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As a result of Time Warner Cable®, Bright House Networks®, and Charter Communications® merging, Spectrum is available in forty-one states and serves over 25 million customers. Claiming to be one of America’s fastest growing TV, voice company, and internet service providers, Charter Spectrum attempts to provide high-quality service with superior entertainment and communication products. 

Charter also claims that Spectrum TV offers more HD channels than any other provider. Customers can get instant access to thousands of On Demand shows and watch live TV anywhere in their home. Spectrum TV also allows customers to download their favorite movies and show onto their mobile devices with the Spectrum TV app.

The Good

  • Popular TV Packages
  • Spectrum TV App
  • Additional Charter Spectrum Services
  • Service Agreement
  • Channels in Spanish

Popular TV Packages

Charter Spectrum has potential customers enter in their address to find out the exact services and rates for their location. While its residential services and rates will vary per location, Charter Spectrum does disclose the introductory prices for its packages.

TV Select

  • 125+ Channels
  • $44.99 per month (for the first 12 months)

TV Silver

  • 175+ Channels
  • $84.99 per month (for the first 12 months)
  • HBO® and SHOWTIME® included

Silver Double Play (Internet and TV Bundle)

  • 175+ Channels
  • $109.98 per month (for the first 12 months)
  • HBO® and SHOWTIME® included
  • Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Includes modem

TV Gold

  • 200+ Channels
  • $104.99 per month (for the first 12 months)
  • STARZ®, TMC®, STARZ ENCORE®, and NFL RedZone included

Gold Double Play (Internet and TV Bundle)

  • 200+ HD Channels
  • $129.98 per month (for the first 12 months)
  • STARZ®, TMC®, STARZ ENCORE®, and NFL RedZone included
  • Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Includes Modem

With the Silver and Gold package, customers can watch premium channels without having to worry about paying a hefty fee. 

Additional Charter Spectrum Services

Not only does Charter Spectrum offer cable TV services, but it also offers internet, home phone, mobile, and business services. As seen in the payment bundles and packages above, you can bundle a number of Charter Spectrum's services to help save on your monthly bill. Brief explanations of the additional services offered by Charter Spectrum can be found below. 

  • Spectrum Internet — Spectrum Internet plans through Charter Spectrum start at $49.99 per month for the first 12 months of service. Plans feature significant amounts of bandwidth, high-speed internet, no data caps, a free cable modem/router, a free antivirus software, and an in-home WiFi network. When bundled with Spectrum Cable TV, you have both your cable TV and streaming TV needs covered.
  • Home phone — For just $9.99 per month, you can stay connected with all of your loved ones (price applicable if bundled). Calls can be made to the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rice, and more.
  • Spectrum Mobile — To start a Spectrum mobile plan with Charter Spectrum, you can use an online tool to see how much money you can save when comparing your current plan to a plan that Charter Spectrum can offer you. Plans start at $14 per GB per month.
  • Spectrum Business — Charter Spectrum offers a special Spectrum business phone service for small businesses with free unlimited local and long distance calling and 30+ advanced business calling features for $19.99 per month (when bundled). Specific internet plans are also available which feature consistent internet connection, high-speed internet, and fast upload speeds. For more information visit the Charter Spectrum website.

Spectrum TV App

Spectrum’s TV app gives customers full access to their TV lineup as well as up to 40,000 On Demand TV shows and movies on any mobile or connected device (including a smartphone, tablet, Roku, Xbox One, or a Samsung Smart TV). Spectrum users can watch their favorite shows, episodes, and movies anywhere — members can even use the app to program their DVR. 

Customers can download the app to their phone and log in using their email and password (signing in with the Spectrum username won’t work). 

However, if a customer is at home and connected to a Spectrum authorized modem, the app will automatically authorize the username and password. 

Service Agreement

Along with bundles, cable television providers often use deals as a way to get new customers to sign up for their services. Charter Spectrum offers new customers a no-contact agreement as well as an offer to buy out any current contract for up to $500.

Unfortunately, these deals do not apply to all customers and a 12-month service commitment is standard for all other service packages provided at Charter Spectrum. Which deals or bundles are right for a specific customer can be confusing, but a customer service representative is always available to help on the Charter Spectrum website.

Channels in Spanish

As rates of native Spanish speakers increase in the United States, the need for access to Spanish-speaking channels continues to rise. The Spectrum Mi Plan Latino TV and internet plan provides more than 130 channels with more than 75 of them in Spanish.

