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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

With its headquarters located in Sunnyvale, California, is a website set up to provide people a venue to search a variety of products and compare price and availability. The site also allows merchants to place their products online with the intent of generating interest and sales. Become makes it easier for a person to go to one place and find a host of products without the hassle of having to visit multiple sites and spend countless hours shopping and comparing prices from one store or site to another.


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The Good

  • Product selection
  • Reviews
  • Product details
For 10 years, has made it easier for shoppers to find desired products at the best price point possible. The site has a number of effective tools and resources. Here are some things the site does well:
  • Product selection. has a robust menu of products at its disposal. With 24 product categories, and many more subcategories within each choice, there is never a shortage of products to choose from. The overall variety is nice, as is the number of items available in each category. You are sure to be pleased with what your searchers will yield.
  • If you're like most online shoppers, you want to make sure the product you are interested in buying has received favorable reviews and has been well liked by other owners and purchasers. With every individual product listed on you can read reviews from other people. In addition, with an account, you can leave your own review for future buyers to read.
  • Product details. Don't worry about getting generic, cookie-cutter information about the products you find on You'll be shown the specs of each item-from size, materials used, durability, finish, etc. In short, you know what you're getting when you purchase a product from

The Bad

  • Limited number of merchants
  • Prices and product names not always right on the site
  • Limited search tools does have some limitations and shortcomings to its site that you must consider before embarking on a shopping spree. Here are some things to consider that the site doesn't do well:
  • Limited number of merchants. While there are an ample number of categories and products, actual merchants you will be connected to when researching and comparing products are few. The lack of variety is troubling, especially if the merchants provided are ones you're not familiar with or prefer to do business with.
  • Prices and even product names are not always right on the site. Sometimes there are duplicates of the same product. You can search for a product, but it won't pick up on variations, such as if you forget a hyphen or do a lowercase when uppercase should be used.
  • Not enough search tools. It is difficult for the user to narrow searches or sort results. Often, you'll have more products to sift through than you care to have. Product research and price comparisons are nice, but having too much to compare can be overwhelming and frustrating to the shopper.

The Bottom Line is a great site for research and price comparison. If you are simply looking for information and are merely curious, will give you plenty of samples to peruse though. However, if your aim is to shop and easily and simply find products you want, it isn't the best site among its competitors. In this case, you're probably better off seeking another service.
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