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Like most SEO agencies Boostability is quick to point out the awards and recognition that they have received but unlike other SEO agencies they do not boast about working with or even seek to work with big companies. The focus at Boostability is to serve small local businesses. This focus has required Boostability to be innovative because generally small companies do not have the budget to pay for SEO services. They must be doing something right as they confront this challenge though because Boostability continues to grow.

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The Good

  • Free report
  • Online dashboard

A free report is an option. A few entries of personal information, (see below), and a fully comprehensive report is posted immediately on their website. After seeing your page's current stats, a prompt to call in for further service is provided.

Boostability does provide an online dashboard, housing all the information needed to see how a website's placement is improving. The dashboard reports include SEO Metrics from Alexa and Google PageRank, as well as all SEO actions completed and a keyword ranking report.

The Bad

  • Contract

Some pages are upfront with prices, while other business websites play a 'hide and seek' game in order to find costs. Boostability is upfront with its pricing and charges $40 per hour for its SEO services. A three month minimum contract is required. This allows the company a "fair amount" of time to increase your page's views. If a contract is signed, be sure that the pricing details is outlined completely and fairly. Don't settle for a verbal agreement when it comes to the cost. If you are just researching various companies, consider supplying a false number and/or email if you don't want lots of contact. After signing up for a free report, three emails and a phone call were received within 30 minutes.

The Bottom Line

Boostability started up in 2009 and has been helping people build SEO ever since. The company's experience alongside its upfront pricing make it a fine choice for potential customers. In comparison to other companies in the SEO business, Boostability would be beneficial for anyone company or person looking to boost SEO.

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Kelly Pipkin

September 6th, 2017 Salt Lake City, UT

I've been with Boostability for a few months using their SEO, social media, and website building services, and I have been very impressed. Their services seemed to be more aimed at small business than other companies I looked into, and they have have worked well for me so far. They did get off to a rocky start with the social media service, but they worked very hard to correct the issues and as a result won me over even more. The website they built for me is just beautiful. It's something I'm proud to send my friends and clients to. The best part has probably been the SEO. They've got me ranked on Google and I'm actually starting to get clients through my website. That was the real goal from the beginning. I'd recommend these guys without reservation.



Heather H.

July 12th, 2017

They don't seem very good at phone sales or sales in general. Talking to one of their sales reps, the guy seemed rather rude on the phone most of the time. In fact the last call I had with him I answered the phone as I usually do and he laughed at me and said "You sound a little out of it". Wow, really? I've never had any company tell me that or insult me like that after just picking up the phone and saying "Hello". All they gave us was a very vague PDF with a lot of promises and not a lot of data to back it up. They also wouldn't give us any live demos (They said they don't have any). Their pricing was VERY high (a few thousand a month) for even their most basic package, but nothing they showed us made us feel as if it was worth it or what we'd actually get out of it. Really, really low rent company.




March 7th, 2017

We gave Boostability 7 out of 5 stars! Great service!