The Bad

  • Price Increase
  • Charter Spectrum Consumer Complaints

Price Increase

As with most companies in the industry, Charter Spectrum’s prices increase after a year of service. Before signing up for a plan, customers should ask how much they’ll be paying per month after the first 12 months. Initial lower prices is a common tactic in the industry and will only apply for a short amount of time. Customers should also ask about any other charges that might be added to their account — some companies will charge extra for the modem, DVR service, internet speeds, etc.

Charter Spectrum Consumer Complaints

The top three complaints customers have about Charter Spectrum are unreliable service, price increases, and the company's subpar customer service. Many consumers mentioned the unreliable signal and felt that they were paying too much for the quality of service they were getting in recent Spectrum customer reviews. The price increases were another common complaint as customers felt that the prices were continually going up, but channels were being removed.

The majority of customer complaints found in Spectrum reviews are related to Charter Spectrum’s poor customer service. Consumers were not happy with the technicians or customer service representatives. There were mentions of being put on hold and never getting an answer, being hung up on during a call, being charged for things customers weren’t signed up for, waiting hours for a technician to come, and receiving faulty equipment.

The Bottom Line

Customers looking for a simple satellite TV provider that doesn’t require lengthy contracts should look into Charter Spectrum. The company is flexible with its bundling packages and customers can easily build a package with the basic TV essentials. In addition, with the Spectrum App, customers can watch their favorite shows on multiple devices. 

However, there are several less than desirable aspects of the company. Charter Spectrum is pricier than other service providers and consumers have often had problems with Charter Spectrum’s spotty, unreliable signals, pricing, and customer service. The company is only available in forty-one states and customers have to live within a specific area to get service. 

According to consumers, Charter Spectrum’s customer service is lacking in many aspects and that alone has made customers want to cancel their contracts. 

We suggest customers use another — more reputable — satellite TV service provider.

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Chad Pearman

July 26th, 2017 Austin, TX

This company is a terrible awful mess. My company has had commercial internet service going on 3 weeks now and the service drops out several times a day. They have sent techs out and they have been unable to resolve the problem. Their customer service is rude and completely unhelpful. If you like having reliable internet, you should avoid these guys like the plague. I have never had worse dealing with a company.



July 26th, 2017 Sun Prairie, WI

This company claims to have TV/net service which is superior. However, once again today I was without service for half the day. Calling them is a waste of time because a canned response is all you get.


Jim Pare

July 24th, 2017 Orlando, FL

Since Spectrum has taken over from Bright House service outages and length of outages has soared. From once or twice a year to once or twice a week. Also internet speed has become erratic. I can only surmise they are cutting back on maintaining the network to save money.


Kathy H

July 23rd, 2017 Leland, NC

The person who was in a "leadership position" spoke as if he had never been to school. He was rude, crude and impolite. Will find another internet service.



July 22nd, 2017 Indianapolis, IN

I added phone no internet to save mom money.mthey didn't bring me the dvr I ordered and I had said I wanted to keep my channels but that didn't happen.getting rid of it as soon as possible.


Gale Erdmann

July 22nd, 2017

So sad to lose wonderful Brighthousr! Spectrum a nightmare. First three modems broken. Got 4 promotional call for reduced rate and then was told I couldn't get it. Courteous lower-lever phone people. Rotten corporate atmosphere. Why do the good companies always get swallowed by monsters? If there is any way to get other setvicr I am going to do it.


lynn howell

July 22nd, 2017



Michael Hammer

July 20th, 2017

Terrible internet speeds. Have calls numerous times with no help.



July 19th, 2017

I will take the emotional side (anger) out of the review and tell the facts. I got quoted on a promotional deal for phone ("voice"), internet, and cable, at $98.36 a month. So yeah great deal, set up a date to install (which was supposed to be free since i went through an agent. So everything is installed and working great. Intill i get my first bill of $203.55, so i call customer service and lose that argument because he didnt validate the offer though "Spectrum" sister company TWC which he worked for while they were in the process of taking it over, but ok i said whatever one time thing ill just pay it. Month number two billing is $132 even i call them seeking explanation of why its not the quoted price, i get the most ignorant lady (Sahara) on customer service ive ever had. What happen was even though i agreed to nothing but the basic things accept wifi ($5a month), they hooked up DVR's in all of the rooms plus $4 each for the boxes $21 for the actual service of the DVR the extended tv package (not what i agreed to at all). But dont worry you can pay the installer to come back ($70) take the boxes back and you pay them again to put standard boxes back in (you know the ones that were supposed to be there in the first place)... Honestly after that i had to hang up because I was going to get ignorant with "Sahara" real quick. Bottom line they are borderline crooks they lied two separate times to me and when i called to say no no no thats not what was supposed to happen they turn in to horrible people blame it on you than have the gull to say well for another $120 we can make it right. Just watch yourself with them they agent was great to me but the the company itself is horrible. Im going back to Direct tv after all is said and done.



