TruTV Will Reduce Ads by 43%, Should You Subscribe or Go for Streaming TV?


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Written by Guest | Last Updated December 2nd, 2019
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Ever heard of the term "cord cutter?" Cord cutters are increasingly common, so much that they have become a threat to cable TV companies. They're a threat because they're choosing to "cut the cord" (the cable) and put their money towards alternative modes of entertainment. The usual selections are streaming services like Netflix and Sling TV. Such services have been disrupting the industry for a while now, but it's taken an equally long while for traditional cable and satellite companies to adjust. One of them will do so by rethinking its ad strategy.

The principal complaint against traditional cable and satellite TV is that there are commercials and you still have to pay to view. That's not the only complaint, though. Over the years, in traditional TV, advertisements have become more common and longer in play time. They've actually begun to replace programming time. Today they take up 25% of your viewing time, on average. It's no wonder people are cutting the cord. The alternatives are different, offering no commercials and low rates or even free access with commercials. The latter scenario is true for sites like Crackle, which is 100% free. Most of us know this by now and many of us have made the switch to streaming services already.

That's why Time Warner, which owns the TruTV brand, is planning to reduce ads by a sizable percentage. Instead of 19 minutes of commercial time per hour, you'll see 11. That's a 43% decrease in ads. TruTV's president, Chris Linn, says the new TruTV will be a "premium experience" that will help him retain viewers. I'm expecting an avalanche of ads to fall from air time across the industry after this happens. But will it be enough to stop the cord cutting?

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