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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Reimagine Roofing can address a wide range of roofing needs for both residential and commercial properties. The leadership at Reimagine Roofing recognized a need for a new approach to everyday roofing needs. That includes a team that embodies professionalism, technique creativity, and commitment throughout the duration of each project. 

The team at Reimagine Roofing prides itself on offering a 5-star service. By this, the company means that former clients typically leave 5-star reviews. While Reimagine Roofing has not been in operation long, the company has helped a number of both residential and commercial clients meet their roofing needs. 

Reimagine Roofing offers full replacements in addition to a number of repair and preventative work depending on the state of the roof. Currently, Reimagine Roofing offers services for the following roof types:

  • Shingles
  • Shake
  • Tile
  • Flat
  • Foam
  • Metal

Whatever the roof type and whatever the scope of work, Reimage Roofing likely has a solution ready.  


The Good

  • Roofing Services Offered
  • Emergency Roofing Solutions
  • Service Area Coverage
  • Sustainable Roofing Services
  • Instant Quote

Roofing Services Offered

Through Reimage Roofing, homeowners and commercial property owners can take advantage of a number of roofing services offered. These project types include the following for a wide range of roofing types:

  • Roof inspection and estimate
  • Leak detection
  • Roof repair
  • Roof replacement/installation
  • Roof and solar combo
  • Shade atructure
  • HVAC

Solar, leak detection, and HVAC solutions are not standard services, so Reimage Roofing distinguished itself from the competition by offering them. 

Emergency Roofing Solutions

Disaster can strike at any moment. Just like AC units and furnaces can go out at inconvenient times, homeowners can encounter roofing problems at any moment. Unfortunately, roofing leaks and other damages do not always happen during business hours. To assist in these situations, Reimage Roofing offers 24/7 emergency roofing solutions. 

Not all roofing providers have a team on call in the event that a property needs immediate roofing repairs. Reimage Roofing never wants to leave property owners stranded, especially in inclement weather conditions. 

Service Area Coverage

One of the more impressive aspects of Reimage Roofing is the size of its geographical service area. Most roofing providers offer a local service, targeting one specific community. Reimagine Roofing offers services in eight different states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • Utah

Considering how long Reimage Roofing has been in business, this is an impressive expansion. Some providers have been in business for decades and have not expanded into multiple states. 

Sustainable Roofing Services

Reimage Roofing prides itself on finding solutions that are going to last. The company is committed to utilizing the best roofing practices which includes the materials from production to transportation to installation and finally to maintenance. 

Instant Quote

Reimagine Roofing services offers a satellite instant quote service for prospective clients. By simply providing a street address and some basic details of the scope of work, an instant quote with detailed information will be emailed directly to the potential client.

While these figures are not necessarily guarantees, it is an estimate that provides a starting point for provider bidding. Not all roofing companies offer free quotes, let alone an instant quote solution like Reimage Roofing does. 


The Bad

  • Experience in Industry

Experience in Industry

The only real drawback is the fact that the company itself is still new to the industry. Founded in 2021, Reimage Roofing has not encountered the ups and downs that other roofing providers have weathered through the years. It may also mean that there is a situation that a client needs help with that Reimage Roofing has not dealt with just yet. 


The Bottom Line

Reimage Roofing has taken its company name quite literally. The company has worked to provide a relatively transformative service by responding to each and every client's needs. The Reimage Roofing team offers a number of roofing services including full replacements and a number of repair solutions. Additionally, Reimage Roofing provides emergency services to those that need help during odd hours or holidays. Considering how long Reimage Roofing has been in business, the company has expanded to cover a relatively large geographical area to make its services more accessible. Those looking for sustainable roofing services will also find that Reimage Roofing has a solution. To help prospective clients get an idea of what a project may cost, instant quotes are available and can be assessed entirely online. 

While Reimage Roofing offers comprehensive roofing services that former clients rave about, it should not go unnoticed that the company is still in its infancy compared to other providers within the industry. This does not necessarily mean that the team does not have the experience or knowledge to handle roofing projects, it just means that the company as a whole may not have encountered all potential setbacks. 

Homeowners and commercial property owners looking for a reliable roofing company will likely benefit from the services offered by Reimage Roofing. Sustainable, emergency, and high quality repairs and replacements are all offered by Reimage Roofing. 

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