July 19th, 2017

I have had charter service for 15 days. I have yet to have all of my services are working (TV/Internet/phone) for more than 12 hours at a time. Many phone calls and many technicians and no one can fix the problem. I'm frustrated and tired.



July 19th, 2017

I spent three hours on the phone just to have them add a cable box to a second television. Appointment was never schedule? Called again a week later. Same issues.


San Diego

July 19th, 2017 San Diego, CA

I miss Uverse. A silver tongued Spectrum salesman got the office to switch, disappeared after the sale and service has been terrible since. Spectrum is slower despite what is advertised, connection problems are rampant, our service window to "fix" issues is insanely wide and archaic 8am to 5pm and treatment on the phone by tech support has been disappointing. Beginning our journey back to ATT.



July 18th, 2017

Fore months in trouble with internet. 2,5 hours on the phone with customer service every week... No refund !!! Will cancel. This is the most discusting service in the area.


Linda Nissi

July 18th, 2017 Clemmons, NC

Their internet is okay but spotty. It is embarrassing that Spectrum has employees that don't have discounts for cable and yet they are the ones sent to work with customers. Spectrum would have better advertisement and happier employees if they would give them a fair rate. Who would want to work for a company in which you can't afford their services but are supposed to talk to employees and perform all services???



July 16th, 2017 Oviedo, FL

Worst company ever, I am a business man and was a previous bright house member, there service is awful and they charge your account and tell you they refunded it back when they never do and the company steals your money. Be warned.



July 12th, 2017 Spring Hill, FL

This is the worst cable I have ever had. The wind blows and it goes out. They never show up on time and call at the last minute to inform you they are running late, after you waste your day waiting. The internet is also very slow. I would choose another company if I were you. THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!!


Kiana Cureton

July 11th, 2017 Birmingham, AL

Even though Spectrum have a no contract requirement. The television and internet service is very spotty. I have the basic service and am unable to watch a one hour show to its entirety without it buffering at least 4 times within that hour. And the internet isn't any better. I have only had service about 4 months and I can say wouldn't recommend spectrum to family or friends based on the quality.



July 11th, 2017 Binghamton, NY

Spectrum is just awful. Ever since they switched from Time Warner I have had nothing but issues. Twice my DVR crashed and after the second time they sent me a new one. They also sent me 2 digital boxes for my other two Tv's. Well what they didn't tell me was that I am being charged for those two boxes I never asked for. I called and was told they were now required and you can no longer use the cable and put it in the back of your TV. Okay...well upon talking to friends and family I find out they do not have these boxes and I am paying for something I do need. Fast forward to many calls and chats and each time I get a different answer. I was told they would be sending letters to everyone about the boxes (never happened), I was told nobody nobody could get reception on TV's that do not have a box. (wrong again). I decided at this point to downgrade my service. I am paying for a phone I never hooked up and I was willing to get rid of my DVR service. After many chats and calls again I finally got someone to offer me a decent price of around $128. I was assured when I called to activate this it would be on my record. Well I call the next day and they tell me the price is not $128 but $158. That was it for me. I am in the process of cancelling and I already have Dish coming in to install my new service. Enough is enough!


Ashley Milligan

July 9th, 2017 Denton, TX

Tanya from Montana was the nicest customer service representative I've ever had the privilege of speaking with, and helped me with canceling my internet before my move. Very minor issues with Charter service over the past year, just canceling because my new home won't have a contract with Charter.


Don Harms

July 8th, 2017

I've had Spectrum cable for nine days now. And every single day there has been a problem with it. They sent a tech out and he tried to new boxes, but the problem is still not fixed. I've spent over two hundred minutes on the phone with them and they still can't get it right. And I pay for my phone by the minute. So this is an expense for me. Their service is a joke and their product simply does not work.



