you can rest assured that you can purchase high quality products in your home country as well. The company also has offices in seven countries outside the Unites States.
  • Price changes. The site includes a page that shows products whose prices have recently dropped. If you're looking for a bargain, Nextag will alert you to them.

The Bad

  • Questionable customer service
  • Low conversion rate
Nextag is an excellent company with a useful site, but there are some flaws with it. Here are a few to discuss:
  • Questionable customer service. This might be a complete understatement. An alarming number of users have expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of support from the company. Customer support is nonresponsive, vague and communicates poorly. Users have complained about their accounts being terminated without explanation or warning. Make sure you know what you are getting into when dealing with Nextag.
  • Low conversion rate. If you are a merchant, prepare to be disappointed with Nextag's conversion rate. This is especially true with less popular items and those that don't typically sell as much.

The Bottom Line

Nextag has an amazing repository of products in its catalog. There is literally almost no way you won't find something of interest to shop for or compare. In addition, you have additional information at your fingertips, including reviews, product descriptions and specifications.  Plus the site is very useful for research and comparisons as well as making actual purchases. Because of these reasons we recommend Nextag for your shopping search engine needs.
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