July 8th, 2017

poor service from the day it was installed. Took them 6 weeks to finally bury cable and customer "service" rep very unpleasant because i had called it in before. By the time they buried the cable it was already damaged as service never worked well. finally a nice tech came out and found the kink in cable. Called back to customer "service"in regard to credit for poor service but as that's still TWC (calling it spectrum don't help) service level no dice. check out the new ATT and verizon services a bit more pricy but worth it.


Scott sims

July 5th, 2017

If your wanting lots of worthless channels showing nonstop reruns of crap and getting overcharged every month than spectrum is for you!.just another way to squeeze more money into the pockets of a greedy co.


[email protected]

July 4th, 2017

If you are happy with your provider please don't switch to SPECTRUM .. Worse service ever.



July 3rd, 2017

After 35 yrs of being a great customer with TW , spectrum's commercials should be Direct TV bad, Spectrum worse.... At&t bad Spectrum worse, Time Warner was the best cable provider and Spectrum has taken it way down hill....



July 3rd, 2017

Time warner customer for over 20 years! Spectrum is unwilling to accommodate loyal paying customers, no negotiation, raise prices, no explanation whatsoever! No matter who I tried to call I got the same response..."there are no promotions for you" you're not a new customer!! That's it, time warner at least has really good customers service, this company is totally greedy.


Chase Hicks

July 2nd, 2017 Deltona, FL

My services was turned off yesterday for a past due balance. I got busy with things that I am dealing with and forgot to pay the bill. It happens to all of us at some point. But after the services being shut off I get online and pay the bill which was 181.14. well I payed 181. They wouldn't turn my services back on even after me asking if the 14 cents could be added to the next bill. I ended up having to use my card to pay 14 cents to have services turned back on. I just think they could have let me pay the 14 cents with the next billing cycle! Do not recommend this company. Wish I had other choices in my area


Chris Hale

July 2nd, 2017

They need to stop requiring these decoder boxes They are junk they always interupt service Are unreliable. They do what rain does to dish its very nerve wracking They dont offer anythimg except difficulty



June 30th, 2017 Tarpon Springs, FL

The only good thing I can say about the technician that came was that he was on time. He reaked of marijuana, glassey eyes and an "I don't give a [email protected]&* attitude. He reconnected service but never checked to see if the tv worked AND didn't set up the channels. He was a disgrace to Spectrum. He was a subcontractor and not a Spectrum employee. Next time I need service I will make sure I get a real Spectrum technician and definitely not this guy.


Amy price

June 28th, 2017

Ithink they are horrible, eacch of their tiers offer only a few good channels, nothing was mailed to me about what they offered,


Dave Stephans

June 28th, 2017

Every twelve months they raise the monthly charge by $20 per month. I call and ask what additional services am I getting for the additional $20. Answer: "the special promotion you were on ended". They play a little game about getting me into a new special promotion. I am sick of it, cancelled cable TV service and going on-line.



June 28th, 2017 Sparks, NV

Charter canceled our cable service without our permission and then refused to reinstate our cable because someone else had an order to have their cable set up at our address A MONTH LATER. Our lease is not up until the 12th and we had planned on taking charter with us but after talking to 4 different representatives who state they cannot cancel someones service without their permission we will no longer be using charter.


shawn green

June 27th, 2017

So for anyone that has Spectrum that falsefy there speeds, hangup when they put you on hold and they don't like to resolve any issues. On top of that if you have a past due they slow your speeds compltely down without tell you. Its sad when your phone speeds are faster.


Tom Ludvig

June 27th, 2017 Tampa, FL

Thank you Spectrum for being so incompetent. From the technicians' lack of skill and professionalism and the Customer Service Clown Fest we have switched to a new Service Provider and could not be happier. We never experience interruptions, the Customer Service is based in the USA, and their prices are fair and reasonable.


Michelle Fry

June 26th, 2017 Gastonia, NC

My area experienced outages over 5-7 days I scheduled 5 separate service calls. 3 of those calls were cancelled by the tech indicating pocket outages affecting my home. One call the tech didn't bother to show up. Finally the 5 call tech "optimized" my home but still indicated that service to the area was impaired. I called back to request a credit on my account for the days without service and was told that I did not qualify for such credit as issue did not meet criteria. Not sure what else they as a company would want me to do. My point, I pay monthly for 39 days of service and did not receive 30 days and should be compensated for the outage and inconvenience. Guess not. As a long time signature home customer was given the shaft. Thanks Spectrum and thanks government regulators for allowing a no compete market to exist.



June 26th, 2017 Saint Petersburg, FL

For what you pay and for as long as you have been a customer the Chanel's you get really suck


Julia Emerson

June 25th, 2017

DO NOT USE SPECTRUM!!! Their billing cycle will make you crazy. You will always be behind. They start calling you five days after the bill date. So your invoice date is the 7th of every month. They start harassing you on the 10th. Their bill cycle is the 25th to the 24th, you're due for that on the 7th, but they start the payment clock on the 24th. So technically you are past due on the 7th by two weeks! So when they start harassing you on the 10th, you're now three weeks past due. RIDICULOUS!!! The ONLY way to get them to stop is to set up auto bill pay, which I don't trust. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! I'm in the process of switching! HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE!


Stephanie Moore

June 24th, 2017 Macedonia, OH

I tried to get Spectrum internet today, but because I have an out dated cable package they would not let me get their internet unless I either upgraded my cable package or dropped it entirely. This is idiotic to say the least. Spectrum does not offer any real variety for it's cable packages, I don't want 120 plus channels, and getting an antenna is difficult but I'm getting there.



June 23rd, 2017

These guys dont wanna work... They came out to my house did something then left my property. Said they were done.. I trusted them said thanks and they left... I came into my and nothing worked and they knocked out my phone service.... Called them back after talking to 3 different people... For 2hrs... They then said they have a cut off time and cant come back till 2mora.... Haveing the service when it wrks is great.... Getting rhem to do the job ia a chore... The techs arent very knowledgeable... Amd dont run tests on the wrk they do.... My suggestion is dont let them leave till u inspect all they've done.



June 21st, 2017 Memphis, NY

I've been a customer of TWC (now Spectrum) for over 5 years. I called to go over my bill which had gone from $95 to $140 in a little over a year. Agent offered plan for $117 which I accepted and told me he was sending new equipment (my modem and tv boxes were outdated). Once I installed equipment & activated it they told me the cost was $162. I talked with multiple people including 4 supervisors and even though my account showed the date and $117 as per agent they would not give me that price. Finally offered me $30 off the $162 after I threatened to report to FCC. And get this...they sent me 3 EMPTY boxes delivered by Fedex to send back old equipment (how much did that cost them)!



June 21st, 2017 Columbia, SC

Spectrum is just as bad as TWC when it comes to customer service. They don't follow through with what the promised. Bad service setup from the beginning. Higher bill than what I was quoted. I went to cancel then they gave me a lower rate. I stayed and still haven't received my lower offer. Wasted 30 minutes of my lunch break to take back equipment to get an upgrade then they tell me that i don't need to change out the modem. Was without service on a tv for a week do to them screwing up my account. Now they are wanting to downgrade services to lock me in a lower price.



June 20th, 2017 Forest City, NC

Spectrum is HORRIBLE. I have been a Bright House customer since 2003 and was happy with their service. I was told that if I stay a "legacy Bright House customer" my charges and plans would not change after the acquisition by Spectrum. My charges have increased substantially. First they said my special Bright House plan had expired so internet charges increased. Then I went on seasonal, as I have done every year since 2003. I was not informed that there would be a recurring monthly fee while I was on the seasonal plan. Now I find that I am charged about $11 per month. I was not informed verbally when I went on seasonal. I am paperless so I was not informed by mail. I was not informed by email. I had a credit balance so I have not seen any charges until now. I called to cancel and was told I have to return equipment, but I am now up north. Spectrum is Horrible.


B Cremeans

June 17th, 2017

I have been with Time Warner, now Spectrum, for almost 2 decades. I've never had any major issues. Any issues I had were resolved in a timely manner. Today my TV and Internet services are both out. After 3 hours on the online chat and phone with 5 different persons, I find that I have to wait 2 days for service tech. I think this is quite unacceptable for a customer with all their services out. I was also informed that on weekends techs are only available from 8-4pm and they do not have on call techs. I find this for such a large company to be outrageous. That is a major lapse in service to customers. Having been with a great company for so long, I have come to expect great service which apparently Spectrum is not going to continue. I have decided to buy a Roku, sign up for Sling TV and find an alternate Internet provider. This is very sad and I'm very disappointed.


John Lipinski

June 16th, 2017 Spring Hill, FL

Ever since Spectrum took over Brighthouse Networks, I have had nothing but problems. First, my modem crashed. That was replaced and the following day, it crashed again. When my DVR started acting up and failing to reboot, I asked for a new DVR. The technician that came out told me that my signal to the box was weak and he fixed it. Low and behold, I'm watching TV a week later, and the DVR went blank. Pissed off, I called Spectrum again and told them I want a new DVR and want it tonight. Well, that happened. With Brighthouse, they always tried to fix things properly. Spectrum seems to hire jokes. At least this evening, the Tech that came out today was from Brighthouse. He too, did the signal test and everything with the signal was fine. Now I have a new DVR and I hope it continues to work until the original contract I had with Brighthouse is up. Brighthouse also worked with you. If your contract/promotion was up and you couldn't afford the rate hike, they would give you a new promotion which most of the time was cheaper, or they would extend the promotion for you. Brighthouse wanted to keep you as a customer. I seriously doubt that this will continue with Spectrum. Stay away from Spectrum. This company is horrible


MJ Bradley

June 16th, 2017 Birch Run, MI

I have charter for my business, internet is acting up, they said they will be here on Monday, so I have to try and get thru 2 days with bad internet, which affects my phones and credit card machine. The lady kept telling me she understands. But what she doesn't understand, is the money I am loosing because of their service. Not happy with Charter right now.


shirley aloi

June 15th, 2017 Youngstown, OH

Spectrum internet download speed 4.45 mbps Upload speed 1.15 mbps May be less expensive but way to slow, intermittently goes on and off about 40 times a day



June 15th, 2017

The wi-fi is terrible. We have to constantly reset the modem. It is always going in and out. We are suppose to have the highest speed possible and paying 114 per month. I feel like I am being ripped off...


LW Wright

June 14th, 2017 Wilmington, NC

This company sucks! My cable has been out for over 24 hours now, due to someone hitting a power pole. The pole is repaired, the power is on, but Spectrum refuses to come out and restore my cable, or even check for repairs needed. I didn't like Time Warner, but Spectrum disgusts me even more. My advice... Avoid this cable service. They have no problem accepting your payment every month, but they don't care about their customers at all.



June 13th, 2017

I am a heavy internet user. I stream content and play online as well. Charter Internet offers great speeds. The speed is good, the DVR is decent and I got a neat deal by buying a Charter Spectrum Internet Plans at www. S9 .com/charter/. The discounted price just made it a sweeter transition for me. As of today, I have no complaints. Hope Charter keeps up the good work.


Lois J. Wadleigh

June 13th, 2017 Lyndeborough, NH

I was a Time Warner customer---when Spectrum took over they increased my bill by about $100 a month without prior notice. When I cancelled my service because of this it took 7 LONG phone calls to get an accurate final bill. I had been paying $187 a month---had a credit of $26 because of seasonal service and they charged me $174 for only 21 days of service. Just sick of them so I paid just to get it over with. Beware!!!!


Ron Cabral

June 13th, 2017 Denver, CO

I will never understand why cable companies can never get their act together. Spectrum took over Brighthouse in our area. After 10 years of being a Brighthouse customer who paid our internet and cable bill on time every time my wife and I have always been treated with contempt (from both Brighthouse and Spectrum). From the time we first signed up Brighthouse's contracted cable installers ruptured the main water pipe to our house during installation. It took two days to restore the water supply back to our house while we constantly argued with their customer service on who is responsible to repair the damage( no apology for the inconvenience) . Through the years calling for service was always a hassle either new equipment would fail soon after it was replaced or getting a service repair was never convenient. The final straw came about a week ago when we came home from work and there was no signal coming into our house. My wife noticed that our neighbor next door had cut their grass and it looked like they may have accidently cut the cable to our house(our cable runs underground).My wife called the service department it explained the situation. We work two jobs each and take care of an elderly parent our time is very limited. All we wanted to do was to have somebody come down and look at the outside line. They said we needed to be home for that. We explained the problem was outside and that we wouldn't be home during their service hours for several days. After some back and forth with the service manager it was determined that they would not send someone to look at the situation without someone home, We have dealt with similar situations with service from both Brighthouse and Spectrum always treated very rudely and with very much contempt as if we were bothering them but this last call was the final straw. We canceled our service after ten years and we get our internet with another provider and I watch TV over the air.......Good riddance !!!!!!!!